Monday, April 13, 2009

Big Day

Today I start the new job.

I am nervous yet excited at the same time.

Today, I will get my badge ordered, get shown around, start to learn the ropes. I have a nice notebook in my purse waiting for the notes to begin. I have my clothes laid out, stuff organized. I will soon get my face on as well as the outfit I chose to make those first impressions.

I feel like a youngster getting ready to meet new classmates. Will they like me? Will I make a friend? Am I really qualified for this position? How quick will I learn names let along the job? Will I like this job?

My title is Retirement Quality Analyst. There are so many duties with this position. I am interested and curious about the details. Basically, I will be auditing retirement accounts.

Sergio, tells me, no one loves their job. I know this not to be true. In fact, he is so passionate about his, I can't imagine him not loving what he does. I loved a few jobs myself. My work at the Deaf School and Preschools were among my favorites.

I think, I can learn to love any job given the right environment and work relations.

Well, it's time to roll! Wish me success!


Paula and Skip said...

Hi Janis, let me hug you and keeping my fingers crossed for the first day which is always a bit weird - for everyone. In my eyes you present the right attitude, experience combined with curiosity to learn and a bit of humble doubt - what better attitude could be there. Paula xx

Napierson said...

good luck on the first day!

sroman said...

This is so exciting and you will be great!

sroman said...

P.S. You should add Dolly singing, Working 9 to 5, on your song list.

An English Shepherd said...

The very best of luck, I am sure you don't need it !

Wizz :-)

janis said...

Thank you all! It was a very pleasant day! I think it is a good move for me. The day went well & I felt very welcomed.
Sheer~ good suggestion about Dolly Parton's song, however, she doesnt fit Vienna Teng's style, so I think I will pass!

Ziongirl said...

Oh.......Janis I am so excited for you. Of course you will make friends and they will love you. You are easy to love.

Tell Sergio that "I LOVE MY JOB".. I had a mid life career change at 40 and was so glad..From Nursing to Tourism.....

Good Luck and just be your sweet humble self.

Pammy Sue said...

So tell us how it went already! I'm dying to know. I just hate first days and being the new kid.