Friday, April 24, 2009

Blessing #5

Grandma Kitty
Grandma Texas
Miss Kitty
The Pussy Cat
Kathryn Louise Wright

This is the famous Grandma Kitty. If you knew me growing up, you knew Grandma Kitty. She was a huge part of my "who I have become". She insisted you call her Grandma Kitty too (or any of the above).

She is an Angel now. I am quite sure that she watches over me as well as many others.

In my quest to figure out why I am going through a difficult time, I often run across pictures like this throughout my home. This one is framed sitting on a shelf in my laundry room. I see it everyday. It makes me smile, every day.

You see, although she was this incredible loving and amazing woman, she had endured many "bumps" along the road. Things were sometimes unbearable for her, but she always prevailed. She would always make the best of things, find the good and, yes the humor in everything.

This photo was of her "riding" a water tank, bringing a smile to my Grandfather, reminding him, that one day, they would get to ride off into the sunset. Which they did, many times. In their golden years they enjoyed "real" horses and the good life.

Then again, Grandma Kitty always made life good. She taught me, You make the best of what you have, Complaining doesn't change things, attitudes do.
...And humor helps!


Linda said...

Very sweet!

My Mom, Kathleen, was known as Kitty to one of her dear friends, Madlenne. Madlenne would always calL and ask for Kitty. I hadn't heard that name in a while. Thanks for the memories. :)

Hope you have a blessed weekend.
Love, Linda :)

Lori ann said...

Dear Janis,
I love your Granma Kitty, she sounds alot like my Granma used to. As far as I know, who of us hasn't had hard times? It's always better to change your attitude than to complain, my Granma said it too. Wise words.
Enjoy your weekend!
♥ lori

Vevay Anderson said...

She sounds like so much fun and so inspiring. I know it's time for me to make an attitude adjustment!

Reya Mellicker said...

She looks like a happy angel in the picture. Bravo Granma Kitty!

However if you tend a little more towards worrying and anxiety than she did, that's OK, too. You're a human being with three dimensions; it's what makes you so interesting.

Sometimes attitude change is really hard. I say, cut yourself some slack.

And Kitty? Help her out, OK? Wrap your angel wings around Janis and remind her to breathe, OK? OK.

An English Shepherd said...

Your Grandma Kitty sounds like a lot of fun.

Wizz :-)