Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cats, Kitties & Grandma Kitty

I have always loved cats. I am not sure where this loved began, but I have a feeling it started with my Grandma Kitty. How cool to have a name like that. It fit her too. She was actually a Kathryn. Kit then Kitty became her name through the years. Grandma Kitty to me. She was a wonderful woman. She will always be a part of me. This picture was taken of us in a photo booth in 1978. It's a favorite and is blown up and framed in my home. Grandma Kitty also had a copy. Can you feel the love just by looking at this picture? My bond with her was incredible. At one time I thought I would name a daughter after her. Kathryn. Call her Kat. Unfortunately, as much as Sergio loved Grandma Kitty, he wasn't so crazy for this name. I am so blessed to have had her in my life.

As a child, I was told I was allergic to cats. I didn't know that I wasn't until one day when I got my hands on one. My first cat, Inky, came into my life when I was 12. From that day till today, I have always had at least one cat at a time, sometimes several. I have been blessed with many felines though the years..

I also seem to acquire several cat pieces over the years. People know I love cats, people gift cat stuff to me.
Kitty Knickknacks.
I have had a ton of cat stuff! I so appreciate it, but also, over the past 40-some years, I received plenty. Most get appreciated, then past on. Some have stayed with me. I have a few favorite pieces that I will keep forever. These are some of those golden oldies that I love.
I am done collecting kitty knickknacks.

However, I will always have a cat or two, but the pet kind.


Lori ann said...

Hi Janis,i love the photo of you and your grandmother, yes, i can see the love!
my husband is a huge cat lover, he had 2 that died a couple years ago, we haven't decided to get another yet, it doesn't seem fair to the poor kitty when we go away so much!
x lori

Linda said...

Love the photo of you and your Grandma Kitty, and this is another great story.

I love cats as well. We never had them while I was little, but my first boyfriend (of 10 years) and I had several and my love for cats was sealed during that time.

As you know, we now have 1 - Winston. He's wonderful and is even known to pose with a New Year's Hat from time to time. :-)

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janis said...

you should of put a picture of my kitty on here :)

janis said...

whoops that was me, your daughter. i guess im on your account.

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