Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Finally, we got a good snow! It started yesterday afternoon and continued until just about an hour ago. They are saying we got 11 inches. But, with snow drifts, give or take a few inches here and there.

My husband has been plowing since 5:00 pm yesterday, stopping once at 2:00am for a quick sandwich, then stopping this morning at 7:30am to grab a shower and about 30 minutes of shut eye. He is back out now.

Happy Camper! Gets to "play" with that new snow plow. (gets to pay it off).

Annie, got snowed in at Aunt Delia's. She went over after school, then as the weather progressed, we felt best she stay there for the night. They dug her car out this morning and off she went for home. My heart in my throat. She has never driven in this much snow. Once about a year ago, she slid off the road, luckily was not hurt nor damaged the Tahoe. I was so happy to see her pull into the driveway. Her words when she came in, "That was so fun!" She is definitely her fathers daughter!

I let the dogs out this morning. Remember 11 inches of snow. Dakota is about 7 inches tall. He loved jumping through Riley & Bandit's footsteps. They played while I shoveled the patio and a path to the yard. They all had fun. Dakota was a bit confused though and pooped in the dining room. Stinker!

Well, I am off. We have errands to do and appointments to keep. I may even play in the snow (-:


lakeviewer said...

Snow is lovely to look at, delightful to play in and most treacherous to drive on. Did Annie get back o.k.? How fast are the streets cleared for people to drive to work? And your husband, how can he keep digging through the night?

I'm sure you're are used to snow and know how to deal with it. For those of us who watch weather on the news, it is quite scary.

Linda said...

Hooray for you!! :)
Nice photos.

We got some too, but only about 4 1/2 - 5 inches in this part of central Illinois. Still, the roads here are bad - they haven't plowed much and thus, I elected to work from home today. I do not drive when it's like this.

Have fun!

janis said...

Annie got back fine, and took me out in it. She is getting ready to go play with her friends (gosh to be 18 again and able to "hit" the snow hills! She is thinking about wearing my Ski suit from 1986. Turquise,Black & White! Hot Hot Hot! She wore it all last year! Silly girl!
Rosaria~ yeah, we get around fine in the snow. Just gotta watch out for the people that don't have any business out there! You really need 4wheel drive. The streets get plowed pretty well, however, the side streets and county roads are tough. Also when a car gets stuck on the main roads, it messes it up for everyone. We have a pile up on Hwy 70 right now.
My husband pushes gas stations (BP's), banks, restuartants and some residentals. Sergio will be pooped, but will sleep well tonight! He is running on coffee & Beef Jerky (ugh! it's the only time he eats it, werido)
It is so fun to watch the kids play. Sergio just came thrpough the neighborhood and plowed, he made a nice big hill for the little boys to play on! He is going to become the cool old guy.

Gotta go, my washer is making that loud scream again!

An English Shepherd said...

Lovely pictures,its only raining here :-(

Lori ann said...

wow! how beautiful! i've never lived in the snow, it sounds so magical. but i'm romanticzing, i'm sure the reality is a bit different!
go out and play!!

Andrea said...

I love your snow picture! This is my first snow-less winter and I think I have survivor's guilt. I know the rest of my family is still toughing it out up there in Maine. I can't say I miss it though, that's why I'm in Georgia now. But it's lovely to look at!

Natalie said...

I'm with Lori, get out there , girl!

It is 46C in Adelaide , South Australia today, and for the next ten days or so. Horrific heat.
Only 41C last week here in New South Wales. DAMN HOT!

Anonymous said...

Wow-- your are reaching out to the entire world now.

Nice comments from the Australian post.

Who is lakeviewer? Anyone I know.

I just got home from an overnight trip driving to Lansing, Michigan. First and probably only time I will drive into Michigan in the winter and find better weather than in Indianapolis.

Love the snow.