Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stay Tuned....

Having a blast with my Besties!

It is Heaven, more to come, they are waiting for me to get off the computer!


Lori ann said...

Yay! for Best Friends! hope you are all having a wonderful time!!

lakeviewer said...

Get out there and enjoy all the memories you have accumulated together. Happy weekend.

Fire Byrd said...

You all look as happy as you did all those years ago. Lets hear it for best mates!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic you all recreated that photo. I remember the original stairway from Lynn's house on Michigan Street. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall this weekend.

Your post about the animals cracked me up. You were pretty much a zookeeper back then.

I just got back from Colorado skiing. Got to spend the day last Thursday with Sheri's sophmore roomate Lisa Desch-- remember her? We had a blast. She is on facebook under the name Lisa Gamber if you want to see what she looks like now.

You hang in there-- hope the weekend was good therapy. Call me and we can set up another get together. Any chance you talked Lynn into getting into the computer age so she can partacipate in the fun?

Take care,


Ziongirl said...

How Cute.....You recreated the photo. I hope you had a super weekend!!!!!!