Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Amazing Grace

Lucious Newson passed away August 18th. He was 93 years young. Although I never officially meet him, I heard him speak, I participated in his quest and I shook his hand while thanking him for all he does.

I admired him and looked up to him more than anyone I have ever met or knew of. This was the most selfless loving man that made his life mission in helping others. He became my hero.

A few years ago, we visited Nativity Catholic Church. There this old black man with bib overalls, kindof stuck out among the other members. There was something about him that mesmerized me. He was so full of faith. He was almost glowing. He was introduced by the priest at the end of the sermon. Lucious wanted to show his appreciate for the Church’s help in feeding the poor. He sang “Amazing Grace”. I have heard this song a million times, but never as beautifully as this old man sang it. He sang acappella, no music other than his voice. I cried.

Lucious had made it his mission to feed the poor. He was known as “the Lord’s beggar for the poor”. He helped establish “Anna’s House”, a clinic & learning center that offers food, dental care, medical help & services for people in need.

For the past twenty years he has been assisting Indianapolis’ poor, feeding them and teaching those of us more fortunate how to treat the poor. His heart was very big. He was the most generous of all. Lucious had said, “I go to bed so thankful that God gave me this job. I’m just thankful I can serve Him, & that He can use an old guy like me. I live by faith. I’m going to keep doing this until God calls me to heaven.”

He was truly a wonderful Christian man. His work will continue through the lives he touched.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Missing My Blog

I am without Internet & cable at the new house for another week!
We kindof moved in this weekend. If you saw the old house full of stuff you wouldn't know it. Where on earth am I going to put all this?

I know! Purge Purge & Purge!

I am trying. The kind people at Goodwill wave to me and know me by name. The trash men (at both homes)are pissed at me because my trash is SO HEAVY & FULL! I have given tons of stuff to a single mother I am friends with. Amazing what you accumulate in ten plus years.

I don't have a good method anymore. I wanted to move room by room. Doesn't happen that way. I then tried to prioritize. Nah, not going well either. I need stronger muscles, a bigger truck and storage space!

Sergio had to run out of town last minute & I really want to surprise him with getting as much done as possible. I keep getting side tracked. It would help if I had Internet & cable at the new house. I waste a good hour or so reading emails, blogs, and trying to play catch up here at the old house when I should be packing and moving! Also, the new house doesn't have many overhead lights so I find myself in the dark alot moving & organizing at midnight.

I have so many things I want to write about but do not have the convenience of my computer with me, then get rushed when I do get to sit and play catch up.

Ugh! I can not wait for things to get back to normal!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Etiquette Lives On

We recently went to this charming couple's wedding. I have known the bride Brittany her whole life and I am so happy she found Grant. I have never been to a more beautiful wedding. They were focused on God's love and kept that the main focus of their vows.

The wedding was simple and elegant. The reception was also. Everything was very beautiful and felt right. Brittany & Grant were surrounded by family and friends and everyone was so happy.

They have a wonderful opportunity to have long and happy marriage. I pray that my daughters will one day find this same kind of love. Brittany has always been such a strong role model for my daughters. We will always love her dearly. Now, we will love her handsome husband, Grant as well.

Today I got this Thank You in the mail. I was so impressed. It was very personal. Brit handmade them and I love that she included the photo. Emily Post would be very pleased! Brittany's Momma taught her well.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bandit's New Friend

This is Bandit and his new friend. We found it in the closet while I was packing stuff long forgotten. It use to be Emily's friend. It is a Dolphin and it makes a little dolphin sound when you squeeze it.

Bandit refuses to share this friend.

He growls if you even look at it.

Dakota & Riley don't have a chance.

Notice Bandits expression? He is looking at Dakota & I do believe he is saying, "Get the hell away from us!". Good advice. You could lose a paw!

Funky Dreams

Why do we dream what we dream? I know there are different theories to what dreams are made of, but does any of it really make sense to you?

I will buy the theory that I dreamed about coming into money because I was thinking about money issues before falling asleep. Same for dreaming about people. I will dream about someone I miss or have just recently seen. I will even buy into theories about heroism dreams when we deep down want to be protective or thought of as special.


Sometimes, I really have weird dreams that make no sense at all. Strange funky stuff. Places I wouldn't want to go or situations I never would want to be in. Really odd stuff.

Like the other night I dreamed I helped a friend kill a couple of people. That same night she dreamed I was helping her deal with the birth of a child, in her forties! I am dreaming we are taking lives as she was dreaming of creating lives! What the heck?

I have dreamed about having positions I would never ever do. I also have repeat dreams that keep coming back again and again.

Nightmares vary from extreme to mild.

Sergio has never remembered a dream until recently. Now he is more tired after dreaming than before falling asleep. (Been there too!)

I wish I could figure a way out of having or at least remembering a dream. I think I would have a much more restful sleep that way.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's Up With The Sky?

I took these last week.
Kindof weird how the sky has been looking. The clouds are beautiful, but there is something strange about them. The weather has not been normal either.

I get scared when our weather changes and the sky starts changing drastically. It just isn't Indiana style. I feel like I am somewhere else.

Is it all acting odd elsewhere too? What is it like in Texas and Tennessee? Is anyone else here noticing the changes too?

My family thinks I am so funny when this kind of thing freaks me out. I just want to know, what the Sam Hell is going on?

Pictures From The Girls Weekend!!!

I finally got my pictures developed (yes, I am still an old fashion film girl!). Anyway, here are my Besties and me from our Girl's Weekend. We had such a grand time! My favorite part of the girl trips is just spending time with these wonderful women. They are my soul sisters. I will love them forever.

The Last First Day

Today is Annie's last first day of school. Yes, she will have her first for college years but this is different. Today she starts her Senior year of High School.

Where did the years go?

I know this will be a wonderful year for her. She is very involved in school clubs, sports, and activities. She is well liked by staff as well as students. Last night we gave our blessings to let her quit her job so that she can focus more on studies and have a fun social life as a senior. She is tackling some tough classes (even some college classes) and with her being the Editor of Yearbook, Vice President of Student Council, as well as a Golfer, Tennis Team, and a mixture of other activities, she will be the busy girl. Hopefully this schedule will also help her with scholarships.

Yep, the Baby is growing up!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blink... all grown up!

I blinked.
Time flew by too quickly.

Emily moved into her first apartment this weekend. She is living with two great gals she meet at Ball State. They will all be second year students there. What fun they are about to endure.

The apartment is on the third floor. Thankfully we had beautiful weather as we dragged too much stuff up the three flights. It's a cute place. Three bedrooms, two baths. It's within walking distance to their classes. (Of course all three had to bring there cars though).

We assembled furniture, painted her room and spent a couple hundred dollars on starter food.

Parting was harder for me this year. Last year, I left her in the care of a dormitory. She had to come home for holidays, summer break and the occasional "missed you, Mom".

This time she may have flown the nest. She signed a year long lease. She took all her clothes.We are moving as well so she will not be coming back to this childhood home.

I am missing my Pumpkin.

Happily Ever After 49 plus Years

August 8th was my parents 49th Wedding Anniversary. Can you imagine? I can, I have witnessed it.

Now, honestly, was it "Happily Ever After?". Well, Yes and No.

Too many people have false perceptions of what that means. The whole Happily ever after part. I am a firm believer that it should be more, "Happily As You Make It". Nothing is a given. It's up to you to make things wonderful. God Blesses you with a mind as well as a heart and it is up to us to use them both wisely.

My folks are remarkable. They have both separately as well as jointly had more on their plates than most. It is how they choose to handle it. Sometimes it will tear at them, but mostly it makes them stronger. They have taught me much and to toughen up and turn something around to make it work is at the top of the list.

My marriage is Blessed. I got lucky. But, it certainly isn't wonderful 24/7. We work very hard at it. It never magically becomes perfect. You work together, giving and taking to find that perfect, (or close to perfect) fit.

I think great couples come when you are not looking for them. My folks meet on a blind date (my Dad was in the Navy, Mom was in high school). My sister and her first love reconnected after many years and miles apart. Sergio and I were both at points in our lives that we certainly were not looking for a spouse. We became great friends first.

So for now, I am glad that my Mom went on that blind date. She stepped in when her girlfriend couldn't go. I knew she had no clue this is what would become of her and that cute Navy guy named Tom.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Comments Please!

I got a lovely email from one of my forever friends. I am so glad she is enjoying this blog. I know what she means. I love reading a few friends blogs as well. It is my little window into their lives and lets me "get them" as well as relate.

It's kindof the grownups Facebook.

I would love to hear comments! Agree or disagree. Advice is also always welcomed. You can comment anonymously. I just want to hear that you are reading and what you think. Sometimes I think no one ever reads this (except for Sheri, Deb, & Darin) but then someone will randomly mentioned they enjoyed something or they thought it was strange I wrote about something. I really wish I could get the feedback on the blog. I am so grateful Sheri comments. She is my biggest cheerleader.

Bottom line: PLEASE COMMENT!!! Let me know what your thoughts are.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Background!!!!

Thanks to my Blog~Buddy Pam, I have discovered this cool site "THE CUTEST BLOG ON THE BLOCK ". It has the most amazing backgrounds & things to do for your blog. I love it! So, I thought I could use a fresh change. Jazz me up a bit! Thanks Pam!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One, Two, Three,...Don't Forget To Breathe!

My journey on this roller coaster of life continues. Although today was very stressful, I must remind myself that the past couple of days have been Blessed.

Some days I just want to curl up in bed with my dogs and have a good cry. But in the end of the day, what will that accomplish? I need to keep my chin up and find the positives in each day. Strive to have a couple of smiles and possibly a laugh. Know that this too will pass and better days will come. Would I appreciate the good ones without experiencing some bad?

I am home alone tonight. Probably a good thing. Sergio is still away for business. Emily & Annie are out with friends enjoying a summer night as they should. I have a messy house that is begging me to lose myself in a power clean frenzy. It could happen.

My goal is to surprise Sergio with much accomplished with the moving mess, so I will focus on that and work myself till I am pooped. Then I will sleep well.

Still Packing

Packing has been very interesting.

My family all have different theories on the best way to thin out, pack, and move.

Sergio just wants to get EVERYTHING out of the old house and over to the new then figure it out. He reasons that it will help sell this house once we empty it. He is driving me nuts. He keeps moving trash, and items we don't need to keep. I don't want that stuff at the new house! What the heck?

Emily doesn't want to double move. She wants to move her College apartment stuff first (August 10th) then go through what is left to decide what will go to her room at the new house. This does make some sense, but she won't really be coming back after the 10th. Guess who will get stuck moving her leftovers to the new house?

Annie is my biggest pack rat. She keeps random things. She is keeping games that have not been played, ALL her TEEN VOGUE's from the past two or three years. As well as enough clothes and shoes for ten girls. Every time she starts to go through her stuff to thin out she gets caught up in something and loses her train of thought. She is a dreamer! Also she is going from a 25x18 room to a normal 11x12. She is in shock.

I just want to move room by room. Filing them as I go along. That way I take the important things first for each room and toss or give away what I do not need. I spent six hours over at the new house last night decorating and emptying boxes.

It is hard. Amazing what you accumulate over ten years. It is so hard to throw away things that give you the sweetest memories.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Last Lecture (part 2)

This is a must read!

I started last night. I was anxious and kept peeking into it. My girls tell me you can not just pick a random spot in a book and read tidbits. I said, yes you can! I don't want to really start the book till I go to bed and can read uninterrupted. I am just getting teasers or previews. Completely okay with this kind of book.

They think I am weird.

When I finally did settle down to read it was late and i was tired, but it is such an interesting read, I got through the first few chapters.

What an amazing man. I am so impressed of his outlook on life. He makes you think and regroup. I think this book will be a great help to me. It can help me turn a negative into a positive and have a new outlook on things.

I look forward to finishing it.

It will be one of those books you keep picking up and rereading.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Day With The Girls

I had a wonderful day!

I took a couple of loads to the new house. Slower chipping away at it.

Had lunch with Emily, then headed to the Mall with her. We visited The Keystone Mall first. She got a couple of things for school & the apartment. Then we venture out to the new The Hamilton Town Center, where we meet up with Annie. They both got some cute things. I even got a purse and The Last Lecture.(Yea! I will start it tonight!).

We ate at Noodles & Company, then I took them to see Mamma Mia. Cute chick flick. Definitely not a movie Sergio would watch! I thought it was adorable. It helps that I like Abba music. This is the first Musical I have seen in a long time. Meryl Streep is wonderful, & Pierce Bronson is still easy on the eyes.

My girls and I laughed and talked, and just had a lovely day. I have too few of these days and I cherish the ones I get. These are the memories that I love the most.

Friday, August 1, 2008


My daughters are off to work & play. My husband is off on a business trip. I am about to spend a splendid evening by myself and a bottle of wine.

I am not a big drinker. I am a weenie. One or two glasses will do me. I love Margarita's and I love Kahlua w/ orange juice. My wine choice is White Zinfandel. The kool-aid of wines as a friend once told me. My Lifers drink grown up stuff like Chardonnay & Merlot. Martinis and Grey Goose. I am the wimpy drinker.

Not always the case. I think I drank my quota by the age of 27. Back in the day, it was Jack Daniels, Gin, and Tequila shots. Budweiser, Mooseheads & Tecata's. I could keep up. I toned it down quite a bit since having children.

For tonight, I think I will turn on some Lynryd Skynryd, REO and Areosmith, maybe even a little Molly Hachett, since no one is home. I have a ton of packing up the house and a little wine will help me throw a lot of stuff away.