Monday, May 12, 2008

John & Kate plus Eight

I am so addicted to this reality show, John & Kate plus Eight.
Have you ever watched it? It is about a couple (John & Kate) who have a set of girl twins, Maddie & Kara (I believe they are 7 years old now) , and a set of sextuplets, (They are 3 yrs old now). Collin, Aadin, Alexis, Hannah, Joel, & Lea.
It amazes me! I love children. I would have been thrilled to have been blessed with more than my two wonderful daughters. BUT, to have multiple multiples! Oh my gosh, twins would be hard enough, but six babies? That become toddlers?
The show is a half hour window into their lives and how wonderful they flow. I love this family! I want to be friends with Kate. She is hilarious! And a very good Mamma. I sit glued to the show, and enjoy every minute. I love the marathons were they show back to back. This family has total ciaos but they manage to function very normal and they fascinate me. These parents juggle, love, and make it work. They evenly love their children and the kids are charming.
The show is completely entertaining and makes me smile, laugh, and forget my troubles. A real must see.

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