Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Adjustments

Easter changes as the kids grow up. I cherish the memories of the girls looking for Easter eggs and rummaging through the Easter Baskets. The Egg Hunts ended a couple of years ago. The Easter baskets changed too. I have gotten bad about decorating and "enjoying" the season as much as once upon a time.

This year, as promised, I did get the Easter stuff out and decorated the home. The girls were tickled, or at least I think they appreciated my effort. My white Easter tree with precious homemade as well as delicate store bought eggs was brought out and placed out of reach of the cats and dogs. Unfortunately, it was too close in the entry and got scarified by Annie's jacket or purse when she came in the house. Some survived, but some did not.

Several times I asked the girls what they wanted for their baskets, although instead of saying baskets, I kept saying, "stockings" . They teased me about this. They also insisted that I not do baskets this year. After all, I got them the new phones, phone covers, and Emily's kitty spay expenses. I got some little stuff anyway. I can't imagine not. They got a DVD, magazine, and some candy. I could not find the Easter Baskets last night! So, I adjusted. I knew where their stockings were, so I grabbed them! Well, they are orange & pink! The girls laughed when they saw them! A memory has been born!

Dinner was different too. Just the four of us. I think this was the very first year for that. My Sis & hubby stopped by for a visit, as did Nathan (Annie"s boyfriend). But dinner was small with just us four. The smallest ham I could find was 8 pounds, that's two pounds each! Oh and Emily doesn't eat pork so make that 3.33 pounds each!
And candy...
I have always loved candy so Easter is an excuse to buy alot of it. I couldn't get down the candy isle at Meijers yesterday. It was a madhouse. I ended up at the drug store with just a little. After all, it will be on sell tomorrow, right?

Well, I am hungry again. SO, I think I will eat another Peeps!


Fire Byrd said...

How wonderful your Easter sounds.
I can remember Easter's as a child when it was exciting.
I hope you all had a wonderful day.

Linda said...

I believe life is all about making new traditions as the years go by and times change. I love your new traditions! Your girls are lovely and the stocking idea is adorable.

Glad you've had a blessed Easter my friend. Love, Linda

janis said...

Thanks! Yes, it was a wonderful day.