Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Time

With Emily off at college and Annie busy with Senior year, we don't see much of the girls together. Sergio & I have been busy too with work, home, and miscellaneous needs. Having Emily home for a few days during Thanksgiving has been a blessing. We have actually had time where all four of us are together.

Friday was a wonderful family day for us. After dinner with the Gonzalez Family side, we ventured off together to see a movie. Although I have gone to movies with the girls, to have Sergio join us was a rare treat. We talked him into seeing Four Christmas'(Not his type of movie at all). However, it was wonderful. Not necessary the movie, but the time we spent in the theater, laughing together. After the movie we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings, ate, chatted, laughed some more, and really enjoyed each others company.

I love seeing the girls as young adults. Our conversations are different from just a few years ago. Emily & Annie are bright, enthusiastic, and interesting. I value their view and comfortingly enough, they seem to appreciate ours better today as well.

Saturday, the girls and I ran off to the malls for big bargain shopping, while we left Sergio to his errands. He called us three times. I think he would have rather shopped. He has learned over the years, it is not about what we are doing, but the time we are sharing.

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