Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December!

December is one of my favorite months! Not only is it when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, it holds other special dates for me.

My Mom has a birthday on the 13th. She will be 68 years young. She works way too hard, cares for my father, and has her Line Dancing. She does enjoy life, I just wish she could do more line dancing than working.

Emily, my oldest daughter, will turn 20 on the 18th! How can that be possible? She still my baby! It seems so strange that she will out of her teens. I have a twenty year old? Strange.

Sergio & I will celebrate our 22nd anniversary on the 20th. Now that is really strange. The years have flown. Are we where we thought we would be after twentysome years? Well, not exactly. But things never really fall into place perfectly, do they? At least I we can truly say we are happy. That we made a good decision in selecting each other to spend a lifetime. And I am lucky that I still get giddy when I see him (at least 90% of the time! ha ha!)

Christmas break will have my Annie home for two weeks and Emily home for three weeks. I will cherish that time with them and make the most of it. I will try not to drive them nuts.

The weather will be chilly. Perhaps we will have some good packing snow. Sergio is getting a new snow blade so he will be excited like a child with the snow, then tired like an old man, sore from all night pushes. Hopefully all will pan out and he can schedule his regular job and the plowing hours.

We will also have the opportunity to break bread with friends and family. There will be parties and cooking. I am hoping Sandy will get me and the girls in on Christmas candy baking!

With the change of the month I am going to put on my big girl panties and cheer up. I am going to make this the month that I love and enjoy every minute. Or at least do my darnest!

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kim said... did say "Big girl panties"
A friend showed up at my door with some BGP's for me! Size 13 to be exact!! LOL! She said I needed them and i have never heard of them before! They are up for loan!