Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pretty Princess and the Last Prom

Today, I had the joy of hanging with my beautiful daughter, preparing her for her Senior prom. We had Mani-pedi's at the nearby "Lovely Nails". Went to "Saks Fifth Ave", for the Bobby Brown make up. Had her hair styled by the wonderful Lindsey in Broad Ripple. Then home to throw "the dress & shoes" on. And out the door for pictures.

First stop was
"Seros" Annie's restaurant. She and friend, Haley, met with co-workers to show off their dresses. Annie has been blessed to work there for a couple of years now and they are so good to her. The owners will be so disappointed they missed Annie & Haley.

Next stop was Nathans. Annie's boyfriend. Why didn't they go together you are wondering? Well, Annie & Nathan have gone to two previous proms together. Also, this is "Little Five" (big party weekend & bike race @ Indiana University) Annie wanted to let Nathan be freed up to go visit his buddies for the event. Nathan ended up having an opportunity to work for his family business. They own a Banquet Hall and were hosting another High School Prom. Nathan was DJ'ing it. A chance to earn money! A must for all college students. And third, Annie wanted to go with a group of friends, her "date" has been one of her best friends for many years. He also was her partner in Fall Homecoming. Sean is kindof her Richie. She is fortunate to have a wonderful trusting boyfriend. Nathan & Annie have a strong relationship. Prom is just a High School dance.

That brings us to Sean's for the first two photos. Gorgeous group, huh?
My Annie was able to wear 4" heels, and that dress... Isn't it the prettiest dress you ever saw? She fit it perfect, her coloring, her figure. The back was as pretty as the front. Oh my Goodness! I never looked like that!!!

She will enjoy this sweet parting, if you will, the growing up and a little bit of a goodbye to her high school friends. In just a few weeks they will graduate and part ways.

My princess will have a wonderful evening. I love her so much.


Natalie said...

What a stunning daughter! Oh, and that dress is to die for.xx

Lori ann said...

Yes! I agree with Natalie, your girl is an absolute princess, she looks gorgeous. I am reading with a pang in my heart since I will be missing my daughters Prom in a few weeks. As luck would have it, it was scheduled later this year and we will be on a trip (planned for almost a year in advance). So we've found the dress together and prepared as much as we can. Her sister will be the surrogate Mum and her date told me not to worry, they'll take a million photos! But, I'm with you Janis, don't you just get a lump in your throat saying that word, graduation?...
lots of love, Lori

Linda said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!!!! Love the dress - she looks gorgeous, the photos are great, and love the fact that you were able to spend time together before hand. I hope that someday my Sarah comes around like this -- right now, she wants to be with her friends and rarely ever with me. I've been feeling very lost this past week.

lakeviewer said...

Absolutely precious young lady! The dress, the make-up, the hair, all beautifully done for her special night. Congratulations to both mother and daughter.

Reya Mellicker said...

OMG she is so beautiful! WOW!! The dress is stunning and she looks so comfortable and confident. Very cool!

Hope she had a wonderful time.

Ziongirl said...

What a princess...........

I too ....wonder where the time went.

Love, Brooke

Elizabeth said...

You are indeed blessed to have such a lovely daughter.
I'm sure prom night is a night to remember forever.