Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shocking Supermarket Carts

Often when I go grocery shopping, I seem to have trouble with my shopping carts. It isn't trouble with a bad wheel (although that too happened), it is trouble with getting shocked from the handle of my carts.

If my hands are touching the part where the the plastic piece that is screwed onto the metal AND the metal part of the handle. It only seems to happen when I am pushing the cart, not just standing still.

What the heck? It really is like a little electrical shock.

It kindof hurts.

Has this ever happened to YOU? I am not making it up, I even know someone that has said it happens to them too.

How freaky..

And while I am talking about grocery shopping. Tonight was such a crap trip. Trying to save money I went to TWO stores.

"Aldi's" then "Meijers".

If you have done this, you know what I mean, you are literally spending twice as long to shop when you stop at two places. Saturday night is not the night to go. Too crowded, and the shelves are bleak. Store clerks have boxes everywhere as they try to re-shelf.

I believe in job security. The scan yourself aisles were crowded so I went down and choose a live person aisle.


I should have known. The lady in front of me kept trying to make eye contact, and I avoided her. I noticed her getting frustrating with the check out girl, but shrugged it off as "picky shopper".

Wait... I AM PICKY TOO, I should have paid attention.

By time I did, it was too late. All my groceries were on the belt and I had shoppers behind me.

Cashier Girl, is arguing with shopper about why she thinks it is okay to put pesticide in the same bag with other stuff. ohh ohh.

What's that? Is Cashier Girl coughing? Ohh, not only is she coughing into her shirt, she is coughing in her hand and then TOUCHING the groceries!

OMGOSH! Don't watch, Jan. Be strong.

Oh Crap. This girl is SICK..


OMGosh, stop it!

She is touching everything, coughing, complaining.

Poor thing.

By now I am so grossed out, I can't watch. I am thinking about having to wipe everything off (all 63 items).

When I got home, I decided to call the store. I very nicely, told the manager that I was "concerned". I don't want in any way to get this girl in trouble, I just want them to help her. Please give her some medicine, some hand sanitizer, and maybe gloves & a mask...

I am praying it's not Swine Flu...


Lori ann said...

Good Grief!! that sounds awful, I would have felt just like you Janis, I'm sending good health wishes to you,I hope you don't get sick!!

Napierson said...

haha i hope you or anyone else in the fam. doesn't get sick, but this story was very entertaining for me, I enjoyed it haha

Linda said...

YES, I often experience the shocks like you described. I just figured it was my electrical or magnetic personality, lol. :)