Monday, May 19, 2008

In An Instant

This weekend three local young adults lost their lives in a tragic car accident. My oldest knew all three, my youngest knew one. The trio were speeding down a country road, and hit a tree after losing control. I am sure that they died instantly. The car disintegrated according to the paper.
Two of the young adults were 20 year young men. The 18 year young woman would be graduating with her class next week. She was on my daughters cheer squad. Although they were not close friends, my girls are deeply saddened by this loss. I feel for the parents, friends and all the classmates. They are in my prayers. The story & rumors flew through the school today, no one really sure what happened, or why. One of the young woman's close friends is struggling with her last contact with her. A text, asking for the friend to come pick her up, she felt she shouldn't be with her boyfriend, and concerned that he was drunk. The friend, told her she couldn't, it was late, her parents would never let her. Can you imagine how she feels now? The guilt this young woman is dealing with is unimaginable. I have always tried to tell my girls that if they had a friend needing a ride, that it's better to help them get home safely, than ride with someone under the influence. That I would even go with them, no questions asked, as I would want the same for my daughters if in that situation. It is too late for Amy, Aaron & Tyler. They are gone, with so much life to live, stolen from them. It is such a tragedy. I hope that many learn from this. I pray for their families.

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