Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Last Lecture (part 2)

This is a must read!

I started last night. I was anxious and kept peeking into it. My girls tell me you can not just pick a random spot in a book and read tidbits. I said, yes you can! I don't want to really start the book till I go to bed and can read uninterrupted. I am just getting teasers or previews. Completely okay with this kind of book.

They think I am weird.

When I finally did settle down to read it was late and i was tired, but it is such an interesting read, I got through the first few chapters.

What an amazing man. I am so impressed of his outlook on life. He makes you think and regroup. I think this book will be a great help to me. It can help me turn a negative into a positive and have a new outlook on things.

I look forward to finishing it.

It will be one of those books you keep picking up and rereading.

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sroman said...

Some people leave us too soon and I firmly believe this man is one of them.