Saturday, January 17, 2009

Antiquing With Lynn

Last Sunday I had a very enjoyable afternoon with my Golden Oldie Lynn. We ventured out to Southport Antique Mall Inc.

Lynn & I spent a couple of hours making our way through a maze of booths full of wonderful treasures.

We found ourselves going back in time rediscovering things of our past as well as truly old items that captivated our curiosity as well as made us say, are you serious?

It was just the best afternoon I have had in a long time. I am thrilled to find that Lynn enjoyed this as much as I and can not wait to journey out again. We both loved this Mall and are anxious to go to another soon.

I love this kind of shopping. I actually did not buy a thing. Lynn found a great ashtray for her collection, "and in mint condition, mind you!" so she did walk away with a purchase. What is so cool about antiquing is that it is just as much fun to look as it is to buy.

Traveling down memory lane with a childhood friend is the best way to go. Especially remembering things together. It was truly magical.

We ended our outing with a great bite to eat in a old fashion diner, down in Fountain Square. Cool old neighborhood near downtown. Our next target for antique shopping will be here. We just didn't get to the shop before it closed.

I can't wait! Are you ready, Lynn?


lakeviewer said...

Antiquing is sooo much fun, especially when experienced with a friend. I love dropping into out the place shops, with no special ideas, and come out with something that brings back all kinds of memories.

Thanks for sharing such wonderful activity.

janis said...

Thank you Lakeviewer! My favs our when you have no idea how big and mysterous the shop is.

Anonymous said...

Friends of mine bought the whole block, the building, the Fountain, the whole shooting match that is Fountain Square. Linton and Fern Calvert please ask for them when you go in and tell them that Mark Pressley and Nancy Martin say hello. If they are still there I have not seen them in a few years but if they are it will be a walk down memory lane from one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. I have spent many a night on the roof of that building drinking, telling stories and watching traffic roll down the high way while sitting under a bill board. Linton knows antiques from a dish to a neighborhood.

Mark Pressley

Linda said...

My husband and I LOVE Antiquing!! We used to do it quite often on our romantic weekend get-aways. While other husbands would be watching sports on a Saturday or Sunday, Jim and I would be strolling through Antique shops. Neither one of us cares for sports, except for Cubs baseball, and so this works out perfectly.

You've given me the idea that we need to go and antique some soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is this the Linton that owned Action Bowl Duckpin Bowling lanes on South College Avenue?

Eric Sherrill, I and freinds used to go there back in the 80"s and Eric knew him b/c he did upholstery work for him. I forgot about him but remember what a nice person he was.

Tell Lynn I said hello,

Rich Seats

Fire Byrd said...

last year I met up for the first time for almost 40 years with my best friend from school when we were 14.
It has just been a magical experience meeting up with her. We just 'know' each other. And we both love spending time with one another... so I agree friends from a long time are certainly good.
Thanks for stoping by.
Miss Trix has settled in remarkably well and has only got me up half an hour earlier than I needed to.

Anonymous said...


Same Linton he has been around Duck Pin Bowling for years. He also used to own the House of James. Linton is one of the coolest guys I have ever met.

I work in Vegas from time to time. He came out and met me there once and knew about old slot machines. If it is dated he knows about it.

He had a Koy Pond on the roof of the Fountain Square Building. He is the sole reason Fountain Square still exsits.


janis said...

Mark & Rich~ Lets get a bunch of us hornets together to go Duck Pin Bowling then to the diner. Want to try around Valentines? Mark, I would love to get to know Nancy better. I think I can get sergio to come, as well as Lynn, Sheri, some of the old gang. Think about it.

janis said...
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Anonymous said...

Rich, Janis

I will try and find Linton later this week he has two Duck Pin Bowling Alleys in there.

The alleys are conected to 50's style bars. very cool stuff.

It would be a fun night, I am due an outing.

Janis, you still need to get in that building with your friends and see his stuff he even has an old theater in there and they do Rock A Billy shows.


Anonymous said...

Count me in- just let me know the dates-- I am sure Kim and Eric would love to go as well.

I have been to the Fountain Square duckpin bowling alley and had a blast. Would love to do it again.