Thursday, February 12, 2009

Annie's College Pick

My Annie has made her decision!
She decided to be a Cardinal.
She has looked into her options, checked out different schools, but when everything was laid out, the choice was pretty easy.
Ball State has the best opportunities for her.
With Journalism there are many outstanding programs out there. She has also an interest in Fashion, and an interest in Telecommunication. BSU has a fabulous program for the Fashion Journalism student. If she chooses, she could get degree in this and go abroad to Italy or Paris. BSU is the top school in the Nation for Telecommunication degrees. Also the wonderful David Letterman has given jillions of dollars to the Journalism School at BSU.
She teetered with the idea of going to Chicago's Loyola University. I held my breath. I would have supported that choose, but golly that is far for my baby to be! Would she ever come home?

BSU is the school her big sister is at. She didn't want to necessarily follow in Emily's footsteps, but she isn't. Emily is in the Elementary Education Department. They would rarely be on the same side of campus. Emily lives in an apartment off campus, whereas, Annie will be living in the dorms.

Annie has had the opportunity to go to BSU for several weekends and day trips. Not only her sister is there but several friends.

It is a wonderful school that is not too big, not too small. The campus is beautiful. And Muncie has much to offer. Not to mention, just an hour drive from home!

I am relieved. I am proud. I am ready to let her fly onto this next journey. (Well, almost ready!)


Linda said...

Wonderful! Sounds like your beautiful daughter has made an excellent choice!

... By the way, I love the Ella Fitzgerald song in your playlist - lovely!

Ziongirl said...

Annie is Adorable!!!! and soon to be off starting her own "journey".

As hard as it will be to let her go off on her own....

Tis the circle of life...

God Bless You Janis!!!!

Natalie said...

Big things happening for sure, Janis!
Wow, Your Annie is beautiful. Wishing her joy in her new life. God Bless.xx