Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fair Food

What is it about Fair Food that makes people go above & beyond normal intakes of food consumption? We tend to feel that we must sample EVERYTHING. We become pigs.

Last night Sergio & I meet up with friends at the Johnson County Fair down in Franklin, Indiana. The friends live within walking distance, which made things even more dangerous.

First, I drank two beers. What? I know what you are thinking, but damn, that Coors Light tasted very cold and good! Then, we walked over to get me something to eat. I did indeed! I got a Polish Sausage, an Elephant Ear, Lemon Shake up, Chocolate Shake, and helped Sergio eat his shis-ka-bobs, his fish sandwich, and sampled a Beaver Tail (like an elephant ear but thicker). Then we went back to the house, sat outside watching people, and I consumed fresh roasted corn on the cob.


I felt so uncomfortable sitting with this belly full of grease and junk. Thankful they did not have a hammock or I would still be there.

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sroman said...

The Indiana State Fair is coming and I am a junkie.