Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day for us Americans.

I am Blessed. I am a Mother and I am also a Daughter.

I want people to understand something though about Mother's Day. I researched it a little before starting this blog post. I found nothing that I wanted to use. No quotes, no poems, no information about it's origin or it's purpose. I was slightly disappointed. Maybe it is me that has it wrong, but, let me tell you what I think, then you can decide.

I completely agree that Mother's Day, we should remember and honor our Moms, Step-Mothers and Grandmothers. But while I searched the web for what I wanted to use in my post, left many women out.

I have a Mom that loves me very much. She did the best she could. She had many difficult roads to travel in raising me and my sister, but she did good. The best she could. I love her and appreciate her. I learned much from her and attribute many of my better qualities from her.


She did not raise me along. I was also so Blessed to have other women Mother me. These women looked after me, advised me, encouraged me and helped me in ways I could never truly express how much I am grateful for.

Grandma Kitty~ had me every summer from 12-17. I learned so much from her and a part of her spirit will always be with me.

Aunt Linda~ was cool. Taught me how I could be cool, and myself. She shared her most prized possessions. Her Horse Diamond, then her son Tulley. She was the first pregnant person I knew that let me touch her moving belly. Explained the beauty of pregnancy and that it would be worth those difficult discomforts to have a loving child myself.

Aunt Shari~ another cool Aunt. Introduced me to music in the seventies. Got me my first album (Three Dog Night) and smoked the ever so cool "Eve" cigarettes with the flowers on them.

Aunt Nancy~ taught me about loyalty; family in a way I wasn't as familiar with; and opened her home and heart to me always. She remembered my birthday every year for 45 years. She now suffers from Alzheimer's and no longer remembers.

Pat M.~ My Camp Fire Leader. I loved this women so much and grateful she brought out the artistic and creative side of me. She believed in me and brought me self- esteem.

Barb B.~ My baby-sitter and friends Mom. She taught me so much about raising children, multitasking and organization skills.

Sandy R.~ Best Friends Mom and loved me unconditionally (although sometimes I worried her). Sandy taught me to the importance of being Lady-like, respectful and taught me a thing or two about cooking!

Chris B.~ First "older" friend. I babysat for her children and she took me under. Lived across the street growing up and helped me "understand" and was a wonderful sounding board.

Judy S.~ First Boyfriends Mom. She was wonderful to me. She also taught me about finer things in life and to expect the best. She taught me to go for it and not cut myself short.

I could go on and on...

I also believe that my daughters have truly been Blessed with women in their lives that are Mothering figures to them.

Sheri~ Godmother, Bestie to Mom. She has been with these girls since BEFORE they were born. She talked to my tummy. She was their first visitor. She has been such a part of them they have her DNA, I swear! Don't know how, but I do believe they do. She has been with them every step of their lives. And still is. She loves them as her own and I happily share them with her.

Deb~ Another Bestie to Mom. Also a part of their lives forever. Although we live in different states and they don't get to see each other as much. My daughters know that Aunt Deb loves them completely.

Aunt Julie~ My girls are crazy for Aunt Julie. They like to share girlie things with her and loved playing board games with her. They always look forward to her Birthday cards with Julies creative artsy writings and doodles. She always worked hard to get them things they liked and share interest with them.

Aunt Delia~Always taught the girls about the finer things in life, taught them about their heritage and has loving interest in them.

Laura M.~ Annie's Journalism teacher. Gave Annie confidence and encouragement. Made her work hard to achieve greatness. Gave Annie reason to be proud of her accomplishments in Yearbook.

Again, I could go on and on.

We open our hearts to women that love us and encourage us. I pray that I have also inspired and given to others as well. You don't have to be my biological mother, step mother or even related to get a Happy Mothers Day from me. I am grateful to them all.
I love You Moms!


An English Shepherd said...

Happy Mothers day to you

Wizz :-)

sroman said...

Like all mothers, you deserve this day. But once again, you are graciously sharing the spotlight for a job well done. Thank you for recognizing the "village" that influenced you and the one for your girls.

Natalie said...

Never a truer word was spoken, Janis.
Lovely theme. Hope you enjoyed your day with your girls.xx♥

Linda said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! :)

This is an interesting perspective and you are blessed.

I only had my Mom as my role model as we didn't have all of these other women involved in our lives, but I am blessed as well. :)

Hope you have a great week,