Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Last Lecture

The other night I caught Diane Sawyler's interview with Randy Pausch. I had heard of him, but did not know his story. Her piece on him & his beautiful family was very moving.
I can not wait to get my hands on his book "The Last Lecture". It is just what this little old depressed woman needs. That or a kick in the butt. I plan to pick up a copy this week and start right away. It's due time for me to read a book, and I can not think of a better one.

I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fried Pickles & Hooters

I hate Hooters. I hate the image. I hate that girls think it is okay to be looked at in a derogatory way. That Hooters is referring to the waitress' breast. It's a sleazy thought.

Many years ago, when our first Hooters opened in Indianapolis, I went with an RV full of Race Fans. We had just finished watching the Indianapolis 500, and the host wanted to treat us all to a new place that had steamed oysters (a favorite of mine).

Needless to say I was slightly shocked at the restaurant. Our host's sister was working there and waited on us. It was ...uhmmm, interesting. That was about 15 years ago. I never went back.

When in Florida, my girls begged to go to Hooters where all the teens hung out. I reluctantly agreed. Peer pressure got the best of me. They love it. Love the food. Say it's a fun place. They are not allowed to buy, borrow or think about wearing a Hooters shirt.

Also when in Florida, I found a wonderful little place in Seaside that serves fried pickles. I love them. I have tried to copy making them but can't even compare to the great taste. No one in Indy will make them. I have looked everywhere.

Yesterday, Emily brought me a platter of Fried Pickles. They were the best! I loved them. OMG! Where did she get them? HOOTERS! She said, "See, it's not that bad, they serve your fried pickles". NO ONE IN INDY DOES. It is the only place I have ever heard of that does.

I am now torn. Hooters is luring me in with Fried Pickles. I am afraid, I will go. At least to get them to go.

Chipmunk Girl

Annie had her four wisdom teeth removed this morning. All went fine. We decided to go with sedation. She was extremely nervous and scared.

It was a quick procedure, finished in 30 minutes and on our way home in 45 minutes. They wheeled her to the car and she whimpered like a hurt puppy. She is sensitive, and it killed me to see her so scared. Even once she fell asleep, she kept whimpering and the tears rolled down her checks.

Once home I helped my baby out of the car and into the house. She was out of control of her movements and appeared drunk. This made her laugh. After settling in on the couch, with her ice packs and a little jello in her tummy (too funny watching someone numb try to eat jello). I got the antibiotics and the Vicodine in her and she past out for a much needed cat nap.

She now feels okay. She ate some pudding and her boyfriend is over watching movies and TV with her. I am letting him wait on her now and he is starting to understand her mumbling.

We keep applying the ice packs. They all say she will look like a chipmunk for a while because of the swelling. Even if she does look like a chipmunk, she is still an amazingly beautiful Chipmunk Girl!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dark Blonde

I got my hair done. Cut, color & style.

I love getting it done. Sitting in the chair, relaxing. The feeling is fabulous.

When the girls were little they "did" my hair all the time. I had very long hair, they would have me part it and each do a side. I would have 20 plus barrettes and bows in my hair. As they got older, I got more sophisticated styles. Even before my girls, I always had little girls playing with my hair. When I worked at the Deaf School, once while playing beauty shop, I had several little girls start to gather & have "worried" looks as my young stylist feverishly work away. Then, I smelled the burning hair... she had the curling iron stuck in my hair! I survived. She did too, she had never used one and didn't realize hair can burn!

Back to my new do...
My Stylist is wonderful. She always gives me a great cut. The color is always good and her prices can't be beat. We have been friends for many years and going to her shop is a pleasure. The only complaint is, well, like all Stylist, they seem to give you what they want more than what you want. She thinks I look better as a redhead. I want it lighter, blonder. We compromise and I have brown hair w/ highlights. Sometimes the highlights are red, sometimes my hair is red w/ blonde highlights. Years ago, I would get upset, today, I let her at it. She does a beautiful job and I don't care so much.
This time, she had pictures to show me her thoughts and ideals. She told me she thought I should go with color rather than the highlights and that it would process better with a nice blend. She showed me three pictures. I chose the lighter two. She told me that was what she thought I would choose and had "Dark Blonde" in the tube. I was cool with it, even excited. I think dark blond is pretty. I was anxious to see my dark blonde hair. When it was done, I looked in the mirror, and, Surprise! It's reddish brown. She asked me if I liked the blonde. I said, "Well, I like it, but maybe we could go lighter next time. I don't really see the blonde." She thinks I am crazy. She says it's blonde.

One of us is color blind.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The CD

This is the most amazing CD ever put together. It is a very limited addition. Only three produced. I happen to be the proud owner of one of the three.

When we had our Girls Weekend, this was a gift from Sheri.

I can't even imagine the work put into this. Even though Sheri is one of the biggest music lovers I know, putting this together was no easy task.

She compiled songs from our friendship. Songs that we sang together, songs that tell our stories, and songs we sing to each other in moments of need.

She not only put these songs together, but as we played them all weekend long, she told us why she chose this one or how that one will always reminder her of something about us.

I play mine everyday.

I sing along, I smile and I cry.

The joy this double CD brings me can not even be described. The love I feel every time I play it.

Here's what is on it:
The Ant Song, Time For Me to Fly, You Don't Own Me, This One's For The Girls, You've Got A Friend, Can't Smile Without You, Sweet Home Alabama, Margaritaville, Tapestry, Free Bird, RESPECT, That's What Friends Are For, Don't Look Back, Old Friends/ Bookends, All You Need Is Love, Now & Forever, I Want To Thank You, In My Life, What A Wonderful Life,Thank You For Being A Friend, God Only Knows, I Will Survive, Night Moves, Born To Be Wild, Roll With The Changes, Old Time Rock & Roll, Tonight's The Night, Wild Angels, Wild Nights, Lying Eyes, Crazy, I'll Be Around, I Go Back, You're Still The One, As Time Goes By, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Came Rain or Come Shine, & These Are The Moments

I am pretty lucky to have this friend.

Dog Gone IT!!

I am in trouble again! I did not tear these up, the dog did it! I swear! I am in trouble because I am the one that left them out for Dakota to "discover".

They are signed limited posters from "The Irvington Halloween Festival" (1992) and "The Pleasant Run Run" (1999).. Sergio & I bought them while attending these events and have been saving them to frame and go up on the walls. We have two others that are framed. We did not have a place for these & I actually forgot about them. Today I rediscovered them while packing up the house. I excitedly sat them out on the bed to show Sergio & discuss the perfect location at the new house.

Dakota found them first. Then Sergio discovered him and his new chew toys. Do you think I can still frame them even with a bite out of them? Particularly the Irvingtion Halloween Festival one. I wonder how odd that would look framed. It would have Dakota's touch. What do you think?

Fair Food

What is it about Fair Food that makes people go above & beyond normal intakes of food consumption? We tend to feel that we must sample EVERYTHING. We become pigs.

Last night Sergio & I meet up with friends at the Johnson County Fair down in Franklin, Indiana. The friends live within walking distance, which made things even more dangerous.

First, I drank two beers. What? I know what you are thinking, but damn, that Coors Light tasted very cold and good! Then, we walked over to get me something to eat. I did indeed! I got a Polish Sausage, an Elephant Ear, Lemon Shake up, Chocolate Shake, and helped Sergio eat his shis-ka-bobs, his fish sandwich, and sampled a Beaver Tail (like an elephant ear but thicker). Then we went back to the house, sat outside watching people, and I consumed fresh roasted corn on the cob.


I felt so uncomfortable sitting with this belly full of grease and junk. Thankful they did not have a hammock or I would still be there.

Whoops!... I Did it Again!

Don't worry, I am not going to sing Britney's song. I just found myself saying this a few minutes ago.

Once again, after promising myself I would go, I find that I let time distract me and I have missed church! I have done this week after week. What is wrong with me!!!

Janis, the gal that went practically every week for the past few years, has really been terrible this year! It has been a while. People mention it. "Jan, so good to see you, haven't seen you for a while, is everything okay?" BUSTED. Or you get that look. YIKES!

Part of my problem is I do not like going by myself, especially after an absence. I like having my family, or at least part with me. When I am solo, I hate the part where we all greet each other & shake hands. That is when people really notice, awe, you are alone. "Where is your family?"
uhmmm. Annie is at work, as usual. Sergio is working, as usual. And Emily, is AWOL. Either in Muncie or at the lake. She is very good about going with me when here. Annie, she likes to sleep in if she is off. Last night she mentioned to the boss, she is missing church because he has her work every Sunday morning. Luke, who goes to our church, reminded Annie, there is a Saturday evening mass for those of us that have to work.

My other "problem" is personal. It's between God & I. He and I are communicating about it. He is working on me. He will get me back in the church, I am just dragging my feet!

Michelle is off to Germany!

This is my lovely niece Michelle. She has been awarded the prestigious Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange scholarship to study abroad in Germany. She left this weekend. I believe she told me she will be living right outside Berlin. She is extremely excited and ready for this incredible journey.

My sister, brother-in-law & nephew are all so proud of her (as well as all of us). I know that the farewell was bittersweet. I am anxious to talk to Julie about their trip to New York to see Michelle off. I would be totally freaking out. Thank God my daughters are not as adventurous! Emily can't stand to be farther than Florida and no more than a week away from home. Annie, I think would relish the ideal of getting away, but I don't know if she would be able to handle a whole year away as Michelle will be doing.

At Michelle's going away party. I must have hugged her a dozen times. I made her promise to come back home. She did promise to come home, but then added, "but I won't promise I won't go back". Stinker.. She knows I am afraid she will fall in love with some German guy & decide to live there. I have heard that it is a beautiful country and everyone that goes, falls in love with it and the people.

The proud feeling I have for her is almost overwhelming. She was accepted at Rose Hulman (that was her back up plan if she didn't get this exchange program award), and I am sure they will be honored to accept her next year. She already has several college credits under her belt and yet she just graduated from high school.
Michelle is extremely talented. She is also very intelligent and has turned into this exquisite young woman, that I am proud to say, "That's my niece!"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Satisfaction of Hard Work

Sergio & I recently bought a sweet little house.

Even though it is chancie to buy before selling our existing, we felt this one was right for us & did not want to risk losing it.

The new house is older, and in need of repairs. We are up for the challenge. We have been putting our blood, sweat , & tears into it for the past several weeks. It's been a bit more work than expected and we are limited to funds until selling the "big" house. So, we are chipping away little by little.

This week, I have been a cleaning machine. I really don't mind cleaning my family bathrooms, but cleaning someone else's flith makes me want to hurl. I think I have the first couple of layers off. I will prevail!

Today, Sergio, Becky (my dear girlfriend that I owe so much too), and myself, worked on epoxying the laundry room and garage floors. It looks so cool! Not perfect, but, perfection can not come from floors that are not perfect. I love the effect. Somehow, I got the easy part of edging and putting the flecks of color on. I felt like a fairy sprinkling fairy dust :)

We also got the carpets ripped out in the bedrooms. Goodbye stink! Amazing how much ...smell can be in a carpet.

The more we work, the more I am falling in love with this house. When you are doing the work, (and I do mean work!) it is so much more satisfying. I am appreciating and proud of what we have accomplished.

The transformation is coming along beautifully.

Tomorrow, more blood , sweat and tears!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Walking the Horse

Sometimes when I get at my lowest point, I desperately look for something to make me smile. Many times when I am in the car, too much solitude can make me think, and that is when I try catching friends on the phone, listening to fun songs, or just finding something random that will bring a smile to my face.

Tonight, I was driving down Brookville Road having one of these lovely little panic attacks. I prayed for something to bring me a smile.

That's when I saw them. An old man with a long leash (not a lead or reins but a leash!) walking his horse in the front yard. The horse was in heaven, munching on the lawn. I think the old man was letting the horse help him with "cutting" the grass. He smiled at me, and I smiled back.

Thank you God, I needed that!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Forever Friends

Make New Friends,
But keep the Old,
One is Silver,
and the Other is Gold.

This is an old song I learned in Bluebirds. (Yes, while every other girl was a Brownie, then a Girl Scout, I was a Bluebird, then a Camp Fire Girl).


I still love this little tune, and still sing it. How true. We all need friends. Keep the old while making the new. Can anyone have too many friends?

I have told you about the Lifers already. I have also mentioned Rich. By now you know that friends are very important to me. I think that I am pretty friendly. I see people as a potential friend before a potential enemy. I see the good before the bad. I am somewhat cautious, but making new friends is wonderful.

The old are slightly more important as the years go by. The friends that have known you through thick and thin. When life is bad as well as good. And they love you just as much.

I was explaining to my daughter about the "real" forever friends. The ones that you can pick up with after years of not seeing each other and carry on a conversation like you just saw them yesterday. The ones that will drop everything to be there for you. I told her that those are the friends to hold close to your heart.

I am very fortunate that I have a handful of wonderful forever friends.

"Mary". I love her to death. She is always in my corner. Her infectious laugh makes me laugh. I have known her since 2nd grade, so that makes more than 40 years of friendship.

"Kimmie". The year we shared in college will bond us forever as dorm sisters. I love that when we do find time to call each other we talk for an hour and still need more time to finish what we were talking about. Kimmie & I have known each other for 19 years.

"Becky". We go back since high school. She was in "Trendz" with me, but a couple of years behind. We dated in the same circles, and I always had a blast with her. We have reconnected so many times over the years. She is truly one of the gutsiest , smartest gals I have ever met. I admire her so much. We met up the other day and it felt like no time had past since we had last. Becky and I share 21 years of friendship.

"Ronnie". Richie's brother. So you know we too go way back. Ronnie dated Becky, and also my sister-in-law. Ronnie & I went off to Vincennes University together, and we looked out for each other and had the most fun. He is also one of Sergio's dearest friends. I love Ron like a brother.
His father and mine were friends when they were in school so I have pretty much known the Seats, my whole life.

"Kim". Although we are not as close as we were years ago, she is another that I love like a sister and pick up where we left off. She is Ronnie & Richie's sister, and we as well have known each other forever. She was always the brave one, and now she is raising three adorable sons. I love hearing how she is and running into her.

"Carolyn". Although Carolyn & I knew each other in high school, she was closer with Sergio & Julie's crowd. We would often run into each other with cookouts and ran into each other over the years, but I really got to know her best working with her at Assist 2 Sell. She is the motherly~sisterly type that will literally give you the shirt off her back. She is the kindest person I have ever met and one of the most generous & funniest. I have shared the joy of watching her through the years as she gained a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, and two, soon to be three grandchildren.

There are plenty of others. I love my friends and realize how truly blessed I am.

It is said rare is it when a person finds one good friend in life. God smiles down at me, giving me many to love new and old.

Leg Lift

I am loving this Hottest Body by Victoria Secret!

Today is day two and I feel like I am getting a little leg lift. It's really a body lift but I am using it on my thunder thighs. It reminds me of when I am using a ton of hair spray and get it on my face, and my face gets tight.

It's kindof trippy spraying it on. It crackles (which scares me) and it instantly smooths out your skin! It reminds me off ironing clothes. The slacks that you pop in the dryer to get the wrinkles out~ that is my cellulite legs. The slacks that you just pressed~ that's my legs after putting on this Victoria Secret magic.

Two thumbs up!
BUT- 1. I am still afraid of catching on fire
2. They are discontinuing it!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

CAUTION! I am Extremely Flammable

I have been complaining for some time about the cellulite that has appeared on my body. I saw this stuff from Victoria's Secret, and wondered if it worked, but at $29.00 I didn't want to "waste" money. Then like most stuff, it went on clearance. It was half priced plus I had a $10.00 gift card, so, at $4.50, I figured it's worth a shot. Worst thing that could happen is that I love it and can't find it anymore hence it going into clearance.

So, I tried it out. I am thinking, "About time I feel like I have a hot body again!" But, then as with all things, there isn't always that silver lining.

I started reading the ingredients. Something on the box caught my eye "CAUTION EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE" hmmmmm.

The top ingredient is BUTANE. What? Yes, Butane, that stuff they use in lighters. Cool. I get it. I am going to have a hot body alright, I will freakin' catch on fire! Read about me online in the news: Woman Combustion After Having a Hot Flash!

What the Hell? I betcha a man invented this stuff! If you don't hear from me, you will know, "don't buy's a killer!" If it is okay, I don't go up in flames and that cellulite burns off, I will gladly let you know.

Maybe Fat Burners are also made of Butane.

Celebrating Our Country's Freedom

As the weekend rolls into the end, I reflect what this country means to me and how I celebrate it.

For the most part we had lovely weather. Cookouts all around, with people enjoying family and friends. Not to mention the fireworks, that is a whole other post for me though, another time.

We are so incredibly fortunate to live in the United States of America. We have choices, opportunities and freedoms that other countries could not imagine. Unfortunately, too many of us take this for granted.

I am married to a Union Man. Sergio was involved with the United Auto Workers Union prior to us dating. I quickly learn to appreciate and admire his intensity for his work. He is passionate about rights for Americans. It's not just about wages and benefits. It is about safety, education, and pride.

He climb up through the years to a prominent position. The job has sometimes interfered with family plans, but we all adjusted. We understood that the importance of his work effected so many and it often took a priority.

I have been educated about American Workers rights more than the average wife. I searched hard for American labels, boycotted products. And did my part to secure a future for our children.

I wish I was able to understand politics better. I lean heavily on Sergio, Sheri and CNN to keep me abreast to situations and what it all means. I get frustrated when I don't understand or if I have missed something important.

For as many years as we have been a country, we have had to secure our future. The risk and sacrifices that our armed forces have made should not be forgotten or taken in vain. I think too many miss the point and do not realize what all is at stake.

It is frightening that we are in the midst of selecting a new leader for our country. Although I respect both candidates, neither were my top choices. I can not imagine how I will make my final decision on election day. I hope that I will have a strong indication by then and vote with my brain and gut. I am terrified thinking of how things can get worse. Where will we be in four years? Will we be in four years? I do not have the solutions.

My prayers are getting stronger and louder. I hope that we all pray really hard for the upcoming future. Even though, prayer is another issue that many are lacking in as they are losing faith.

Bus Driver Arms

I had the radio on and between songs, the disc jockey was having people call in about, "What Older Women Need to Stop Wearing", "How old is too Old to Wear Certain Things".

I about died!

Okay, I agree sometimes I cringe when I see a Mother dressing like her teen, but is it my place to say, "Stop it! you look like a fool!". Now, with my Lifers, we have been know to be so bold. But these are girls that I have known forever, and only they are allowed to tell me what I can not wear.

Kudos to the 50 year old woman that said, "if I still look good in it, I am going to wear it". Thumbs down to the woman that made fun of women that should hide their "Bus Driver Arm Flab". Seriously! I agree, spaghetti strips are not attractive when you have that jello arm thing going on, but come on. If she is a happy camper, let her alone.

I must say, I get creeped out when someone my age has tattoos hanging out and is wearing things from my daughters closet. I don't want to look at your Tramp Stamp and thong peeking out of those ultra low jeans. So I just try not to look.

They didn't touch on the men and what they wear, or don't. I was at Target with Annie the other day and I think I am scarred for life from a little peek show from some elderly man waiting for his wife in the dressing room. Apparently he prefers not to wear underwear and he was sitting on a bench with his testicles hanging out the side. Not a pretty sight! Thank God Annie missed it!

Anticipating a Visit from Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad are coming for a visit today. They are coming for lunch. I am anxious, happy and scared. I never know what to expect. What moods we will all be in today. Will Mom be manic? Will Dad be depressed? Will I keep my cool?

They are wonderful people. I love and admire them both so much. They have been through so much and have withstood alot that others could not possible survived. They married young, having nearly 49 years of marriage. They had my sister and I before the age of 25. The survived a horrific accident when Julie & I were just babies. Suddenly having to deal with Dad's handicaps while also dealing with two little girls less than three years old. They have dealt with In-Laws having to live with them. Job struggles, financial struggles, health issues, you name it they have dealt with it.

My Mom's coping mechanisms are not usually wise choices. She suffers from mental anguish. She has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar, Manic Depression, Alcoholism, and Hypochondriac. It is across the board, and depends on who you are talking to or what mood Mom is in.

We were very close when I was young. Maybe too close and that is part of our problem. Mom was the cool Mom. She talked to my friends, was hip and let us smoke or drink. She was very confiding in me and gave me too much information. Sometimes I felt like the Mom helping her deal with her many problems and situations. I was exposed to much and grew up quick.

Things changed when I got married and had children. She suddenly showed some mothering skills I had not seen and was put off by them. She seemed meddlesome and that interfered. Also my Mom started drinking heavy at this point.

Much happened over the course of a few years, and tensions grew thicker. Mom is a roller coaster and you never know till that moment what side of her you are going to get.

She and Dad have made some poor choices and refused my sister & my advice on several very important issues. There lives are not as joyful as they should be. Dad's health is poor, and Mom works way to hard. It is so difficult to it back as they continue the way they do.

Family get togethers are strained and sometimes upsetting.

On top of all this, my parents do not know about my own troubles or health issues. I could not possible share these with them as they would over react and my Mom would spiral down even more.

I am suppose to avoid them, Doctors orders, as they stress me out beyond belief. I just want to shake them, tell them this is how it is, and take care of them. My blood pressure shoots through the roof when I am around them.

Wine is calming, but out of the question as Mom is an alcoholic (she says she is not ..anymore). So, hopefully my Xanax and Lexapro will do their jobs today and I will chill. Hold my tongue. And be a loving supportive daughter making them feel good and enjoying the visit.

It's complicated to say the least......

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Butterfly Bush

I have a huge wildly untamed Butterfly Bush in front of the house. Sergio often threatens to cut it down or at least trim it down but I throw a hissy fit and get my way with it. It is about 6ft tall and 3ft wide. I know we should trim it down more often & I will in the fall, however, the Butterflies and Humming Birds are crazy about it the way it is.

Today, I cut some branches and put in a vase for the kitchen. I love the deep purple blooms contrasting against my yellow walls. It smells strange though. Not a good scent nor a bad scent. A different sweet smell.

I love just sitting at the dining room table and watching the hundreds of Butterflies that will visit it. We also get a cool variety of Humming Birds. Most are so tiny it's hard to believe they are birds. They buzz about, coming and going. Drives my cats stuck indoors crazy. It also drives the rest of the family crazy because it draws bees and wasp to it also.

It's my butterfly bush. Hugely over grown. A sore sight to Sergio. A pest of bees to the girls. But a sight of calming beauty to me. I think I will plant another one at the new house.

Shopping for Apartment Bliss

Isn't this the cutest plate setting you ever saw? I got them at Target for my daughter Emily's apartment. She loves zebra prints and she had been looking for square place settings. How lucky that we found these! Personally, I am a round bowl & plate kind of gal, but I am nearly thirty years older and we have different taste.

She has been purchasing things since January to go into the apartment she and two other girls have lined up for the coming fall semester at Ball State. They did a great job looking for a good apartment that was safe, reasonable in price and close to the campus.

Helping her find stuff is so much fun. Times have changed. My first apartment was a collection of junk I got from garage sales and a used furniture store. Emily's generation expects newer nicer things. That is my fault somewhat. We have spoiled her a bit. But on a brighter side she wants better quality and she works hard to purchase things that she will appreciate.

She has one month left at home. We are also in the midst of moving so it is chaotic, trying to get her stuff, and our stuff all sorted out. She'll have a room at home too, so it is hard figuring what she should take and leave.

She has grow up so fast! My baby is trying to fly the coop. I must not hold her back but help her spread her wings.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Blue Eyes

I have blue eyes. Both my parents, my sister, most of my Grandparents (Grandma Kitty, in this picture with me, had green). Julie's husband & both her children have blue eyes too. I have several cousins, aunts & uncles mostly with blue eyes. Many of my childhood friends also have blue eyes. I always thought I would marry a blue eyed husband & have blue eyed babies.
My husband has dark brown eyes. Emily had dark blue eyes for about 10 months, then they turned hazel. My Annie has her Daddy's dark brown eyes.

It seems to me, although I grew up surrounded by blue eyed people, it is a rarity now. I have noticed recently, no one seems to have blue eyes. Most my daughters friends are dark eyes and other people I meet, mostly young, do not have blue eyes.

Where have all the blue eyes gone? Don't get me wrong, I love Brown, Green & Hazel eyes. I fell in love with Sergio's Brown eyes. My girls have amazing eyes. I just wonder why there are so few blue eyed people around.

Week Update

I have so much in my head & drafts that I want to sit and write, however, this has been a crazy busy week.  Every time I try to sit down, some one or thing is needing my attention.

I will try to get caught up this weekend.  They will not be in order.  I am just going to spit them out. 

The Girls Weekend, was splendid and I will wait to attach pictures.

So, bear with me!  I am hoping by Sunday, I will be caught up.  Doubtful but that is my goal.