Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is cold outside today!

Really cold! Annie left for school half an hour ago (two hour delay) and I hated sending her out in -6 degrees. I started her car for her 20 minutes prior. I don't even know what the temperature was when Sergio left.

I work this evening and I dread getting into my car after work. I wish I could get someone to start it up and warm it for me! I drive an older Chevy pick up that has over 250,000 miles on it. It is a great vehicle. When Emily left for BSU in the fall, we sent her in my Tahoe rather than this. I was afraid it might decide to final conk out with her driving it. Today I wonder if it will be able to handle this cold weather.

I let the dogs out this morning. While Bandit & Riley took care of business, Dakota started his usual run about the yard. He quickly realized something was different. He lifted a front paw, then a back paw, then fell over. He just looked at Riley, as if he thought she'd rescue him. I called him back in. I am sure he will try to find a spot on the carpet when I am not watching.. Stinker. I'll try sending him back out in a moment.

I hope you all stay safe and warm in your homes as well. If you live in a warmer climate, remember us colder bloggers. It's not the snow that gets us down, it is the cold temperatures! They say it is going to be -10 here in Indy tonight! yikes!


Anil P said...

I hope it gets warmer soon. -6 degrees is no laughing matter. It must be difficult venturing out. Does snow obliterate features in the neighbourhood?

kim said...

It is cold!!! Poor Reagan didn't have a delay. I think the thought is since it is a private school all the kids are driven to school. I guess...I didn't ask! Jesse and Connor both had a delay. It was so cold, at first you don't realize it then by the time I got back to the car, my pants felt frozen. Weird..Keep warm jan! I love you!Kim

Reya Mellicker said...

It's cold here, but not that cold. Stay bundled up!

mouse (aka kimy) said...


thanks for dropping in at the mouse and leaving such a nice comment!

I've enjoyed the brief wander and look forward to spending more time here (when I find some more time!)

hope your chevy makes it through this arctic blast! stay warm.

btw love your avatar! sweet!!

Anonymous said...

I remember when our weiner dogs would just stop and fall over because they were frozen stiff. Try putting some little baby socks on Dakotas feet. It's down below 10 here but I still remember how it feels below zero, I think I'll stay here. Love Deb...

Linda said...

Yep, cold here too in Central Illinois - Actual temp was -16 earlier with -40 wind chills.

Sarah and I love Winter though. She has no school today and tomorrow and with Monday being a holiday, it's a handy 5-day weekend for her.

We went out earlier today, and she and I didn't think it was too bad, until the wind hit us. Then we said - yes, I guess it is cold. Though we agreed, -10, -20, 5 - what's the difference? Cold is just cold. And it's Winter, as it should be, so we don't mind. :-)

Thankful for heat inside though - a warm, cozy home is a blessing.

janis said...

Just a follow up from me.
Sergio made me drive his 2008 Truck (yea!) I am sure my little old faithful would have struggled! I worked till 2:30am and it was -10 with a -27 wind chill! I work on a freightline hub and I could feel the cold in our disbatch office! I felt so sorry for the guys out on the dock. It was so cold our fluorescent lights kept going out on the dock! They had to use the fork lift lights. Apparently this was the coldest our dock has gotten since 2003! After a while,although I got use to the cold office, I am not use to working that shift and was so tired! Walking to the truck was torture as waiting for it to warm up! Hopefully my old shift will return for me in February!
My hot shower never felt so inviting!