Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Running from The Storms

We have had the strangest weather in Indiana lately. In all my years I do not recall it ever being so unpredictable. I mean, sure, Indy is a place where it can be warm one day and cold the next, but usually we have a little warning. Only in Indy is a bride afraid to plan an outdoor wedding. It can change very quickly.

When I was little, we could always count on rain in the Spring, hot sticky Summer nights, cool weather helping the leaves turn beautiful in the Autumn, and Snow for Christmas. As the years went by, and my girls grew, I remember rainy Halloweens, hot Halloweens, and even a couple of snowy Halloweens!

In the past couple of weeks we have had serious weather problems across the nation, hitting Indiana hard. We have had tornadoes, and flooding, but fortunately for us, we have not had tragedy here at our home. It has affected us at the grocery store, and our roads, but we missed the bulk of it.

On a lighter note, Sunday afternoon, Sergio & I went for a walk through the neighborhood. We got to the far end of our neighborhood, the sky turned very dark and we could see the storm rolling in. We started walking quickly back home. Then we started to run. (I haven't ran for a very long time!). We cut through back yards, laughing our butts off. Sergio practically dragged me. I was giddy! I felt like a school girl running with a first love! I still love holding his hand even 20 plus years later. We made it to our property, but not before the rain started pelting us. I laughed so hard I cried! Sergio and I stood on the front porch, watching the rain and hail (yes, hail in June!). How fun!

The other day, I got scared when the sky was a red. It was creepy to me. Sergio said, it's not creepy at all. It is beautiful! This is God's way of showing us how He can surprise us all the time with the beauty of nature. He is so right!

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