Sunday, May 3, 2009


No time for a nervous breakdown. My mind keeps begging me for one.

I feel numb. Not myself.

I actually hear people talking but am not paying attention to the words they are saying. I see them speaking, but hear blah blah blah.

I only have five minutes to write, then it's back to being a robot.

I miss you Blogworld. when allowed to write daily, I felt safer, saner.

I have had some wonderful parts of the week.
Annie's Award Day, the job is going well...

But I have had some hard parts pf the week.
The economy and Sergio's position in trying to keep UAW workers sane.
Our own finances, with graduation, insurances and license plates due. My dear little truck is still in the shop after a few weeks. The good news is it is a great truck worthy of saving, the bad news is the engine. It had a life of over 250,000 miles, and that is all it could take. We are waiting for a suitable donor engine. Meanwhile I am without a vehicle. As well as the usual bills due and extra expenses

I know I am blessed with the family & friends. I currently am employed with a job I am enjoying.

But, I am depressed.

I freakin' overwhelmed.

I have no time for me. I am expected to do this and that, and while I am at it, some of this too.

I want to go curl up somewhere comfy. I want to be invisible. I want to ...



lakeviewer said...

Janis, be sure to ask for help around the house. You don't have to do it all.

Verily I go. said...

You have you Mantra darling and if I could, I'd come wash your windows. Now go hide everyones bed pillows.

Reya Mellicker said...

Can you take just one day off and get a whole lot of sleep? When every last thing is getting on my nerves, a good sleep can help me feel more resilient.

Sending good energy and hoping you do remember to breathe.

Anonymous said...

:( love you. - em

Natalie said...

Sending a cuddle, I know the feeling.xx♥

Linda said...

I too know the feeling all too well. This too shall pass.

Lori ann said...

*hug* and love,

p.s. be gentle with yourself, everything will be ok sweetie