Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lost Tribe in Brazil

This story was in the news a few weeks back. Proof of tribes that have had no communication with civilization, and that there existence was in danger because of farming of the rain forest. There were about five photos to this story. They scared me and freaked me out for several days. It was straight out of a movie.

Turns out part of the story was fabricated. They are real Tribal people, but they have been known about and we have had somewhat contact. The reported wanted to take these pictures and try to help protect them, as well as other Tribes.

Still freaks me out. It is creepy knowing that people live like that today. I am such a chicken, this is why I have no desire to go travel to beautiful countries and "explore". Give me a nice little Hotel, with lots of people. Preferably in the good ole' USA. Plenty of gorgeous places I have yet to go right here.

Sergio & I saw a movie earlier this year. It was of a weird tribal type people and had no English, few words at all. It was about a tribe that was attacked and the journey of the men that tried to survive. I can't remember the name, something weird and hard to pronounce. Really scary, I hated it. I still have nightmares.

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sroman said...

I have no desire to camp through Kenya or fear for my life in the Gaza Strip. But, I must admit, some of my most memorable trips have been outside of the USA.

If nothing else, it makes you appreciate what we have.