Saturday, June 28, 2008

Delicious Ambiguity

"Some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not kowing, having to change, taking the moment, and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambigutiy..." Gilda Radner

This qoute is from Gilda Radner. I love it. She was my favorite comedian. Especially her Saturday Night Live characters. It is Gilda's birthday. She would have been 62 years old today. She will live on in my heart, because you know, it's always something..

Gilda Susan Radner 6/28/46 ~ 5/20/89

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yipee Yi Yo!

The countdown continues.......
Deb will be here tomorrow!!!!!
Girls weekend 2008.
Whooo Hooo!!!

Please Let Me Sleep!

I am so tired! I recently started back with FedEx and have so much to re-learn as well as many new task. That's fine, I love staying so busy that time flies. It is a good job and I love the people. It is exhausting trying to get back in the groove.

Annie is still at Butler for Yearbook Camp, and Emily got home from Florida, then from camping at St Paul. I am trying to get my laundry out of the way so Emily can get hers done quickly as Annie will start this evening. (Thank goodness they can get their own done).

Sergio has been working on a negotiation from one of his plants in Kentucky. I think the phone is growing out of his ear. This one has in in overdrive stress-wise. Hopefully while he is there today, he can get it settled and not bring it home with him.

My house is a mess. It always is. I just can't seem to learn after all these years how to keep it clean and orderly. I have several projects started, piles everywhere (toss, keep, new house, goodwill, etc). Every time I get started, something or someone will distract me with something they need. My secret years ago, was to clean it when the girls were babies in bed, and Sergio was at work. With a little Areosmith or Lynryd Skynryd, I can accomplish much at midnight!)I do not have time for myself, except for a few minutes here or there usually typing away in this blog. We have a showing coming up though so I need to really get it clean and make it stay that way.

Last night, I went to bed while Sergio was on a late phone conference. I was awaken by a phone call @ 11:30pm, it was not major, a family problem that we were able to take care of. However now I was awake. A little Advil PM, and I was back asleep. Until Sergio woke me up telling me the puppy was having an accident on the carpet. I jumped up to take care of it, and I kept asking him where? We then discovered that the puppy and other two dogs were fast asleep on the bed. HE DREAMED IT!!!! (That what kind of dreams he has, the pets messing up the house). With that being a false alarm, back to wonderland for a few hours. I feel so tired today. I think I must go to bed early tonight so I can try to get a better nights sleep!

Lost Tribe in Brazil

This story was in the news a few weeks back. Proof of tribes that have had no communication with civilization, and that there existence was in danger because of farming of the rain forest. There were about five photos to this story. They scared me and freaked me out for several days. It was straight out of a movie.

Turns out part of the story was fabricated. They are real Tribal people, but they have been known about and we have had somewhat contact. The reported wanted to take these pictures and try to help protect them, as well as other Tribes.

Still freaks me out. It is creepy knowing that people live like that today. I am such a chicken, this is why I have no desire to go travel to beautiful countries and "explore". Give me a nice little Hotel, with lots of people. Preferably in the good ole' USA. Plenty of gorgeous places I have yet to go right here.

Sergio & I saw a movie earlier this year. It was of a weird tribal type people and had no English, few words at all. It was about a tribe that was attacked and the journey of the men that tried to survive. I can't remember the name, something weird and hard to pronounce. Really scary, I hated it. I still have nightmares.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stupid FASFA Application

I finally finished the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application. You have to use this to apply for student loans. Emily will be starting her Sophomore year at Ball State University in August.

I procrastinate and always seem to get it done at the last moment. A long time ago, I was one of those people that was always on time, even early for stuff like this. I don't know what happen.

Anyway, the application stresses you out like crazy. Thank you to Chris & Trina @ the FASFA hot line for your understanding and walking me through the scary parts. I will say they have the nicest people working for them. Very understanding and helpful. That alone is something to applaud. I wish all customer service was that nice.

After an hour online answering these financial questions (this is with a worksheet that I have been working on for a couple of days with all the data ready), I finally finished. In a few days, I will get an email telling us we do not qualify for financial aid, however will be processed for student loans. According to their calculations I should have $19,400 family contribution. HaHaHa. I wish I did have $19,000 to contribute then I wouldn't need to fill out these applications for Student loans. Besides letting me know I am a loser for not saving up for her college expense, it will inform us that Emily will qualify for a loan of around $3,000 at a low interest and will not have to repay till she finishes school. Then it will tell me that my Parent student loan, will be at a higher rate and I get to start paying that in about 6 months, on top of the one I am already paying for last year. :)

Trust me, if you have plans to have kids, start saving immediately. It will sneak up on you.

Annie has one more year of high school, then I will have two in college. Annie is at Butler this week for Yearbook camp. She will fall in love with this private university that cost 4 times what Ball State University cost and I will have a heart attack.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Clothing Tags

Emily got home from Florida this morning & gave me a sweatshirt from my favorite little town in the panhandle. I ripped the tag off, and was grateful for the rainy day, an excuse to wear a new sweatshirt in the middle of June! I can not have anything for more than a couple of days without wearing it.

Growing up, I use to freak out looking into Sheri's closet. She ALWAYS had clothes still with the tag, begging to be worn. I would try to force her to wear the darn things! She would casually say, oh, I was going to wait to wear that to so & so.. Drove me crazy! Partly because I would never dream of borrowing something so new that the tag was still on it, partly because it just bugged me!

Her little clone is my daughter Emily. Mind you she bears the middle name, Sheri. I once again have found a closet I can not stand to go into because she too, loves to have new clothes still with the tags, hanging in the closet. That is just ... weird.

I think Sheri secretly trains Emily to mimic her to drive me crazy! Just kidding girls, after all I did name her E Sheri.

Happy Birthday Sheri

This is the famous: Sheri Lynn
Sheri Riley
Sheri Roman

aka: well, she has many aka's, we will leave it at that

She is the leader of My Lifers. She is responsible for keeping the three of us together and the forever friends that we are.

Today is her birthday. She is 45, but you would never guess it. She is a beautiful woman that ages very gracefully.

Sheri is not only the best friend she is my sister, my confidant, my therapist, my teacher, and even my mother when I need it.

She is very intelligent, very stylish, very funny and loved by all. She can be the wackiest of all and she can be the business leader ready to take on anything. She has blessed many with her friendships, and to enter into her life, you are in for the long haul. She will be there for you and can always be counted on. I can not even begin to tell you how many people would be lost without her. She is the rock to so many.

I thank God for throwing us together. I have been Blessed for a lifetime.

Happy Birthday my dear Sheri, you are forever loved and adored.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Today I am 46 years old.
So I am told, many times today. Obviously, this picture was taken a while back. I was 5 years old here.

So far, it has been a good day. I feel good. I have had calls from my family and friends. Ms Sheri called me @ midnight to wish me a happy day first. We had a little celebration at work. Annie has made me a cake (her first!) It looks yummy! Strawberry :) Sergio is taking me out for dinner, I will probraly have a Margarita. I am just chilling with the computer and a glass of wine, doing pretty much none of the many things I should.
I am looking forward to the year. I try not to be superstitious, but my even years are always better. I married Sergio on an even year. Had my Babies on even years. Even started hanging with the Lifers on an even year.
This past year.... lets just say it has been trying and not my favorite. I am anxious to put 45 away. far far away. Odd years are more than odd, I hate them.

46 is going to be a good year for me. We have much change coming up. We will make this a wonerful year and I can not wait. So cheers to my happy new year!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Countdown to Girls Weekend!

My best friends and I are getting together for a Girls Weekend! I am so excited. Deb is flying in and we are planting ourselves at Sheri's. This will be a weekend of laughs and tears. We will eat well and drink well too. I doubt we will leave the house.

In years past we have gone places to meet. We have been to Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Nashville, St Louis, and Chicago. All hold wonderful memories. The best thing about it and the fondest memories are from the time we spend together. Just hanging in the room. I am glad we are not staying in a Hotel this time. Staying at Sheri's is great. We will have access to cook ourselves and all the comforts of home. Plus, having the Gabby girl (Sheri's dog) with us will be fun.

We play this fun little game with little strips of paper in a bag. The strips have questions and comments that we discuss. Throughout the weekend we will take turns pulling questions out. Some are serious, some are interesting, and some are hilarious!

The countdown is on. Today is the 18th. Deb will be here on the 26th. That is just 8 more days!!!!

I can't wait!

Haunting Images

This is going to be depressing so forgive me, I just have something heavy on my heart and want to get it out.

Today, I saw a TRACKER. It is a little SUV wannabe. I hate them. They make me think about the last time my father tried to commit suicide. This was a few years ago. He drove his Tracker around for an hour. Passing the same Train Trestle again and again. Until his timing, speed, and nerve was in sync. Then crashed the Tracker into the Trestle. Although, like his other attempts, it was just not his time. He gave himself substantial injuries, but nothing life threatening. After time in the hospital & rehab, he returned home, but with more pains and more handicap. Trestle make me sad too. This attempt was different than his past. This one was personal. The night before, he had made a phone call to me, letting me know what a disappointment I was. And that I was ungrateful. That I was mean. If anything should happen to him, it would be on my shoulders. My fault. Thanks Dad. I still love you. I sat with my Mom through Dad's surgery. Mom showed the nurse and I the pictures of the bloody Tracker. Thanks Mom, I still love you.

Years earlier, he hung himself in a hotel room. My uncle found him just in time.

Prior to that, he overdosed when I was about eight.

My cousin, Rob, in a depressed fit shot himself with a shotgun in his front yard with his common law wife and son in the house. Rob, bleed a slow, painful death.

My Mom's mother locked herself and my Mom (she was around 9) in a bathroom and slit both her wrist. She blocked the door but my Mom was able to crawl out of the window to get help.

I somehow can picture these events even though I was not there. I have also been known to have haunting visions of hurting myself. I wont hurt myself. I have more respect for myself and my own family. I also feel this is an unforgivable sin. I love my family, my husband and girls. I have a good life and I want to enjoy it for a very long time. I wish I could make the visions go away. Surely it is a combination of genetics and the dysfunctional childhood we had. I do not blame anyone. I love my parents and know they gave me the best they could. It is not any one's fault we are all a little crazy. Kook Koo as Sergio says :) You have to teach yourself to laugh or you will cry.

Yeah, we have a few skeletons in our closets. Just a few.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Running from The Storms

We have had the strangest weather in Indiana lately. In all my years I do not recall it ever being so unpredictable. I mean, sure, Indy is a place where it can be warm one day and cold the next, but usually we have a little warning. Only in Indy is a bride afraid to plan an outdoor wedding. It can change very quickly.

When I was little, we could always count on rain in the Spring, hot sticky Summer nights, cool weather helping the leaves turn beautiful in the Autumn, and Snow for Christmas. As the years went by, and my girls grew, I remember rainy Halloweens, hot Halloweens, and even a couple of snowy Halloweens!

In the past couple of weeks we have had serious weather problems across the nation, hitting Indiana hard. We have had tornadoes, and flooding, but fortunately for us, we have not had tragedy here at our home. It has affected us at the grocery store, and our roads, but we missed the bulk of it.

On a lighter note, Sunday afternoon, Sergio & I went for a walk through the neighborhood. We got to the far end of our neighborhood, the sky turned very dark and we could see the storm rolling in. We started walking quickly back home. Then we started to run. (I haven't ran for a very long time!). We cut through back yards, laughing our butts off. Sergio practically dragged me. I was giddy! I felt like a school girl running with a first love! I still love holding his hand even 20 plus years later. We made it to our property, but not before the rain started pelting us. I laughed so hard I cried! Sergio and I stood on the front porch, watching the rain and hail (yes, hail in June!). How fun!

The other day, I got scared when the sky was a red. It was creepy to me. Sergio said, it's not creepy at all. It is beautiful! This is God's way of showing us how He can surprise us all the time with the beauty of nature. He is so right!

Birdie Birdie In My Pool

Birds can't swim. Especially baby birds learning to fly.

Tis' the season for the Indiana Red Breasted Robins to push their babies out of the nest in hopes that they will take flight. Not always the case. There always seems to be one in the nest not quite ready.

We try to discourage nest building in our pine trees that line the back yard. Front yard, no problem, back yard... there is a problem, or two or three. Having three dogs and two cats, my yard is not exactly a safe yard for any kind of baby.

My neighbor has beautiful pines that yearly are full of bird nest. They have a dog, but it is kindof a dumb dog that would be more afraid than curious of a baby bird. My cats would hunt them down, my dogs play with it till it is gone.

Last evening, Riley was barking at the pool. I know this bark, it's the, "hey look what I have "trailed". I ran out and this little baby bird is flapping his wings, face down in the water. I netted him out, placed him over the fence into the neighbors safe yard, and put Riley in the house (if you have ever heard a Coon Hound's hunt bark, you understand why I had to take her in). I ran around the fence to see what kind of shape baby bird was in. He was soaking wet & exhausted. Panting with his little eyes shut. I stuck my finger under his claws to pick him up, he clung on for dear life just staring at me and I crawled over under a tree and stuck him on a branch in the sun. Had a little chat with him then left him there to re coop.

He is still in the tree, about five feet higher (yea!). But he isn't ready to try that flying again just yet.

Silly little bird!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A thought for Today...

When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Showtime!

Emily went to Florida this morning. Annie went to work this afternoon. Sergio was also at the office. I was mutzing about, doing some much needed laundry, and trying to clean the house. Around 4pm I got the call. A family wanted to see the house. Our home is on the market (week 2). Mr Buyer, "Can we see it this evening, around 6:30?". Me, "Sure. no problem".
So I start the routine! Things go flying. I have hangers, a dress bag & a blanket in a hamper. A dresser upstairs has everything that was sitting in a pile from that hall. Emily left her room in pretty good shape with the exception of items that she decided not to take on her trip. Annie's room has looked alot better, she is going to be so pleased when she comes home! Especially when she see her bathroom, that she hates to clean. The basement magical had things going into place. The laundry room, half bath, our room, master bath, kitchen & dining room were already clean. My office is now impeccable (very rare!). I threw Dakota in a crate, as well as Meesha. Rocky hid. Riley & Bandit got to go in the car for a ride with Sergio (poor Sergio, gets home, & I run him off, with the dogs barking).
The showing went very well. The couple loved it. Has all the bells they are looking for. They have a Realtor, and haven't listed their home yet (of course). But after 45 minutes hanging out with me, they seemed very upbeat and will be talking to their realtor. We'll see. It's never that easy.
I was so tired and really didn't want to have the showing this evening, however, NEVER turn down a showing. It may be the one buyer you are looking for. Besides, now my home is spotless.... for the moment.


I am one of those that must always use spell check. I hate it when I use the wrong spelling of a word & it doesn't get caught because it is correct spelling for another meaning. I keep a dictionary and Thesaurus with me at all times. Next to my computers, with me at work, and even a tiny one in my purse or car.
I also am fortunate enough to have Sheri on speed dial. She is my walking talking dictionary. She always knows what word I am trying to find, how to spell it and the definition. I use to get so frustrated with her parents when we were kids because her Mom always made Sheri go an extra mile with homework especially when dealing with any English, her Dad was the Penmanship Nazi, it always had to be perfect or rewritten. We had things to do & places to go! They were always slowing us down!
Funny how I have slightly become them. I do the same to my girls. I made Annie take Etymology, and she is now very grateful. Emily should have, I don't know how she slipped by. I guess I am hard on them because I wish my folks were harder on me. It is embarrassing to misspell! You feel unintelligent. duhhh. At least I have the drive to always try to catch my mistakes & correct them. Now if I could just work on my English language!

Annie Takes Flight

This picture was actually taken over a year ago. I like it alot. Annie is always creative taking pictures. I need her to download some more current cool ones but she is such a busy beaver catching her free is hard to do!
Annie will be starting her final year of high school in just a couple of months. Where did the time fly? She was just a baby not that long ago.
I am so proud of her and her achievements. She has always gone the extra mile and worked just a little harder to grasp the golden ring. She puts her mind to something and there is no stopping her. She has dabbled in many things finding satisfaction in her curiosity. Sometimes she will just try something out and move on sometimes she discovers a new passion.
She worked very hard at Cheerleading for five years. She has cheered both competitive as well as school. She was a Flyer for all five years and my heart was often in my throat when they tossed her into the air like a rag doll. She sustained injuries from this sport and never complained. Her ankles, wrist and back will never be the same. Ask any cheerleader and they can tell you about pain.
Annie decided to venture in a new athlete direction after her sophomore year. She discovered Tennis & Golf. It was humbling going from a squad captain to player with the least experience, but Annie didn't mind and picked up both sports fairly well (I don't see scholarships lining up in either of these sports, however she is having a ball and learning about sports she can continue her lifetime).
Annie has also succeeded in leadership skills. She has been an ASL Ambassador, Student Council, Natural Helpers, Quiz Bowl, SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions), National Honor's Society, and lives for Journalism Yearbook. Going into her Senior year she will hold the titles of Vice President of Student Council and Yearbook Editor. As well as continue in her other clubs and commitments.
She has this wonderful passion for Fashion & Journalism and is looking toward that goal for college choices. She has been dressing her big sis and friends for years!
Annie also makes time for her job as hostess at a local family ran restaurant called Sero's.
She really has it on the ball. She has grown up so quickly. She has some pretty amazing friends and her boyfriends is a great guy too. I want her to enjoy this final year and take in as much as she can. It will fly by. I want her to relish every moment and be prepared for her College adventure that will be soon upon us. I know she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. She is a strength, a power. An incredible young woman that I am so very proud of.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! LIVE the life you've imagined. ~Thoreau

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not My Forte

As much as I want to be a wonderful cook, I always seem to be unsuccessful at attempts.

My first problem is getting past the fact that the meat use to be an animal. I tried fried chicken once, never again, although Sergio said it was quite tasty. If the meat looks like animal parts I have a harder time. I can be very crafty with hamburger though.

My second problem is the cost of the ingredients to get the really yummy stuff. Especially deserts, which is my all time favorite food. I tend to refrain from cooking things with an ingredient that I may not use again before it expires.

And third, I get so darn side tracked! Maybe if I could master multi-tasking better. Or if I just had more time to do things right.

Today, Sergio "agreed" to grill out Steaks for the girls. Emily is leaving for Florida (again) and wanted to have a family meal with all four of us. Sergio was coming home from Bowling Green, Kentucky, so he told us what to buy and we got things started. Now, honestly, the grill has always been his thing. Why is it that a man loves to "grill out"? He can cook the best any and everything on the grill. We got a call from him saying he was in heavy traffic and would be delayed, start without me. So, much to my dismay, I fired up the grill. I tried to do it all just like he does, but somehow those Rib Eyes, slightly burned. Bummer! The girls ate them anyway, and even said they were good (what sweet liars I have raised).

I dream of being a great cook like my friend, Sandy. I have tried to make her wonderful candies, cookies and such, but they never ever taste like hers. I think I would rather just sit and gab with her as she did the cooking. I would be happy to lick the spoons & eat the rejects like she use to let me when I was a little girl.

As much as I fantasize about being that great chief, maybe it just isn't my forte.

For Sheri Lynn

This is how much I love you! I have changed my colors so you can read it better! I hope that all who read this can now see the letters better, Ms Riley~Roman has been complaining that she can't see the light words on the black background. She is my number one fan, so per her request, I am switching from my hip black to a cool blue. Enjoy!

Little B*tches!

I still have the Ants. Emily overheard me calling them Little Bitches the other day. She found that pretty hilarious. I can't seem to get rid of them. They seem to like my bleach now. They also have decided to get into Riley's food bowl (only hers, they leave Bandit & Dakota, as well as the kitties alone, how strange).
One bit me which surprised me because they are just the little black ants. I don't think I have ever been bit before. Thank God we don't have Texas Fire Ants here in Indy!

I need helpful hints!!!PLEASE!!!!!! Any suggestions?
Remember I want non-poisonous because of the pets.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I like this word. My dictionary gives it a rather long definition, or actually a list of words that describe it:
melancholy~ pensive sadness; depression; depressing; expressing sadness; sorrow; misery; gloom; unhappiness; the blues; moroseness; melancholia; dejection; dejectedness; despondence; despondency; morose; unhappy; gloomy; woeful; woebegone; lugubrious; disconsolate; downcast; downhearted & saddening.

Part of what I like about this word is the way it sounds, and the other part is that I get it. I understand exactly what this word is about.

Before I get a phone call from a certain friend, RELAX, I am fine. Talking to you today was just what I needed, however, I still felt the need to blog "carefully" about this.

I think that depression is very misunderstood. People assume that depression comes from situations or lack of control of feelings when things go wrong. They think that if you have a "good life" a loving family, home, financially alright, that there is no excuse for it. That it is somehow understandable for someone that is going through a crisis.

Depression is extreme melancholy, often with physical symptoms.

Depression is a hereditary disease. I have seen several grandparents, both my parents, and a cousin suffer from it as well. I think my whole life I was terrified that one day I would let my guard down and it would catch up to me. As a child growing up, it was difficult to understand. It seemed selfish. As an adult, I would be angered attending a funeral of someone I loved that had committed suicide. So many people fight daily to live and I know a coward that threw his life away.

I do not feel that way anymore.I understand it. The melancholy. The anxiousness.

I also am a huge supported of drugs to get that chemical imbalance proportioned back to normal. I agree that too often people lean on Xanax, Zolam, and other anxiety medications. But, when it comes to drugs like Lexpro and other antidepressants to control suicidal thoughts and attempts I know that it is important to be supportive to loved ones that are in need of these medications.

I don't have any answers why some of us get depressed or even anxious. I know that I have the opportunity to make the best of what I have been dealt and to live my life to it's fulliest. When I get too down, yes, I will see a Doctor, take a pill, or when I am lucky just get some puppy kisses and some friend and family magical hugs.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

My sister is 48 today! I am still 45 (tee hee, for another couple of weeks anyway!). That always made her proud to be three years instead of two for those couple of weeks. Then as we got older, I turned the tables and teased her about being so much older during those two weeks.

Julie is a wonderful sister. She is always there for me. Has always held me up and has always been very supportive. We had to be strong for each other. We endured an interesting childhood and have gained much from it. Always knowing she was there for me got me through more than she will ever know.

We were far from perfect. We had our squabbles and have had some pretty evenly mean sister fights. But sisters do that and then we forgive each other quickly. You got to have the bad moments to appreciate the good. It amazes me how much I see us in my daughters. It is downright weird!

Yeah, it's her birthday. Happy Birthday Jul, I love you!

It's US!!!

First I must explain that I am "Giddy" as Sheri would say about the upcoming "Girls Weekend", at the end of June. My "Lifers" and I will get together to share laughs, tears, food & wine, and new memories. We get together yearly, usually we meet somewhere neutral in between Collierville, Tennessee and Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, once again, Deb is flying to us and we will take over Sheri's house (sorry Dan).

This has been a wonderful tradition and I do believe it saves us and renews our friendship. These girls are everything to me & I could not love them more if we shared the same blood.

Flash back to today. I was impatiently trying to get in some Sam's shopping. I kept running into a group of Goldies in my aisle. Every time I turned around these ladies would be in my way. There were three of them. Around 75 -80 years old. This one Goldie said, rather loudly to her friends, "WHAT ABOUT COD? SHOULD WE GET SOME COD?" The other two looked at each other and one roller her eyes. The Goldie said, "I WANT COD..."

That is when it dawned on me..... That is US in another 30 years!!! These gals could be on a Girlfriend Week or Weekend. I started to chuckle. One gal had the cart, looking like, lets get this done gals...just like Deb. Another was the leader, walking ahead, as if she knew what they needed & where it was... just like Sheri. And finally, the last gal had her hands on her hips, standing just like I do.
I took a picture secretly with my cell phone & sent it to Deb.

I hope that we will be having Girls Weekend in thirty years as we do today. We got through our teens, 20's, 30's, and now 40's. Deb with her Merlot, Sheri with her Chardonnay, and me with my White Zinfandel. All alittle different but very much the same.

Saturday, June 7, 2008



I wish that I invented Febreze. Or at least I took stock in it in the beginning years. I have spent a small fortune on this product. With three dogs, two cats, as well as two teens & a husband, my house can get pretty stinky.

Our home is on the market currently and my goal is to remove all traces of the pets. As a Realtor, I know that if you are animal people, it doesn’t faze you. However, if you are not, even the sight of a dog toy can make a buyer announce that they smell dog. Cat boxes are the other issue. I tell my home sellers they must at a minimum scoop twice a day. If I can achieve that daily why can’t others?

Today is another rainy day. So, we have an overabundance of wet dog smell. I think I will use an entire bottle of Febreze.

One more note: Yesterday I bought those oil/reed diffusers. It says that it takes a couple of days before you will notice it working. I will let you know how well it works!


Holly Cow! I am becoming a cow.

Don’t ever ever ever get on the scales late at night. All the food you have ate for the day multiples in pounds and give you a larger than life weight. You should only get on the scales first thing in the morning and naked.

I have always fought to gain weight, until this past couple of years. I was very comfortable a couple of years ago. I knew I should have started a regular work out regimen. I kept putting it off. I loved yoga, but wanted a buddy to go with. Recently was introduced to Zumba, which is very cool & I should just go, but my lazy butt put it off.

Now I have this extra flesh/fat that is hanging off my body. I finally bought a few new clothing items in my new bigger size. I know if I could just tone this body up I would embrace it. I want an instant gratification. I keep eyeing those fat burners but my daughter is forbidding me, telling me that all I need to do is exercise. (feels like our roles have switched).


Friday, June 6, 2008

Dog Tired!

This is my Baby Girl "Riley". She is a Blue Tic Coonhound". We ruined her, turning her into the best 100+ pound lap dog! She lives inside while the rest of her breed are outside hunting dogs.

Riley has Thyroid disease. We thought she was just getting fat & lazy. But she was dying from a disease that we didn't even know dogs could get. She topped at 120 pounds (remind you this breed shouldn't get over 60-70 max!) She has been on a medication for the past month and it is amazing that she is the same dog! She has lost about 25 pounds and she has gotten active and spunky. She happily runs with the other dogs again!

Today I took her for a walk. Or I should say, she took me for a walk. My shoulders and calves are killing me. She is pretty pooped too. I guess that is where we get the expression Dog Tired!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

How do You Sleep?

Some people are able to fall asleep within minutes of their head hitting the pillow. Others toss and turn all night. I am in the middle. If I have a clear head (not to stressed out) and I am tired, I can pretty much count on falling asleep shortly after saying my prayers. BUT, if I am stressed, or Sergio is snoring, if I can hear the girls with their friends having a sleepover, or if I am hot, it's useless.

A couple of years ago, we invested in the best bed ever! I talked Sergio into a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. LOVE IT!!!! I am a 70 and Sergio is a 90. I change it up sometimes, and go low for extra softness when I feel I need to be swallowed in comfort. Sergio swears it doesn't help but he sleeps so much better and is stiff after a night out of town on a hotel bed.

I also am a weird bird about my sleep position. I am a side sleeper with my left leg extended and my right pulled up (Sergio says I look like a flamingo). The dogs sleep with us too much to Sergio's protest. Bandit up against my leg or butt, Dakota in the hole of my right legs position. I sleep better with them touching me. It drives Sergio crazy but he is the one that first invited them.

I crack up sleeping with others. My Grandma Kitty use to drape her leg over me. Sheri is a silent sleeper that makes me wonder if she is dead. Deb wont sleep with me anymore because I video taped her freight train snore (the loudest snore I have ever hear!) But I still love you Deb- sorry I taped it but it was hilarious!

You know, we spend a third of our life sleeping? My Dad always said: A third in Bed, A third on your feet, always buy the best bed & shoes you can afford. Also always take care of your eyes, with proper corrective glasses and such.

I always remembered that.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Freaking Ants!

I hate Ants. I don't go killing them, in fact I have been known to rescue a few. BUT, they have no purpose in my house. They are pushing me.

Every year about this time they come. There seems to be two or three entrances they use. They have late night parties on my kitchen counter (always the same area), and scatter when I discover them in the morning. That is when I do kill them.

Remember the Pixlar movie "Ants"? That was cute. Although I always got it mixed up with "It's a Bug's Life". I think that Ants are amazing to watch. They are extremely smart and strong. We had an Ant Farm when the girls were little. It was pretty cool. But, those were the only ants invited into my home. They never got out of their farm.

We tried vacuuming them up one time. Mistake. Don't do it. They crawl out of the vacuum. I tried chalk this time. Did you know that ants will not cross a chalk line? What's up with that? My ants found a way around it. Now, I am using bleach. Full strength. But, I am looking for a non-toxic ant spray. Any suggestions? I don't want the dogs or cats (and us too) sick.

They really are creeping me out today. They better not be planning another party of the counter tonight!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do You See It?

Do you remember the "Where's Waldo" book series? Or how about those hidden pictures within a picture books back in the 80's & 90's? I hated them. I mean really hated them. I could find Waldo, after all, the books where for kids, but who came up with those stupid hidden pictures? I denied not seeing whatever we were suppose to look for. I felt so stupid. I thought everyone did see something that I just did not. Then one night I was watching The Ellen DeGeneres sitcom and she could not find them either. Only then did I start admitting that some of us just didn't see it. Even the Where's Waldo type books stumped me sometimes. I actually would pre-read them before the girls so if they asked my help I could look like I got it quickly.

Today, we have word verifications to get into websites because of spammers. Thank you stupid spammers! You have made my life even more difficult! Sometimes I can read the letters, sometimes I guess. I have even had to ask my daughter what it says. Countless times I am denied access, or actually they give me an easier word verification. Can't they just give me the easy one first so I can skip the humiliation?

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Field Trips

My husband must travel frequently with his business. Many years ago, it was easiest to tell the girls, Daddy has to go on a Field Trip for work. They understood that. They had field trips with school so it was easier to know he'll be back after his field trip was finished.

When they were little we had a routine. When Daddy went on a field trip, they girls knew that meant we would be a little sillier and have special girl time while he was away. We always had breakfast for dinner, desert type breakfasts and they always slept with me either all in my bed or camping out in the living room. We would watch movies, play with each others hair and just acted a little sillier.

As they grew up, Daddy's field trips were fewer between. So when he did go, we picked up where we left off. Only difference was we either camped out in the living room or they took turns sleeping in my bed. The three of us were just fidgety and too big for three in the bed.

Sergio now has more frequent field trips again. This week he's on a field trip. Emily & I ate spaghetti (she's not a big breakfast fan anymore), Annie ate at work. Then Emily went on a date, and Annie visited with me for half an hour before out the door to spend the night with a girlfriend.

Times have changed. They have grown up and have gotten busy. I still enjoy the field trips. It gives me a little me time (and yes I act sillier than usual). I stay up late, but writing & reading on the computer and watching shows Sergio doesn't watch. When the girls are both out, I eat my breakfast for dinner.

At least my three dogs will happily cuddle with me in bed!

The Wedding Brat

This weekend we attended a reception to a wedding. The bride was lovely and the groom was as handsome as they come. Amazing to see him grow up so fast into this charming young man. They had a beautiful cast of attendants. The bridesmaids wore a soft champagne colored gowns, pearls and hair pinned up. The groomsmen all were dashing in their black tuxedos. There was a junior bridesmaid & groomsman, and two younger flower girls. The youngest was 4 and I heard she did a lovely job with her rose petals, walking down the aisle like a little angel. She was very well behaved at the reception. Even though her mom was in the wedding and apart from her for the majority of the reception, this little girl seemed to understand and was very patient, staying with her Daddy and another woman for most of the evening. She laughed and enjoyed the reception and was obviously a well behaved little girl. The older flower girl was maybe 7, and although she looked very sweet in her dress, refused to go down the aisle, then made a complete nuisance of herself at the reception. She annoyed the crap out of me. Sergio laughed at me saying let it go. But I just got frustrated that her parents let her continue to distract others and misbehave. She ran around blowing out the candles on the tables, stealing all the candy and bells and just drove me crazy. Lucky for her, I did not know her or her parents. Heads would have rolled. I felt sorry for the grooms sister as she often tried to calm the child and distract her from her mischief. This young woman just graduated from college and is about to become a fine elementary teacher.

I don't understand why the parents would sit there (beer in hand) and let this child be such a brat. Why was she in this wedding? What kind of bond did they have with the wedded couple?

I have been to so many weddings where a child will become unruly. Is it really that difficult to get a sitter? I remember happily getting a sitter because it was "date time" for my husband and me, and I would have died of embarrassment if my child misbehaved, or "ruined" someones wedding.

And please, please, let me tell you now. When my girls marry, don't bring your little ones unless they are complete angels! Even if they are angels, maybe they would have more fun with a sitter. Let my little angel enjoy her day.

Chinny Chin Chin

One of the worst things about getting older is that your body kindof goes on the fritz and weird things happen. You get aches that you never imagined you would. Strange sounds come from your joints when you bend. I found myself making grunting noises to when I bend down to pick something up or try to stand up. ( I can't do the Elle Wood, "Bend & Snap!"). Weight sneaks up on you, and I wake up with new wrinkles every day.

I think that one of the cruelest of all of these strange freakish changes has to be the frightful, Chinny Chin Chin Hairs! If you are over 40, you know what I am talking about. Some of you 30 plus have even experienced this creepiness. I like to think of them as stray eyebrows. They just really stray sometimes. As I have aged, my vision isn't as good as it use to be and no matter how well I prepare myself to go out into the world daily, I never find these... till I am driving in my car. There is something about the lighting in my car. I will be at a stop light and, Holy Crap, what the Sam Hell is that sticking off my chin! Of course I don't have tweezers with me so the rest of the day I will be touching it thinking, "God, please let no one else see this!!!" The chin isn't the only location these thick witchy poo hairs can be found. I have found them sticking out my neck and once or twice even sprouted a tail!

I know I am not alone. Often I will notice someone else. I want to tell them, only because I would want to know. But, I keep it to myself, unless it's a Bestie. Then I tell her and we both bust out laughing.

There is this woman that works at a store I frequently go. She has at least 20 growing off her chin and several more all over her face. I want to give her a really good magnifying glass. Maybe she doesn't see them. I try to not stare. She is very friendly and always wants to chat. I try hard not to vomit. I can't eat after I talk to her. Isn't that awful?

Maybe that is why I always seem to get one after I see her.

Or maybe they are contagious!!!