Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Freaking Ants!

I hate Ants. I don't go killing them, in fact I have been known to rescue a few. BUT, they have no purpose in my house. They are pushing me.

Every year about this time they come. There seems to be two or three entrances they use. They have late night parties on my kitchen counter (always the same area), and scatter when I discover them in the morning. That is when I do kill them.

Remember the Pixlar movie "Ants"? That was cute. Although I always got it mixed up with "It's a Bug's Life". I think that Ants are amazing to watch. They are extremely smart and strong. We had an Ant Farm when the girls were little. It was pretty cool. But, those were the only ants invited into my home. They never got out of their farm.

We tried vacuuming them up one time. Mistake. Don't do it. They crawl out of the vacuum. I tried chalk this time. Did you know that ants will not cross a chalk line? What's up with that? My ants found a way around it. Now, I am using bleach. Full strength. But, I am looking for a non-toxic ant spray. Any suggestions? I don't want the dogs or cats (and us too) sick.

They really are creeping me out today. They better not be planning another party of the counter tonight!

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sroman said...

So funny! I'm also experiencing an ant invasion. I have no problem killing them.