Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Embarrassing Moments

By now, we have all seen or at least heard about this poor Vail Skier and his mishap. I don't know if I feel more sorry for him or his adolescent son sitting next to him. Can you imagine? "Hey Billy! Saw your DAD on the news! HAHA!"
And then this poor guy, left hanging there for the world to see for what seemed like eternity. It was cold too.

I have had some pretty embarrassing moments, but nothing like this.

The closest I can remember is in 1st grade.
A young bully stole my pencil. I tried to retrieve it, but got "caught" by the teacher talking to him. She wouldn't let me tell her what I was doing. Instead she snatched me up, and started shaking me like a rag doll (this was the 60's it was allowed). Anyway, I had dressed myself that morning and mistakenly put on my big sister's underwear instead of mine. Within seconds she had shook the panties down to my ankles with the classroom roaring in laughter.

I thought I would die.

See, not even close.


Lori ann said...

oh janis, i wish you could time travel back and tell this teacher now just how much that affected you. maybe you can, tell her, and then thank her for helping to shape you into the lovely caring and compassionate person you are today. and then walk away with a smile.

janis said...

trust me Lori, I have had a few incidents were I do wish I could. But then again, maybe she and others helped shape me into who I am & helped me to be a more sensative person. Especially to our youth! Besides, Ms McCall was older than dirt then and that was 40 years ago! She's dead by now.

Reya Mellicker said...

I had a great ski teacher when I lived in Tahoe. Her three most important rules:

1. Learn to get off and on the ski lift like a pro. You can take all day to get down the mountain, but you do NOT want to look like an ass on the chair.

2. NEVER ski the bunny slopes. Because when you yell "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" you want the other skiiers to know how to do it.

3. Don't take that last run down the mountain so you'll have enough energy to enjoy the apres-ski scene.

That woman was a genius.

Linda said...

Hey, I had not heard or seen this story about the skier, but then again I don't follow the news much at all.

I can't think of too many embarrassing moments because I lived a very safe life in that I didn't try much. Instead, my embarrassing moments have more to do with my inadequate and self-conscience feelings about myself at times and less about what I'm actually doing.