Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Lure of Smoking

(Me & Rich 1983)

Yesterday, I was flipping through my daughter's magazines in search of hair photos for the upcoming cut & color.

I noticed an awful lot of Cigarette Ads.

I found this disheartening. What a shame. What happen to our trying to stop our beautiful young people from smoking?

It is a terrible habit. It is smelly and unhealthy. (You think?). Why on earth would these magazines start running cigarette ads again? I remember the end of cigarette commercials and I really thought we stopped the magazine ads. I do not remember seeing one in years. I found two full page ads in this months InStyle Magazine. Are they saying that smoking is "in Style"?

I smoked for a few years. Between 21 and 24 I believe I smoked a enough for a lifetime. It wasn't pretty.

I have many friends that still smoke. That's fine. They are adults, it should be their choice. It is difficult enough for them to find a place that they are allowed to smoke as it is banned in so many places. I promise you they would not have started had they known how dangerous they are when they started. We only knew that it could be "dangerous if pregnant". Everything is dangerous when your pregnant so, as long as we were not pregnant, no biggie.

My daughters have chosen not to smoke. Neither of their parents do and they were not brought up in a smoker's home. I am proud that they have chosen not to partake in this unhealthy, smelly, and expensive habit. They have many friends that do. Which again I find baffling given the amount of information that is out there informing them of the dangers.

So seriously. What is up with the advertisements? I really don't get it.


Ziongirl said...

Yeah!!!! Your playlist is back. See.......Time and Patience...

I guess it's my turn now to work out the kink on mine. Thanks for the playlist smarts. Maybe on wednesday......

Linda said...

I didn't realize there were this many current smoking ads - I had heard smoking has gone way down and maybe that's why they're advertising.

This is one thing that happily, I never did. I have serious sinus problems and just can't stand being around smoke, yet I did for much of my twenties since many of my friends smoked.

Jim smoked as well when I first knew him, for many years, but he promised when he moved here and we got together that he would stop permanently, and that's been well over 7 years now. I just would never allow it in my house.

Thankfully none of our friends smoke either. It's just not for me.

Lori ann said...

Janis, that is the cutest photo ever!!! how great that you have that! good for you for stopping smoking and guideing your girls away from such a deadly habit.
do you have your pic in a frame? soooo great.
love, lori

An English Shepherd said...

Unfortunatly the ads are because some people/companies don't care how they make money as long as they do make money, a very sad situation :-(

Fire Byrd said...

Have you got more people smoking in TV shows as well as that's happening over in the UK.
It was a great day when smoking was banned from public places here.
The only people I know who smoke nowadays are all under 25. Makes no sense at all.

Mark said...

Fire Bird, I have noticed that.

I am in LA and Vegas often and notice the young mommy and daddys money crowd seem to think it is cool also.

Anonymous said...

This is Jon Jansen in the middle and Fish on the end. Jon is now a general surgeon here in Indy working at Community Hospital

sroman said...

Yes, the smoking lure got me. Still has me. I wish I'd never started and I'm so glad your girls did not.