Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo of Youth

Ha Ha! I just found this photo from 1979. That is Kim, Janna, Elaine, Me, & Delphine. We were on a Student Council trip and just being silly. I think the funniest thing about the picture is my leg. It is freakishly longer than the others.

This particular weekend we were in Highland, Indiana. Although two of my Besties were not in the same Host house with me (Lynn was but she was always the photographer, I think to avoid photos), we still hung out together and had a ball. My Student Council was a weird little haven for me. I cherish these memories. I also would like to think that we made a little difference in some way. We all meshed well. We were a good blend, especially my Junior and Senior years.

Annie and Emily both enjoyed Student Council as well. I think that it is a wonderful experience to learn about government and getting the voices of students heard.

Mrs Aman, Room 220 and my fellow SC's I miss. I also am grateful for the memories!

A Day For Me

My husband, Sergio, went to Detroit yesterday morning. He use to travel alot, but lately he will try to make it back home to sleep in his own bed. I love him, I love our marriage. BUT I also kindof like the day offs a little. I get so much accomplished and get to do what I want. Sing a little Areosmith as loud as I want, watch Dancing with the Stars & John & Kate plus Eight. You know, do my own thing. Much I want to get accomplished in this little thirty-six hour window.

Yesterday, I started with going downtown for fingerprinting and signing papers to allow a background check (so if you background checkers are reading this..hello!). I am really wanting this job and I am another phase in getting closer to getting the job.

I love downtown. Working there again would be very nice. It has been years since working downtown and I think I would enjoy it (except for the parking and traffic).

I also listed a house. I know, you all thought I retired from the Real Estate biz, but occasionally I will get my feet wet with it. This is a friends home and so there I was writing the contracts, taking photos and sticking the signs in the ground. One of the things I had forgotten about with the business was what a pain directional signs are. I parked at a church, and walked through the mud to get to the corner of an intersection to place my little directional sign. Then it happened. A van with some hillbillies guys, whistled & told me, "Now, don't you fall in the mud Sweetie!". Okay, thanks. I am kindof flattered that they whistled and acknowledged me, but also grossed out. This listing took a good chunk of the afternoon.

Then off to the bank, take care of Sergio's little speeding ticket (what a good wife I am to deal with this little time consuming shit). And then back home to tie up some loose ends. But, I got caught in a couple of phone calls, that is okay. My fault and I loved to chat.

I ran out to meet with a Bestie, Ms Sheri. We tried to do a little shopping but two of the three shops we went to see have closed. Boo hoo. I wanted to take her to Steve & Barry's. They carry the Sarah Jessica Parker line and it is so inexpensive! Nothing over $20 dollars! Remember, job searching, lack of clothes that fit, etc. I can't go to an interview with a camel toe! I just need a couple of versatile pieces that can take me through a week.

We ended up going to a little place called "Bubbaz" for dinner. Finding a place that allows smoking is getting harder now a days and Sheri needs to have a smoke (she really does, that is okay!) Anyway, I was a little scared of this place. After we found a booth we realized the place was a gambling hall of some kind. I wondered if it was legal. They were gambling with chips not money so maybe for fun? Just what I need. The place to get busted. Explain that to the background checkers! "Really I just wanted a Tenderloin & glass of wine!"

After we left I got home in time to enjoy "Dancing with the Stars". I am so addicted. My favorite is Melissa from the Bachelor. Also Gilles is amazing to watch! I love Holly Maddison, although I fear her lack of confidence has put her back on the chopping block. Lil' Kim impressed the socks off me last night. I love to see big transformations. I want to see the double elimination this evening but will miss it because I agreed to work. I will have to pull it up on line tonight when I get off ) =

I ended the evening watching "John & Kate Plus Eight" and I am reading, Jodi Picoult's, "Handle With Care". great book and I am excited to be reading a real book again! Thanks Sheri!

I slept like a rock. Nearly 9 hours! (Sorry Natalie, I feel guilty). Lately I am sleeping like that. It's weird, I never use to sleep.

Well, it is nearly 11:30am and I have a shitload to do (sorry for the swear words I am a bit of a Sailor today!). There are errands to run, a house to clean, and I haven't gotten anything done. Sergio will be home soon & will think I spent all my time on the computer...HaHa

Sorry this posting was kindof boring. I guess it's good to be boring sometimes. Less drama!

Have a lovely day my friends!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Starting off to a Good Week

I want to say something about my postings. This Blog is more for me than it is for anyone else.

Sometimes I write about melancholy subjects. I truly don't mean to upset or worry anyone. I am not looking for sympathy and I am not trying to say I got cheated in life.

I love my life.

I truly believe that every experience, regardless to how difficult, helped form me into the person I am. Who I have become.

I don't always understand why I have had to go through a difficult time, but I do know that it made me stronger.

My childhood was a "tad" dysfunctional. Many had it worst, some had it better.
It is what it is. We take what is dished out, and make the best of it. Sometimes we do not realize we are having a good time until it is taken from us.

The decision to start the Blog was to help me feel better. To air some feelings and learn to accept what is.

It has become much more to me recently. I love starting my day with a cup of coffee, and checking the blogs. I start with mine, reading comments, then move on to read my Blogger friends. The connection I have with these "Friends" is genuine. I care about them. I pray for them. I cheer when they are up, I feel sadness when they are pained. I laugh, alot. I have learned that it does not matter if you are from Indianapolis or Australia. We are very much alike. I have favorite reads. Depending on my moods. I certainly would love to meet some of these friends, as I feel I have known them forever. The similarities sometimes are so uncanny. Then sometimes I think... how odd, I would never! Mostly, I just love to peek into other peoples lives and discover how "normal" I am. How good I feel that there are other Jan's in this crazy world. I love getting a comment from you all.

So, please don't fret. I am mostly a happy person.

I look forward to this week. I feel it is going to be a good week. I am going to make it a good week, even if it kills me!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Sticks and stones
may break my bones,
but names will never harm me

Do you remember this? Often said in my childhood.

Said by me.

I remember...
...saying it when teased about my lisp.
...saying it when teased about being too skinny.
...saying it when teased that my Dad was Frankenstein.

Self-esteem is defined as the following: good opinion of oneself; self-confidence.

Have you ever witnessed someone strip a child of self-esteem? Have you ever been a victim?

When I was child, I had several situations where the very person that should be building up my self-esteem, instead, stripped me of it.

I vividly remember an incident when I was only 6 years old. I was in first grade. We were in the classroom, working on writing our letters with pencils. A boy sitting next to me, took my pencil out of my hand, to use himself. I asked him to give it back. He ignored me. I asked again. This time, the teacher appeared behind me. Instead of asking what was going on, she went on a rampage to the class about how I forgot the rules of talking in class. She scooped me up and dragged me to the front of the classroom. She announced to the class that I was BAD, forgetting this rule. She begin to shake me by the armpits, with my legs dangling in the air below. This bizarre teacher announced that I would have to sit in time out until I cried out,

"help, help! I am caught in the mouse trap without any cheese!"

(A strange discipline that she often used with us when in trouble.) The room erupted in laughter at what happened next. Apparently, when dressing that morning, I put my big sisters panties on instead of my own. They were now around my ankles from being shook so hard. I sat in the "mouse trap" time out for the entire day, including lunch.

When I was in seventh grade, I had a Reading teacher, that constantly got irritated with my lisp. (By 7th grade, I was already in my 8th year of speech classes). She wouldn't just correct me when I mispronounced words, she repeated it first the way I said it, which made the class snicker. By embarrassing me, I guess she felt I would try harder to get it correct. One day, as I tried to pronounce a word correctly after she made the point that I again said it incorrectly. She got this evil smile across her face and asked me out of the blue,
"Do you like McDonalds, Janis?".
I asked, her "what?"
She repeated, louder and slower, "I SAID, DOO YOUU LIKE MCDONNALDSS, JANIS!"
Softly, and embarrassed, now as the class look on for what was next, I answered, "no."
She said, "why not?".
I said, "I hate onions, they put onions on the hamburgers there."
She then said with a laugh, "well, you better grow to like them! you gonna be working there at McDonald's when you grow up, because nobody will hire you the way you talk, Girl!"

The class laughter burned through me. One friend teared up for me as I stood there stunned.

It is because of these moments and others, that I wanted to make a difference in children's lives. To be extra kind. To always show appreciation, and to praise them. The growing years are so crucial. From experience I know how important it is to help a child feel important, have self-worth and to be invincible.

Today as an adult I still struggle with self-esteem. I see what I do wrong more than what I do right. I constantly beat myself up. Sometimes. I will run into a bully even at 46. I can't believe I can still let it get to me. I always think of what I should have done and said later, kicking myself for allowing myself to be a victim.

The little nursery rhyme above came to mind last night as I allowed someone to bully me. I almost sang it. I think if she goes there again, I just might. Better than letting her words get the best of me!

Or maybe I will just smile, and let it roll!

Missing the Road

I miss the open road.

Sergio sold his last Harley a couple of years ago. We miss it. If I miss it, I am sure Sergio does more. He sacrificed it to get Annie's truck. {Such a good Dad}.

This picture was taken on a charity ride a couple of years back. Probably one of the last times I rode. Sergio is in the bandanna and I am hanging on behind. (and yes, I am aware that we should be wearing helmets, please don't go there with me).

The first Harley Davidson he got was many years ago. Surprisingly, it was me that encouraged him to spurge on it.

He has had one of the most stressful jobs you can imagine. He is always working, always on the phone or computer when home, and it has been this way always. The bike, was the best thirty minute break he could get.

When he finally got it. Magic would appear. After incredible stress building work situations, he could get on this magic carpet ~ and transform into bliss. It would calm him. He couldn't talk on the phone. He could just drive and breathe. It would be like night and day when he left, then returned. Sometimes I would just say, you need to go for a ride. And magically he would and become the husband I loved instead of the "Negotiator".

I didn't ride often, but loved the rides we took. Especially the charily rides that lasted all day. Dressing in the leather, wearing my cool chaps. It was so fun. We also had some fun over night trips with cherished memories.

Lately with the change of weather, I hear the purr of the Harley. I see the people out and feel the envy.

We have so much stress right now, that bike could be a life saver. Especially for Sergio.

Hang in there, Babe. We will get another in due time. Just hang in there!

Chatty Cathy

I went to the gym this morning.

I have not been in quite a while. Busy, sick, busy... I always have an excuse.

Anyway, I went this morning. Ahh. I love the alone time. I love just putzing about with my little routine, minding my own business.

Our gym is fabulous. Never need to wait for equipment. Plenty of open spaces.

I enjoyed my little ride on the bicycle thing and moved on to the treadmill. Out of the ten treadmills, lined up on this particular space, only one is taken. I chose an empty about half way down so I could enjoy watching the Ellen show playing on the middle tv, while going on my little walk workout.

"Chatty Cathy", comes up right next to me a couple of minutes into my workout. I acknowledged her when she said hello, with a simple smile & nod but then fixated my concentration back on the television. Chatty Cathy, just started chatting away to me. Something about how stressful the news is, asked me about "that lady that had them eight babies", I just kindof smiled and nodded, but was not interested in becoming workout buddies. I tried to ignore her. I wish I had an ipod plugged into my ears. She just kept on talking. I don't want to be rude. I wish she would be quite or move on. I obviously am not interested, I haven't made any more eye contact, haven't answered her questions.

OMGosh, lady Please!

I don't want to be rude... Don't say anything Jan!

Finally my little fifteen minute workout is done and rather than add another 15 like I had planned. I hop off and move on to the stairmaster downstairs.

This is my time. Nice Lady, I am so sorry, but please choose someone else. I need peace and I need to concentrate on myself just for this little hour I plan to be here. I feel guilty, but OMGosh! If I wanted a workout buddy I would bring one.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break '09 ...part 2

The baby just landed in Fort Myers Florida for "Seniors Spring Break 2009".
This photo was taken one of their last mornings from last years "Junior trip". (Annie's in the navy blue top in the center). Some of these kids will be together again this year, while others choose to go to Panama City, and Cancun. Although, Annie's group has a small group of parents going to the same place, this year our little eighteen year olds are on their own. Annie is sharing a room with three other friends, in one of the only hotels that allow under 25 year olds. Her sister stayed here her senior year. Trust me, not family friendly. LOUD, several wildies, oh and it is LOUD! Several of Annie's friends will be here. In fact it is strange how they all want to be together. Get away from a small town to join all those small town friends in another city. hmmm.

Anyway, I just got the text that they landed the plane safely. These four kids are good kids, They all need this break. Two are top athletics that will most likely get promising scholarships to play in college. Annie is a promising journalist with scholarships on the line. And all four of them are honor roll students. They have good heads on their shoulders and should be able to stay out of trouble. We have drilled the rules into them and worry more about someone coming to their room with trouble than them getting into some. The parentla chaperone has a key and told them she is not afraid to use it.

I said that they are eighteen, We have had our opportunity to raise them the best we could and install good sound morals and common sense. Now it is up to them to prove to us what I already believe. I am not worried about Annie making a bad decision. I worry about the regular stuff. The freak that may run across them or something of that nature.

I just hope that Annie has a wonderful fun filled memory packed week. Beautiful weather every day. And belly laughs that make you snort!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Birthday Boy

This handsome little boy turned 51 today.
He grew up to become my handsome husband, Sergio.

He is already off to work, heading to Louisville, Kentucky, today. He will return this evening and I will attempt to prepare a wonderful meal. He gave no suggestions for the birthday dinner so I am on my own to decided. After 22 years of marriage I have learned what he likes, but I don't know what he is going to be in the mood for tonight. I am hoping his meeting will go well, and keep him in an upbeat mood.

Sergio has much to be proud of. He is very successful in the Union business and very respected. He has been blessed to have many friends over the years. He is still best of friends from the guys he grew up with. From the "neighborhood", as well as friends from high school. Then, of course, over the years he has picked up many friends. He has a charming charisma. Most people like him immediately.

Sergio is also blessed to have two beautiful daughters that think the world of him and of course, his adoring wife, Me! I feel so lucky to have him in my life. He is my rock, my center, he keeps me strong and his love keeps me going. I still get giddy when I see him and think he is sexier today than when we married. I love him more and more each day, I look forward to growing old with him. And I thank God every day for him.

So, to my dear Husband, Sergio, Happy 51st! I love you forever!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I like eggs...

Remember the Amanda Bynes Variety Show on Nickelodeon? Back maybe 5 years ago. As a mother, I watched alot of what my girls did. I must admit, I am kindof a big kid at heart and do like children's shows. This particular one was done well. It reminded me much of The Carol Burnett Show back in the seventies. Amamnda had cute little silly skits. One of the strangest was a group of middle school girls that met regularly and chatted about stuff. One strange character, said little except, "I like eggs". It cracked me up. I like eggs too.

I have some favorite Bloggers that share wonderful recipes. Pam & Linda give the best. Pam's pictures make me want to fly over and taste test them all. She must be a fabulous cook. Linda always have the most tasty recipes that are begging me to try. I get so motivate, but have yet to give them a try. Partly lazy, partly my kitchen is sad for cooking layout and organization. I just need to do it!

Anyway, I mostly cook easy stuff. I cook alot of eggs. Mostly for myself. The family likes them but not for lunch when I like to cook them (: This strange looking concoction is a favorite. Eggs, milk, salami, provolone and american cheese, and olives. A ton of salt and ground pepper.

I know I am strange. It was my little boost for before the "interview".

Ambulance Chasers

My daughter's little accident happened two weeks ago. The girls were fine. The damage to her vehicle is estimated at $2,400. We will pay the $1,000 deductible and then should be reimbursed later down the road. It is a hassle and I am not happy with the insurance process. It may be time to go Insurance shopping, which is sad as we have been with the same provider for over 26 years. By the way, our agent hasn't called once to see if Emily was okay. He is aware of the accident.

Now, the downpour of Attorney Letters. Seriously, we are getting them daily. As well as a couple of "whiplash experts wanting to have her checked out. The attorneys say the same thing: "Insurance companies are looking for their best interest not yours, call us before making your statement!". "Don't get taken an advantage of!"

Give me a break!

Aren't they all looking for their best interest as well?

Emily is overwhelmed. I am not giving her any more of these letters. They are going straight in the trash where they belong.

Job Interview

Today I have a job interview.

I am so nervous. How many others are interviewing for this same position? How will I stand out? Will I say the right things, make the right impressions? Will they look past the fact that I did not complete college? Will they look past the fact that I have had dozens of jobs in the past? Will I start shaking?

I really just want to say, "Look, I need this job. I will do it justice and then some. I am competent and perfect for this job. I will come in give you 110% and be efficient. I will not disappoint you.
Pick Me, Pick Me damn it!"

What do you think?

I know, I know, can't say that. I just need to go in, shine, be confident and charm them. Make them feel I would be a great asset and make them hope that I will agree to the job!

Ha Ha Ha!

Wish me luck, and say a prayer.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ring Tones

Isn't it interesting to hear peoples choice of ring tones?

People choose to show their personalities. They choose to show their likes in music. They choose according to the person the tune is associated with.

Some just try to find the least annoying selection on their phones. And some have no clue how to change the settings!

I have a favorite Areosmith tune for when my husband calls me.

For my daughters I have a silly little bit from Family Guy's Stewie, an almost annoying little, "Mama, Mama, MAMA!" It makes my friends laugh more than me.

The Besties have a favorite song from our childhood. A song we sang all the time. A REO Speedwagon tid bit.

I picked some other fun tunes for my sister and parents.

I have an annoying warning for my employment is calling.

And Trans~Siberian Orchestra for all else.

Sergio use to have the theme from Law & Order. He needs Annie to put it on his new phone.

Technology has come such a long way. I remember Sergio was one of the first to have a "cellular" phone. It was huge and attached to his car. Later he got a huge portable. Do you remember how ugly and big they were? At least he never lost it back then! Today they are so small we are constantly calling ourselves to find the tiny little devices.

I wish I wasn't so attached to my phone. I think that with the girls, husband, family & Besties, I feel I must have it with me 24/7. For them anyway. Just in case, someone needs me.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Last evening, Emily came home from college. Annie stayed home and the girls hung out together. We could here them chatting, laughing, and even a tiny argument. It brought a huge grin on Sergio & myself. We love hearing the girls together. It is magic in the air.

It also brought me memories of my own sister and the closeness we shared. My daughters are 22 months apart. Julie and I are 24 months apart.

Through the years we had highs and lows as did my girls. I did my best to keep them close. They were never forced rather encouraged. I made sure that they had their own time with their own friends, however, they had to always show each other respect. My Mom did the same with Julie and I.

As the years pass. Jealous peeks it's nasty head in every now and then, but also an incredible protective love. Then like magic, the relationship matures and it is an incredible loving friendship plus. I love watching the girls today at eighteen and twenty. I remember when Julie and I were this age. I was at Vincennes University in southern Indiana. Julie was way out at Brigham Young University in Utah! No email, no texting, no cell phones. All we had was snail mail and rare long distance phone calls. Then came marriage and children which brings a whole new dimension to closeness.

In the Fall, Annie will join her sister in Muncie to attend Ball State University. I am overjoyed! They will have each other. They are there for each other. Good sisters, close sisters!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friends to the End

I had lunch with my dear friend Mary yesterday. Time flew as we got caught up. She is as wonderful as always.

A true friend to the end.

Do yourself a favor this week. Get in contact with a friend you have not talked to for some time. Call them, email them, snail mail, whatever. Just do it.

Friendships are one of the best gifts that God gives us and we do not take advantage of the joys of this blessing near enough.

Friendships, especially girlfriends, make us laugh, listen to us cry, and tell us the truth. They stand up for us, they honor us and they love us. They sometimes know us better than we know ourselves.

I know that I am very blessed with several dear friends.

I know women that do not know or understand the friendship thing. They say they have that with a Sister, a Mother, or even with a Spouse.

It is not the same thing.

I am very close to my sister and know that my husband is the best person for me, but as a husband. I would never want to replace his friends, nor would I let him replace them. I am a better Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and person because of my friendships.

GO out there and embrace your friends! When that friend tells you they are so glad you got in contact with them, know that I am too. We all deserve a good girlfriend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Product Endorsement

Every now and then, I come across something I really like and will pass it on to you. My blogger friends that do this have introduce me to a few produces that I may not have tried unless I read that they liked it. So, here is what I have recently found.

I love a good shower with a great body wash. My favorite staple has been "Neutrogena Rainbath" for the past many years. When I am spoiled, I get "Lancome Body DeLisse" body wash. However, now and then I will get something cheap and give it a try.

Currently I am using, "Olay Body, calm release with violet & lavender". I didn't even buy it. I think it was in a gift from Mom at Christmas. I have never really like the smell of lavender, and would not choose it when shopping. Last week, I was running low on the Neutogena so I grabbed this bottle of Olay from the linen closet. It's thicker than I prefer, but have used it the past few days. I really like it. The sent is so clean on my skin. It leaves me so soft surprisingly, my skin is not as dry as usual.

I am impressed and may have found a new favorite.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Proof is in the Iris'

I have been anxious. Really anxious. I have good days and bad days. So much going on gets me... bugging. Much is hanging off each other. My physical health will get better once my mental health gets better, my mental health will get better once my financial health gets better, and so on. So, if I get a better job, hence better income, happier mood, hence mental relaxation and de-stressing which will in turn be less taxing on my physical wellness. Make sense?

Sunday, I stepped out in the backyard. I was thinking about how grateful I am that Emily and the girls did not get hurt in the accident. I was thinking about my little truck, and the fact it has stopped working (it's okay, it had 254,000 miles on it, it lived a good life). I thought about how much I don't "love" this house, and how I ponder if it was a mistake. I was thinking about Annie growing up and moving on. I thought about my folks getting old. You know, this & that, whoas me. Okay, I was feeling sorry for myself.

One of the things I know I will miss the most about the last home is my Iris'. I had been planting, breeding and loving them for ten years. I have posted about them before. I had some beauties that I was proud of. When we moved here, I tried to transplant some. I had hope but, no guarantees.

While I walked the back yard, I went over to the area that I had planted the twenty or so, iris plants. Low and behold! What is that I spy? Could that be the green stems poking their little leaves up from the ground?

I am exhilarated!

I felt at that moment seeing these little stems, that if my Iris' could transport into this new soil at this new experience then I can too. That I can survive here as well. I do not have to have what I had to have normalcy. Even when you want the comfort of what you are use too, doesn't mean you can't change, move and grow.

I think seeing this with my Iris' is a sign for me. It opened my eyes. It helped me to look forward and not behind.

A Quote from Mother Teresa

We can do no great things ~ only small things with great love.
Mother Teresa

This angel hangs in my kitchen. She has this quote across her. It is so true. It is the small things, done with love that become the great things.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dandelion Farming

As I sit here this morning, I have a gentle spring breeze flowing through the window. The birds are chirping and I hear Spring begging to come early. The groundhog tells us 6 more weeks of Winter, but the birds are singing Spring is here!

Last night, Annie told me she need around 50 photos scanned to her memory stick for a school project. A calendar to be made (a gift for me). She apologized for the late notice, she forgot about it. But now, at 9:30 pm, can I pick 4 photos for each month of herself & sister to go into a calendar? Sure.... pick just 4 for each month? hmmm. I am up for the challenage! And so I started flipping through memory lane and photo albums.

This photo is of my girls back in late spring of 1992 (Emily is 3, Annie is 20 months). They are diligently trying to blow the dandelions apart. The tiny seeds with their downy tufts, so delicate and sweet.

I know, it is a weed. But what a lovely weed! Tell me a mother that didn't have a heart full of joy when their little one ran to them with a bouquet of dandelions. The fluffy seeded or bright yellow petals, it did not matter. I always had a vase full of them in the spring and summers.

I haven't seen any dandelions yet, but I am sure they will come in due time. I will miss getting the bouquets though.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Afternoon with Pops

My afternoon with Julie, and our Pops was a great venture out. He is funny, and getting a chance to visit with him without Mom is always interesting. He has a lot to say, not not much opportunity to say it.

"Medea Goes To Jail". I can't really say it was interesting, however it was entertaining! And that is what we were looking for. Hearing my father laugh is a great joy. Julie & I had some laughs as well. I wish I could remember the one-liners. Tyler Perry is one funny actor.

We went to a little old diner on US-40 after the show. It has been there since 1957, and my father wanted to go. Great food in these little diners. Also it is strange to eat where smoking is allowed. rarely do you find a smoking establishment except for bars or tavern. Not that any of us smoke, we don't. it just was odd to be in a smoking diner.

So, a movie and lunch with my sister & father was a success!

We had a lovely visit, some laughs, and I need to make time for more memories like this.

Spring Break Pt 1's Ending

Emily and her friends came back tan, tired, and taxed.

They arrived Saturday morning at 3:30am. Three left in their car to head to their own homes, and two stayed with Emily here at our home. I was so relieved that they made it home safely. Thank You God!

They seemed to have had a splendid vacation. Fun memories were made and living together in a tiny hotel room, they didn't kill each other and are still the best of friends.

Emily and the girls started back to Ball State around 5pm. Emily called me fifteen minutes later.
Em: MOM! I've been rear-ended! We are on the interstate{tears}
Me: Are you okay? Everyone okay?
Em: Taylor's mouth is bleeding, she was on her cell phone & hit it on impact. She is okay though. We got hit really hard by a van. Then another car hit them & we got hit again. I thought we would go through the windshield. Thank God we had our seat belts on!
Me: Stay right there, call 911, someone keep Isabell (her cat)contained, Dad will be right there.

I stayed at home waiting to hear from them.

Apparently, she was yielding the traffic as she merged onto the interstate and the Van driver, wasn't paying attention, and smoked Em. then a Car behind the Van, hit the Van. The police gathered information, said Emily was correct, and after giving her her paperwork sent her on her way. Her back bumper is pushed up, and hopefully no more serious damage. Even with this little bit, Sergio said it's at least $3-4,000. The Van was smashed front and back, doubtful if it was drivable. The pretty little Mustang's front end was hanging off.

Sergio sent them on to Muncie and we will retrieve the Tahoe Monday.

It could have been worse.

I am so thankful they are fine. Cars can be fixed. My baby's life, her friends, they are not replaceable.

Yeah, her Guardian Angels are working some overtime!

Thank God.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Black Vinyl Gold!

Look what I found! A box full of my old 45's! Oh how I wish I could play them. The memories of sitting around the record player singing my heart out!

Oh, the heartbreaks, the lonely me, the jam sessions with my little friends!

The records I found crack me up. Do you remember:
Cher: Loving in a House Divided
Three Dog Night: Black & White
Alice Cooper: No More Mr Nice Guy
Johnny Rivers: Rockin' Pneumonia~Boogie Woogie Flu
Elton John: Daniel
Carly Simon & James Taylor: Mockingbird
The Osmonds: Yo-Yo
The Grass Roots: Two Divided By Love
America: A Horse with No Name
Bread: Diary
Gilbert Sullivan: Get Down
sigh... that is just to name a few!

Seriously, don't today's kids have it easy? They just pick songs and download, then take with them where ever they go! They don't have to play scratchy skipping 45's and albums. But, I wouldn't trade those days with my little friends & our old record players.

Are you old enough to remember gathering your favorites, making sure your name was on them before heading to slumber parties? Remember buying them as gifts for those slumber parties?

I have always loved music. Even my goofy old 45's!

Runway or Runaway?

New fashion catalog came in the mail the other day for Annie. This one is called "Free People".
Interesting. Creative. Weird.
I must be getting old.
This is the front cover. These holey cropped jeans ~$198, tank ~$58, boots ~$128. I don't know if those chains are a part of the boots or if it is some new kind of anklet?

This next picture with the overalls? These are actually "Levis". They retail for ~$595. They remind me of Left Eye, pop singer from the nineties. I can't think of her band's name.

Moving along to picture 3. The dress/top ~$118, tights ~$38, and the horse necklace ~$448.
Finally in picture 4, we have the Harlem pants ~98, halter ~$98. And the Metallic headband in silver,gold or black for only ~$18. This one reminds me of MC Hammer. I think I will order four of these so the next Besties weekend we can go out in style. Maybe if we get enough wine in us we might sing!

Am I getting old or are these just strange? I hope to not see these outfits on my daughters. I know I would stare.

In all fairness, I do find them creative and expressional. For a full look (the catalog has 44 pages) please go to www.freepeople.com

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Pops!

Today my Father turns 72. That is a huge accomplishment. Especially for him. He has had a bit of bad luck, health issues and what not's, so, reaching 72 is huge!

Truly for anyone.

My father has been Blessed. He has lived an adventurous life. Was a dare devil growing up, never to turn down a double dog dare, giving his Mother a run and several scares. He was quite the ladies man, breaking hearts through his school years. He served our country with the United States Navy fresh out of high school, sailing across the world, and finding the love of his life while stationed in San Antonio. Settling in Indianapolis, he had his wife and two daughters, good job and good friends.

My parents were in a horrific motorcycle accident when I was a baby. This set them back, quite a bit. My father's head injury kept him in the hospital and rehab for several months. The fact that he survived was indeed a miracle. Now, he was faced with severe handicaps and frustrations, but he prevailed with the help & love of family & friends.

My Dad is what one might call, "a dirty old man". I have learned to live with it. His jokes, are, well, popular but gross. His humor is well, it's Pops. He is what he is! He use to love sitting in "his chair", listening to Richard Pryor 8-Track tapes. I hated the tapes, but loved hearing my Dad's laugh.

He is bored and frustrated today. His body is broken down. His spirit also often. But he prevails. He has his humor and he has his moments. He sits most the day on the computer or watching television. He also grabs a cart and walks the aisle at the local Wal-Mart weekly. My sister & brother-in-law recently got him interested in swimming, hoping to move his body more. My Mom, she still babies him. She has for 50 years, why stop now? They love each other and he is happy. Grumpy but happy.

This weekend Julie & I are taking our Dad to the movies. He has chosen, Tyler Perry's "Madea Goes To Jail". Oh Boy! Can't wait for that. Hearing his laugh will make it worth it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If you go back a bit, you will run into a post titled Forever Friends. It was a posting about how I explained to my daughters about the forever friends.
The ones that will be with you forever, no matter if you drift in and out of each others lives.
Those are the wonderful loving forever friends.

If you read this post you will remember my childhood friend, Mary.

She is the one with the fabulous laugh.

I Meet Mary in about 2nd or 3rd grade. She has shared Camp Fire Girls, the Neighborhood, Grade School, Middle School and High School memories with me. This photo was at a birthday party and I believe she got me that owl. Those are Jeanette Ramsey's muscles (the tomboy), and Lisa Deer casually looking at the camera (oh am I in the shot?). This was taken June of 1972. When we were little, she would sing and make me listen (make is a strong word, I completely LOVED sitting in her room watching her sing. I was her number one fan). I can't hear Uncle Albert without smiling and thinking of her.

Over the years, we drifted here and there. Catching up at weddings, reunions, and funerals. Then we decided, WE HAD to make better attempts to get together.

And we have. We meet for lunch and now that Mary has joined this generation and has finally gotten Internet, we email fairly regularly. And she checks up on me with my blog.

Recently, I got a lovely card (pictured above) with a verse from Philippians 4:6
Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.
She had this verse taped above her computer, and now it is promptly placed above mine. As you all know I am on this computer too much, so, it constantly reminds me just that.

She just knows when to call, email or pray for me. I think her Jan radar goes off.
We are getting together for lunch next week. I can't wait! She is truly one of those wonderful people that make you happy to be around.

So Mary, thank you so much for being a forever friend. I know I talk to much and I promise to let you get a word in next Thursday. I love you Girl!

Charming Bracelets

I wear these two bracelets just about every day. They are Breast Cancer Bracelets from Brighton. I adore them. I love the words of virtue. They give me hope, strength, courage, love, faith, and healing. They reminded me to pray for others, particularly those with cancer.

Originally I bought the first one because I love Brighton and I want to be proactive with Breast Cancer Awareness. I liked it so much I bought two more. One for my Sister, Julie and one for my Mom.

The following year, I bought the second one. I also bought an extra although I did not know why. Later that year, I joined a Bible Study with women from our little town. One of the women found out rather quickly that she had breast cancer and began a courageous battle. One day as I was delivering a family meal to her family. I gave her the bracelet. We were not close friends, and she was surprised. I told her that I will continue to pray for her and her dear family. That I knew that she had a strong faith, but I wanted to give her this, just for her, to remind her to have strength, courage, hope and faith. It was a small gesture that she appreciated and I finally understood why I had to buy that second bracelet. For years later, we will run into each other and she will smile and hold up her wrist, showing me she still wears it every day. I return my wrist up to her to remind her I still pray for her. Our little weird thing we do. She is doing great by the way.

As a little girl, I was fascinated with charm bracelets. I finally got a charm bracelet, but never a charm to put on it. Sadly they kindof went out of style and hard to find for many years.

Now they are back. I see them in many stores. A favorite I have spied is the Trol Bead Bracelets. Really cool, and really costly as you add the beads and the charms.
I gave my girls Disney Charm Bracelets. Annie loved hers. She wore a little 101 Dalmatians bracelet till the puppies all fell off.

I notice that both my daughters still wear bracelets. It must be a family thing. Emily prefers the string ones that will have a charm (I think hers says Faith). Also she wears a bracelet I got her that says "Live the Life You Love" on the outside & "Love the Life You Live" on the inside. Annie is more modern girl trading her 101 Dalmatians bracelet in with a Ed Hardy bracelet and a Peace sign bracelet.

Long live the bracelet! They will always be charming to me!

Where's My Hair Dryer?!

Nothing makes me crankier than to have something borrowed and not put back! My stuff is your stuff. I share well. BUT please put it back!

I have an old (maybe 15-20 years old) Vidal Sasson hairdryer. Big ugly thing, that I love. It works really good. My girls "discovered" it recently. After countless cooler dryers have burnt out. Again, I have no problem with sharing it, but, today I can't find it.

Of course, I washed my hair (finally after being yucky sick girl), and went to grab the hair dryer and it's gone! No where in my bathroom. I checked Annie's bathroom 1st, as that is where it is usually found. Not there. Nor her room, nor Emily's. It's not in the other bathroom. I rechecked all of above. Also other possibilities.

Mind you I have my hair in a towel and I am still learning this new styling so it is crucial to style as it dries. I can't find a fricking dryer in the house! Well, I did find Dakota's but it's a curly top (also 20 yrs old) and it is not for styling, more for fluffing. Anyway... WHERE'S MY HAIR DRYER!!!

I am wondering if Emily "borrowed" it for Florida. hmmm. I guess, it's more important for her to look good than me. Also, Annie will freak when she realizes it's gone. Unless, she has it in her bag or car. She did go to the gym. hmmm.

Well, I guess I am just gonna have to look "Crazy Hair Lady" for the rest of the week! I am not about to buy another. They just don't make them like they use too!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am Alive...

I am still sick, but as Mom, you do not get much of a sick day. The whole household seems to fall apart. Things need to be done and unfortunately they don't get done if Mom is on the "sick pillow".

My Annie is trying to stay away form home. When she is here she is armed with a bottle of Clorox, "really Mom, please stay back". Although at midnight when she had what she thought was a wasp but was only one of those nasty ugly bugs we keep finding, flying in her room, who did she call? Not Dad but Mom. After I rescued her, she asked me to, "please leave her room, really, don't mean to be mean but please get out". Sergio just wanted to know what the commotion was all about. I asked her to put the dishes in the dishwasher away,so I don't have to touch them. Guess who just put them away? I had too! The sink was piled (remember I haven't eaten so these are not my messes! I will give her credit though, she ran out and got me pop sickles as I gave these to her when she is sick. It is the only thing that stays down.

I am trying to get up and about this afternoon. It seems I am needed in many areas. Things just don't get done. The cats & dogs are happy to see me up. Their food bowls have been filled & they are thankful. My dogs faithfully stayed by my side throughout my stay in bed. They are so sweet and were truly concerned.

Isn't it funny how when the husband or children are sick we are waiting on them hand and foot. Concerned and doing anything to make them comfy? When I am sick I know they are concerned, but sometimes it seems more about who's going take care of us?

Dr Seuss Quote

"Be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind"
Theodore Seuss Geisel

I am "borrowing" this quote from my blog friend Pam's Blog. She posted it last week and it has stuck with me all week. I hope you appreciate it as much as I.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Under The Weather

I am one sick puppy!
My husband "shared" his stomach virus. He was sick for three days... I am on hour 18. I don't recall having vomiting & diarrhea so bad. I think I have lost a good 5 pounds.
I decided to get out of bed & check email, also say hello to you all. I am going right back to bed with the dogs in a minute.

Advice today: Stay away from everyone that has any mention of a tummy ache. Also use sanitary wipes everywhere. It is hitting Indianapolis now, hopefully it wont come your way!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Counting Sheep

Last night, I could not fall asleep. I worked late, I could hear the kids laughing as they waited to go on their trip, Annie was out for the night so I worried about her, the dog kept growling (at the kids laughter), and the husband snored.

I have had sleep issues many times. I like to try to fall asleep before Sergio, but that doesn't often happen. The worst culprit is usually thinking too much. Worry worry worry! The "what ifs, what abouts, and oh, I forgot..."Counting sheep never worked for me. But I have been known to try counting. I have tried television, radio and reading. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Here are a couple of winners that have worked for me:
Yoga Relaxation: You tighten your muscles (all) and slowly, starting at the head working toward the toes, relax each muscle and talking yourself into the relaxation; "my forehead is relaxed, my eyes are relaxed", and so on.

Home Tour & Design: As a Realtor, I have visited hundreds of homes. They are cataloged in my brain. I often would take a home tour (and still do)and redesign with our stuff or how we would decorate. I have done this with friends homes as well. You have to start through the front door and tour each nook & cranny. I rarely make it through a home complete.

These usually work, but if all else fails, then get up and go Blogging!

Spring Break '09 (part 1)

Well, my oldest Baby Girl (Ms Emily), has safely arrived at her destination in CrazyLand. She, and five friends loaded up the Tahoe and left this morning around 2:30am bound for Panama City Beach, Florida.

Emily, her two roommates Elle & Dana, her Little Sister (Chi-O) Taylor, AND Tony (a lifer from way back Junior high), and Taylor (guy Taylor, not to be mistaken for gal Taylor mentioned above) another cutie patuie college buddy.

Emily has been very fortunate to go to "Spring Break" alot over the years. Junior high, High School and now a second year in College. She has had a lot of fun... and a lot of drama over these trips. This year, she pretty much hand selected these friends to go with, stay with, and make memories with.

Last night when I got home from work at midnight, these six 20-21 year olds were hanging around the living room watching ET and playing...The Barbie board game! Patiently waiting for time to pass so they could get on the road. Cracked me up. I made a comment about the choice of movie and a board game, Taylor (the guy) said, "Yeah, we have gone back to 1994" Personal, I love that they were gathered around laughing and giddy. ET, Barbie, that is okay, anything that makes them have fun.

The kids are excited for some well deserved sun and fun. I reminded the two guys to take care of these four girls and to protect them. Then I added, maybe the girls could protect the guys. They are great friends. They will make great memories this week.

I pray for their safety. After all, they are at Crazyland (have you ever been there during Spring Break? Seriously!) I reminded them to stick together and don't forget the BUDDY SYSTEM at all times!

Emily's Smile

My Emily has such an infectious smile. She makes people smile just by smiling at them. I got to see her briefly before her Spring Break. I couldn't help but smile the entire time I saw her.Through the years, she has grown and changed. Except that smile.

I pray she will always have reason to smile like this. It is a gift and warms my heart thinking about it. She is a happy girl.
I love this happy girl!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Girl in the Window

Special Report: The girl in the window | tampabay.com — St. Petersburg Times

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This story was on Oprah yesterday. Although I am not a big Oprah fan, I did catch this remarkable story and it touched me. This is a true story and very moving. I wanted to share it with you and remind you all that unfortunatly, neglect is much worst than we ever imagined. Please click onto the story and take a few moments. Then please pray for Danielle, her loving new family, and all the lost children in the world.

When Breathing is Not Enough

What do you do when remembering to breathe is not enough?

When you feel so overwhelmed and so incapable.

I try so hard to keep things in prospective. I try to keep positive. I have so very much to be thankful for. Such a wonderful husband and dear sweet daughters.

Every time I am back up and happy, something or someone cruelly punches me in the gut or knocks me down. How do I keep that from sucking me into a dark place?

I was doing okay, trucking along, when suddenly I was blindsided by the Boogey Man. An evil crusher that takes my self esteem and destroys it.

Last night, I was so overwhelmed. I tried so hard to stop the tears from sliding down my checks. My supervisor, is sweet and reminded me I could take a 10 minute break if I needed. I thanked her, but told her my quota is too low and I could not afford the break. I finally pulled it together after Sergio's texts made me smile (God, how I love this man!).

Why can't I stay out of this funk?

I have so much I need to be doing.
I must find a job that gives me the hours and pay that will adequately subsidize our income.
I must clean this home before Emily and her friends arrive Friday.
I must get photos organized and start Annie's senior slide show.
I must get correspondence and bills together and sent out.
And I must get ready for my visit with Betsy. Ahh Betsy. Hopefully, she can shed some light on my dilemma and bring me to a happy or at least peaceful place.

Sorry to be doom and gloom. Just one of those weeks...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spoiled Rotten Kitties

My cats are so spoiled. This is Mischa sitting on their "Cat House" watching a bird.

The "Cat House", obviously had a previous life as the girls Doll House. I just refused to part with it. Storing it was an issue and I thought why not let the cats have it? They always loved it, pushing Barbie's furniture out of the way, hiding out on the second floor, when it belonged in the girls play room.

The lower level is where I hid the liter box. They just go in the door, take care of business without the dogs bothering them. The second floor now contains kitty liter and scooper. The rooftop is the dining area for my two cats. They can finally not worry about the dogs eating their food. They also love to look out the window watching the birds.

This "Cat House" is in my laundry room. It is a lower level room and the cats are pretty much at ground level, feeling like they are hiding in the bush. Mischa always is found here when not looking out from the couch.

Rocky hides out under my bed until feeding time or potty time. He appreciates the storage containers on the side as he is 16 years old and doesn't do the jumps like Mischa can anymore.

I recently read in Vevay's Salad Sandwich Blog about favorite things. One of the things she mentioned was "fat cats snuggling", which prompted a comment about coming back as a comfy fat cat. Made me think about my cats, all the many cats I have had. Yeah, being one of my kitties would have been a pretty good life. I think they can't complain much.