Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I Miss Most ...part one

My life is about half over, if I am lucky. I have had wonderful opportunities and should have many more. Some things are gone though. I wont get them back. Here's what I miss most:

From Childhood:
riding my bike ...for hours
climbing trees with Richie
sledding at Pleasant Run w/ the neighborhood gang
sneaking down to the swing at the creek
Summers in Texas
water balloon fights
"ghost in the graveyard"
catching lightening bugs
kickball in the cul de sac
Camp Fire Girls
riding horses with my Grandparents
birthday parties
Carol Burnett, Love American Style, & The Partridge Family
High School Football games
High School Float Meetings
High School Hayrides
when my friends made me watch Sammy Terry
Getting our License and cruising all night
Bob Byrds Beefy Tostados he made me @ Taco Bell
Working @ Eastgate w/ Sheri & Deb
Performing Theatre Arts w/ Sheri & Deb
Student Council w/ Sheri & Deb
Everything Sheri, Deb & I got ourselves into during HS
Our Secret Codes
Lynn Farrow
Parties at the Seats, also at Bruce's
REO Speedwagon hand motions & singing
Southeastway Park
The Track during qualifications
Jack, Harry Buffalos, & Tom Collins (our guys)
Lynyrd Skynyrd, and watching the guys "play"

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sroman said...

We still sing REO and use the hand signals. Great list!