Saturday, June 7, 2008


Holly Cow! I am becoming a cow.

Don’t ever ever ever get on the scales late at night. All the food you have ate for the day multiples in pounds and give you a larger than life weight. You should only get on the scales first thing in the morning and naked.

I have always fought to gain weight, until this past couple of years. I was very comfortable a couple of years ago. I knew I should have started a regular work out regimen. I kept putting it off. I loved yoga, but wanted a buddy to go with. Recently was introduced to Zumba, which is very cool & I should just go, but my lazy butt put it off.

Now I have this extra flesh/fat that is hanging off my body. I finally bought a few new clothing items in my new bigger size. I know if I could just tone this body up I would embrace it. I want an instant gratification. I keep eyeing those fat burners but my daughter is forbidding me, telling me that all I need to do is exercise. (feels like our roles have switched).


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sroman said...

Throw out the scale. You are not a cow. I firmly believe you should only be weighed at the doctor's office.