Monday, May 5, 2008

..stealing from Walmart?

This weekend, my daughter & I had to go to Walmart. I don't know about you, but in Indianapolis, Walmart on a Sunday, is not exactly fun. Exciting, maybe? But we try not to make a sport out of Walmart shopping. Emily likes their photo processing, and I needed some grocery items, so we fought our way through the interesting people you find at the Walmart on a weekend.

After an hour of pure, I finally make my way to one of those self-check outs. This was grueling! The poor little gal in front of us had a heck of a time getting her money to go in & it seems she was trying to figure out exactly how to work the scanner. Anyway, finally our turn!

It didn't like us. We were to fast for the bagger stand to catch up. It kept alerting the attendant we needed approval to skip bagging. She would laugh & clear us, laugh & clear us. WE were getting tired of this game. Finally, my total came to $77.80. I popped in a hundred dollar bill. It told me my change was $22.20, spit out the change, we grabbed and out the door. In the car I realized that instead of two dollar bills & a twenty, it gave me two dollar bills and a fifty! Hmmm. Now, if I had gone to a check out person, and she handed me the incorrect change, I absolutely would have given it back, saying, I think we made a mistake.. BUT, this was different. Somebody but a fifty in the twenty slot. I stood there previously watching the little gal before me stick two twenty dollar bills into the machine, so I know it had twenties. And the laughing attendant was too busy laughing and besides I was in the car.

Did I just steal from Walmart by not taking it back in? Or did I just get a bit of a discount for shopping at Walmart?

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sroman said...

I hate Walmart.

You are not a thief by nature. You were dealing with an idiot.

I got a deal on some mismarked wine at CVS today.