Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Magic Music

I love music! I always have. I love everything from Classical to Rock. I love the in between stuff. The Bluegrass, the Jazz, Gospel, even Rap and New Wave.

Wishfully I had always wanted to sing. I never made choir (my lisp kept me from even trying out). I secretly wanted to join "Up With People" a Christian Traveling Band from the 70's, but obviously never did.

When I was in High School, Rich & I went to Young Life. every week. We loved it. It is a Christian youth group. We sang, played games and had a lesson in it. We even became Leaders when we grew up for a brief time. When the group would sing, Derek (our Leader) made it silly and fun. Rich and I would sing along but never belted them out very loud... Until we got in the car for the ride home. There we sang our poor little hearts out! Loud, Proud and badly! Although, truth be known Rich had a great voice and was better than he realized.

Today, I sing loud, proud and badly whenever I am alone. Especially, in the car.

Some songs do it better than others. The ones that are deep in you, and when you hear them, you sing along LOUDLY. How is it I can remember the words to some strange song from years ago, but important stuff I forget daily?

Last night, I think I scared the person next to me on the interstate as I sang "Aerosmiths, Janie's Got A Gun". Then at midnight on my way home they played, "Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody", of course who can not sing along with this?

Anytime I hear Journey, Queen, Aerosmith, Meatloaf, or REO Speedwagon, I am singing along at the top of my lungs.

I have even been known to sing some of Emienem and Usher stuff.

What is it with these songs? Hope you enjoy!


lakeviewer said...

My daughter is a singer/songwriter/musician and recording studio owner. Music is the food in that household. For my birthday or Christmas, I've requested compilations of my favorite blues and jazz and big band numbers. My daughter and her husband, also a musician/songwriter share music with us the way we share our other passions, traveling, eating, reading, educating.

Songs and music are engaging all our senses; through music we share universal themes; through music we celebrate and remember the markers in our lives. Hubby still hums the songs we listened to when we met and fell in love (43 years ago.) Music are shared harmonic sounds in the universe we all feel and react to.

Vevay Anderson said...

I love to sing and dance. I don't do either very well, but do it purely for my own entertainment and the entertainment of those around me!

I too have a lisp. I have a strange accent to boot. People always ask where I am from. It comes out as southern on some words, and north western on others. Funny thing is, I'm from Ohio, and have never lived anywhere else!

At the nursing home where I work, I am famous for my dinner time performances. I sing, dance, and sometimes play the kazoo!

Sing and dance till your hearts content!

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Boy are you on a roll for me. I have not been on here for a week or so. Those Young Life days are priceless. I still have that songbook somewhere. I remember those days driving back from the meetings in my old Corvair blasting our lungs out singing those songs. Remember that bus ride to Colorado? I remember our first fun YL camp out there and what a blast it was. Will never forget our walk down from our mountain climb when I had a headache and I think you twisted and ankle. I also remember the horseshoue firepit we could smoke around.

"I See My Light Come Shining" was my favorite sing-along'