Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blink... all grown up!

I blinked.
Time flew by too quickly.

Emily moved into her first apartment this weekend. She is living with two great gals she meet at Ball State. They will all be second year students there. What fun they are about to endure.

The apartment is on the third floor. Thankfully we had beautiful weather as we dragged too much stuff up the three flights. It's a cute place. Three bedrooms, two baths. It's within walking distance to their classes. (Of course all three had to bring there cars though).

We assembled furniture, painted her room and spent a couple hundred dollars on starter food.

Parting was harder for me this year. Last year, I left her in the care of a dormitory. She had to come home for holidays, summer break and the occasional "missed you, Mom".

This time she may have flown the nest. She signed a year long lease. She took all her clothes.We are moving as well so she will not be coming back to this childhood home.

I am missing my Pumpkin.


sroman said...

She'll be back.

Anonymous said...

yes i will! :) love youuuuuu