Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Missing My Blog

I am without Internet & cable at the new house for another week!
We kindof moved in this weekend. If you saw the old house full of stuff you wouldn't know it. Where on earth am I going to put all this?

I know! Purge Purge & Purge!

I am trying. The kind people at Goodwill wave to me and know me by name. The trash men (at both homes)are pissed at me because my trash is SO HEAVY & FULL! I have given tons of stuff to a single mother I am friends with. Amazing what you accumulate in ten plus years.

I don't have a good method anymore. I wanted to move room by room. Doesn't happen that way. I then tried to prioritize. Nah, not going well either. I need stronger muscles, a bigger truck and storage space!

Sergio had to run out of town last minute & I really want to surprise him with getting as much done as possible. I keep getting side tracked. It would help if I had Internet & cable at the new house. I waste a good hour or so reading emails, blogs, and trying to play catch up here at the old house when I should be packing and moving! Also, the new house doesn't have many overhead lights so I find myself in the dark alot moving & organizing at midnight.

I have so many things I want to write about but do not have the convenience of my computer with me, then get rushed when I do get to sit and play catch up.

Ugh! I can not wait for things to get back to normal!

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sroman said...

As you always tell me, take a breath. It will get better.

Please change your background. It's giving me a major headache.