Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Somehow Thanksgiving has crept up on us rather quickly. I am preparing a dinner later than I usually do, but am accommodating my daughter's plans to go to the boyfriends family gathering in Fort Wayne. Dinner @ 5:30 here will be fine. Also, this will be the first in many years that I am preparing a meal for just the four of us. We will join the Gonzalez side on Friday. My parents will stop by this evening, but only popping in for a quick hello. They will be having a low key meal with my Dad's sister & husband. My Aunt has been ill with Alzheimer's and can't handle larger groups.

I am trying to stay focus and not get nervy. I am such a scatter brain lately. I am trying to stay on task and get this meal right. I have always felt my Family Dinner's were a success. With my depression and stress issues, it is harder to say the least, this year. I have already got side tracked and am grateful the meal will be late. Xanax is my friend today.

Touching on a happier note: I am very grateful for so many things this year. I see through the difficult things and am Blessed with so much.

* My loving husband,Sergio, he has kept me sane, what would I do without him?
* My daughter, Emily, she has grown into an exception young woman that blows me a way!
* My daughter, Andrea, I blinked & she grew up! I could not be more proud of her and her accomplishments.
* My Sister. She is the best big sister, and I love her forever. I will miss her over Thanksgiving and glad she will be having a very lovely Thanksgiving.
* My parents. They do drive me crazy, but I will love them forever and aleays try to better things for them.
* My Besties. Sheri & Deb understand me better than anyone. They help me to pull it together and love me no matter what. Amazing how they can bring that needed smile with just a verse or two of The Ant Song.
* My Long Lost reconnected Friends. Rich, Lynn & Kim. I am so excited to have you in my life again. You are a huge part of me & I will love you forever.
* Mary & Kim P. I know we keep trying to get together, but just your emails help me so much. How did I get so lucky to have you in my heart all these years?
* My pets. Rocky, Riley, Bandit, Meisha, and little Dakota. Unconditional love! Appreciation, Puppy kisses,so happy to see me. You guys (& gals) are the best! Just chill on the messes and barking.
* My job. Okay it stinks and I am panicking that my hours were cut, but at least it is a job, and keeps me very busy while I am there. I miss my Chameleon job, and my Roman Ink job, but sometimes things really are to good to be true.
* My Home. Not the best house, but I do believe home is where you share your love and memories. This is a great place for us to gather that and more and hopefully make a smart investment move with it.
* The basics. We have food on the table, a warm bed, cars that run. I could go on.
I look around and it is a scary world right now. A very scary world. Things could be better, but they could also be worse. I pray everyday for our Nation, our World, our Leaders, our Troops, and everyone out there.

May God Bless us everyone.

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