Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Showtime!

Emily went to Florida this morning. Annie went to work this afternoon. Sergio was also at the office. I was mutzing about, doing some much needed laundry, and trying to clean the house. Around 4pm I got the call. A family wanted to see the house. Our home is on the market (week 2). Mr Buyer, "Can we see it this evening, around 6:30?". Me, "Sure. no problem".
So I start the routine! Things go flying. I have hangers, a dress bag & a blanket in a hamper. A dresser upstairs has everything that was sitting in a pile from that hall. Emily left her room in pretty good shape with the exception of items that she decided not to take on her trip. Annie's room has looked alot better, she is going to be so pleased when she comes home! Especially when she see her bathroom, that she hates to clean. The basement magical had things going into place. The laundry room, half bath, our room, master bath, kitchen & dining room were already clean. My office is now impeccable (very rare!). I threw Dakota in a crate, as well as Meesha. Rocky hid. Riley & Bandit got to go in the car for a ride with Sergio (poor Sergio, gets home, & I run him off, with the dogs barking).
The showing went very well. The couple loved it. Has all the bells they are looking for. They have a Realtor, and haven't listed their home yet (of course). But after 45 minutes hanging out with me, they seemed very upbeat and will be talking to their realtor. We'll see. It's never that easy.
I was so tired and really didn't want to have the showing this evening, however, NEVER turn down a showing. It may be the one buyer you are looking for. Besides, now my home is spotless.... for the moment.

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I could never work in this profession.