Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whoops!... I Did it Again!

Don't worry, I am not going to sing Britney's song. I just found myself saying this a few minutes ago.

Once again, after promising myself I would go, I find that I let time distract me and I have missed church! I have done this week after week. What is wrong with me!!!

Janis, the gal that went practically every week for the past few years, has really been terrible this year! It has been a while. People mention it. "Jan, so good to see you, haven't seen you for a while, is everything okay?" BUSTED. Or you get that look. YIKES!

Part of my problem is I do not like going by myself, especially after an absence. I like having my family, or at least part with me. When I am solo, I hate the part where we all greet each other & shake hands. That is when people really notice, awe, you are alone. "Where is your family?"
uhmmm. Annie is at work, as usual. Sergio is working, as usual. And Emily, is AWOL. Either in Muncie or at the lake. She is very good about going with me when here. Annie, she likes to sleep in if she is off. Last night she mentioned to the boss, she is missing church because he has her work every Sunday morning. Luke, who goes to our church, reminded Annie, there is a Saturday evening mass for those of us that have to work.

My other "problem" is personal. It's between God & I. He and I are communicating about it. He is working on me. He will get me back in the church, I am just dragging my feet!

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sroman said...

Hang in and hold on.