Saturday, May 31, 2008

Control Alt Delete

Recently I got a forward that had some funny little, don't you wish you could...blah blah blah. It was good and I did forward it. I don't mind the forwards that make me laugh, especially when they do not say, you must forward.

Anyway, one of the funny little things said,..
"wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life, we could simply press, "Ctrl Alt Delete" and start over?"

I keep thinking about this. Man, wouldn't it be great? I mean really! I can not tell you how much that could help me out this year. Things just kindof happened, and suddenly, whoops! How can I fix that?

I tell myself, that it isn't suppose to happen like that. We learn from our mistakes and from others as well. I am not always clear on why I had to go through certain things, but I am pretty crystal clear that it happened for a reason. Whether I like it or not. God didn't give us a Control Alt Delete button so we would understand and grow from our mistakes.

But, sometimes, just sometimes, it sure would be great to push that button and start over!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Dreadful "Fat" Pants

For years I have giggled about women having their "fat" pants. You know what I am talking about. The pants that you keep because you may gain weight and have nothing else that fits. The pants that most likely are sweats or some other kind of comfy pants with a draw string type closure.

I have been very blessed to be thin most my life. Okay, too thin for a majority of my life. However, after two kids and a Dietitian that taught me how to eat, I have maintained a healthy weight for at least 10 years. I love fattening foods. I eat olives, sweets, fried foods, buttered foods, and soda. I am a nibbler. Gotta have chips & dip, cookies, candy, all day.

Last year, things started to shift in my body. The alarms must have gone off and said.. "she's 45 now! make her look it!". At first, I wasn't to bothered about moving away from my "targeted weight". For 10 years I have had to get on the scales to be sure I was within this targeted weight. But, the problem had always been, going below, never did I exceed it. So, no problem, I felt normal. Now, it is becoming a problem.

I seem to have NOTHING that fits me in the area between my waist and knees. What the Sam Hell is happening? I have one pair of jeans I can squeeze into, but it is not pretty what spills over the waist. I have ripped out the liners in three of my dress pants. Last night I couldn't get into a pair of JAMMIE BOTTOMS!

I bought these slightly ugly Capri pants to wear to the Race for a Cure. I bought them because of the comfort factor and they have deep pockets. They are mesh, black & have a draw string. I seem to be wearing them alot lately. Yesterday I tried to wear them out in public. Sergio asked me to please change. Apparently he isn't ready for the rest of the world to see me wearing such things.

I need to go shopping. Better yet, maybe I will actually start exercising. Any suggestions on a quick reduction in the waist, butt, and thighs?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The High School Website

I went to Thomas Carr Howe High School. There is a website for our school ( ). On occasion I would pop on, got caught up on some current events of peoples lives. It is fun to check the general message board. Usually there hasn't been much, except when a reunion was coming up. Or occasionally someone is looking for someone.

However, lately there is alot of activity on this website. It kindof started with the Class of 1981. Someone wrote something intriguing about old feelings then one by one people started to try to figure out who, what, & where. Then it just got fun & sociable. Reading the stories is like going down memory lane. New post started coming in. Other classes wanted to have their own classes throw out some memories (including my class ~1980~). The comments are funny. The class of 1981 has well over 10,000 hits already! Either it is addicting or too many people have nothing better to do. Now, even I, find myself checking it daily. Sometimes I will add something, sometimes just laugh at what I read.

It reminds me of the younger generation with their MySpace & Facebook. It just is something interesting and addicting. I also have to read my Bestie's Blog every day. Since Sheri is a writer, it is always written well, keeps you interested. Makes you think. Reading it is the first thing I do in the morning with a cup of coffee, as well as the last thing at night I read.

Although I will never have such a gift to write as Sheri, nor reach out to as many people as the Howe website, I will continue to write in this little Blog. It is a release for me. A wonderful way to speak my peace. My audience is tiny. I have told several about it, but only have one faithful reader (Thanks for believing in me & encouraging me Sheri!). I just want to have fun with it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Intentions

I am the Queen of Good Intentions!

This morning while having a chat with my Mom, this became apparrent. We were discussing upcoming graduations, particularly, my niece, and I was telling my Mom this great idea I had to do for the neice, as well as other kids I know going through graduation. But even trying to do a smaller scale of this project will be well outside my budget. I will end up giving an envelope with a note & check (which she will be grateful for). I will be disappointed because my idea is really cool.

I am one of those people that always think of good things to do for someone or something but rarely find the time (or money) to follow through. When someone does something no matter how small, I want to thank them. Show appreciation. Especially for the little things. Sure, I have manners and try to always say, "Thank You" & "Have a Nice Day". But I always want to do more. I want people to know that it matters that they have been kind or helpful. It seems that we always are ready to complain. We always make the time to file that complaint. But why is it that we don't make the time to let a manager know that the employee went an extra mile that was appreciated? Or remember to send a random email to a teacher, thanking them for being patient with our child?

I am also always procrastinating about crafty projects. I have a ton of baby clothes that are going to "one day" be turned into Christmas tree skirts for the girls and myself. I have several scrapebooks, pretty paper, stickers & photos waiting to be put into adorable gifts for my girls (I was up late hours trying to get a couple done for Emily's graduation last year). They sit in boxes waiting to be created.

Then there is the business side of me....I have organizing methods, but the piles are climbing that need to go into that system. And don't even ask me about the taxes... for last year!

Maybe, I need to manage my time better and prioritize. I will make a list.....

The Tattoo

Pretty Scary. Or is it?

This is my 19 year old baby Girl, Emily's foot (along with her friends foot). Emily's is the one that says "Faith". She had thought about this long and hard. She had always talked about wanting to get one. If you know my Emily this might surprise you. She just doesn't come across as a girl with a tattoo. (I know that made me sound old and judgemental!)

Anyway, back in January she had an assignment in one of her classes to find a sub culture group that she doesn't know anything about, blog about it, study it, discover it, and report about it. It was an assignment that took the entire semester to finish. After much searching she decided to do it on Tattoo parlors, and the people that get tattoos. Suddenly she is really learning alot on this subject. She visited many websites, tattoo parlors, and interviewed several artist as well as people that have tattoos. Through her education she became more intrigued.

Then came the talk to Mom & Dad.
At first, my husband was "NO WAY, DON'T EVEN GO THERE WITH ME!!!" I could not get over the thought of her foot being mutilated. But then we listened to her. When did she grow up? She approached it very mature, and after all she is 19 and did not have to ask for our approval. But she did, and our approval meant everything to her. So, much to our surprise, we gave her our blessing...kindof. I mean, at least she really looked into it and it wasn't something random that she had done one drunken night. And she didn't get something stupid or , a name or get it in an obvious spot. Her choice of location and what she had put on was ...okay. We understood. Lord, my Mother was freaking out when I got my ears double pierced! Times have changed. Oh and by the way, Emily also researched removal of tattoos.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Belly Laughs

Yesterday I went to see one of my Besties. I am Blessed to live close enough to Sheri that we visit often & talk daily. I stopped by her house after work & had a lovely chat. We talk about everything, the good the bad & the ugly. As I was leaving, we walked toward the door. I had my phone, keys, glasses in hand. Gave Sheri a hug goodbye, then she opened the door... Her large lovable Black Lab, Gabby, came barrelling through at us, as if she thought, I was forgetting to say goodbye to her.

She scared the sh*t out of us! I threw my phone at her, it burst open & Gabby is totally into the excitement. Sheri & I busted into laughs. Not just the, Oh, that was so funny, but, giant belly laughs and we just couldn't stop. Tears in our eyes, Gabby in our embrace. I think all three of us really needed a good heartfelt belly laugh. Gabby, is a maniac puppy that was a true gift from God that reminds us to laugh. I love that Gabby Girl!

Monday, May 19, 2008

In An Instant

This weekend three local young adults lost their lives in a tragic car accident. My oldest knew all three, my youngest knew one. The trio were speeding down a country road, and hit a tree after losing control. I am sure that they died instantly. The car disintegrated according to the paper.
Two of the young adults were 20 year young men. The 18 year young woman would be graduating with her class next week. She was on my daughters cheer squad. Although they were not close friends, my girls are deeply saddened by this loss. I feel for the parents, friends and all the classmates. They are in my prayers. The story & rumors flew through the school today, no one really sure what happened, or why. One of the young woman's close friends is struggling with her last contact with her. A text, asking for the friend to come pick her up, she felt she shouldn't be with her boyfriend, and concerned that he was drunk. The friend, told her she couldn't, it was late, her parents would never let her. Can you imagine how she feels now? The guilt this young woman is dealing with is unimaginable. I have always tried to tell my girls that if they had a friend needing a ride, that it's better to help them get home safely, than ride with someone under the influence. That I would even go with them, no questions asked, as I would want the same for my daughters if in that situation. It is too late for Amy, Aaron & Tyler. They are gone, with so much life to live, stolen from them. It is such a tragedy. I hope that many learn from this. I pray for their families.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Lovely Annie

Isn't she beautiful? This is my Baby Girl at 17. I can guarantee, I did not look like this at 17! Annie shines. She is a happy girl as well as a sweet girl. She is loved by all. She is generous and genuine. She will make others feel wonderful in an instant. I am so very proud of the young woman she has become. I have been Blessed. I love my Annie BaNannie!

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is finally here, I think.
This is typical Indiana weather. Beautiful one day, ugly the next. We can go from 40 to 70 within twenty four hours. Spring officially came awhile back. We had our spring break, Easter, St Patrick's Day & even Mother's Day. We have had some gorgeous weather, followed by cold weather. Today is iffy. Beautiful, to look at, but by golly, that wind is chilly! To me, Spring is officially here when my Iris' are blooming. They are my favorite flower. I absolutely love them. I have several varieties, but so far, these are my only ones budding. I pray we don't get another cold night that will kill off all the blooms. We already had that, a couple of times. So today, I threw on shorts, pretended to be warm outside and had Annie take this picture of my Iris'.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Abnormal Cell Growth

Just an FYI update. It turned out to be High-Grade Dysplasia. So I am very grateful that they found it early and removed with the biopsy. I will go back in a couple of months for another check.
Don't forget to have your Pap! They are so important. By finding the precancerous cells early, I am able to watch it and stop it before it has an opportunity to stop me!
Also, get those Mammograms! That 30 minute discomfort is worth knowing you are A-Okay!

Monday, May 12, 2008

John & Kate plus Eight

I am so addicted to this reality show, John & Kate plus Eight.
Have you ever watched it? It is about a couple (John & Kate) who have a set of girl twins, Maddie & Kara (I believe they are 7 years old now) , and a set of sextuplets, (They are 3 yrs old now). Collin, Aadin, Alexis, Hannah, Joel, & Lea.
It amazes me! I love children. I would have been thrilled to have been blessed with more than my two wonderful daughters. BUT, to have multiple multiples! Oh my gosh, twins would be hard enough, but six babies? That become toddlers?
The show is a half hour window into their lives and how wonderful they flow. I love this family! I want to be friends with Kate. She is hilarious! And a very good Mamma. I sit glued to the show, and enjoy every minute. I love the marathons were they show back to back. This family has total ciaos but they manage to function very normal and they fascinate me. These parents juggle, love, and make it work. They evenly love their children and the kids are charming.
The show is completely entertaining and makes me smile, laugh, and forget my troubles. A real must see.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I Miss Most ...part one

My life is about half over, if I am lucky. I have had wonderful opportunities and should have many more. Some things are gone though. I wont get them back. Here's what I miss most:

From Childhood:
riding my bike ...for hours
climbing trees with Richie
sledding at Pleasant Run w/ the neighborhood gang
sneaking down to the swing at the creek
Summers in Texas
water balloon fights
"ghost in the graveyard"
catching lightening bugs
kickball in the cul de sac
Camp Fire Girls
riding horses with my Grandparents
birthday parties
Carol Burnett, Love American Style, & The Partridge Family
High School Football games
High School Float Meetings
High School Hayrides
when my friends made me watch Sammy Terry
Getting our License and cruising all night
Bob Byrds Beefy Tostados he made me @ Taco Bell
Working @ Eastgate w/ Sheri & Deb
Performing Theatre Arts w/ Sheri & Deb
Student Council w/ Sheri & Deb
Everything Sheri, Deb & I got ourselves into during HS
Our Secret Codes
Lynn Farrow
Parties at the Seats, also at Bruce's
REO Speedwagon hand motions & singing
Southeastway Park
The Track during qualifications
Jack, Harry Buffalos, & Tom Collins (our guys)
Lynyrd Skynyrd, and watching the guys "play"

Friday, May 9, 2008


I have been Blessed with many friends. Throughout my life I have had a variety of friends that are very different as well as very similar. We meet and start friendships for reasons of situations; neighborhood, children's school & friends, work and by chance.

They come and go. Sometimes you pick up again, sometimes you never see each other again. You may outgrow each other. Some will just not have as much in common and move on. And sometimes you just break that friendship trust and bond.

It is a wonderful feeling to run into someone that you hadn't since for a long time & to pick up where you left off. These are the friends that are there with you in thoughts and prayers. They would come for you in an instant if you called.

The best of friends are the "Lifers". I have been Blessed with a couple myself. My Lifers are my lifeline. I can't imagine not having them to confide in, to fall into their arms when I need a hug, or just talk to them on a weekly basis. We see each other through thick & thin. Through weddings, and divorces. Through pregnancies and raising kids. We know more about each other than imaginable. Our husbands and kids would freak if they know how much we share. But we can not imagine not sharing, bouncing off thoughts and information. We are critical of each other but we love and appreciate the honesty. We have know each other forever, and will till we die. At this point, nothing could keep us from being friends.

To my Forever Friends,Sheri & Debbie, My Lifers, I salute you. I thank God for you and look forward to another 35+ years.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can You Smell Him?

This isn't what you think.

I just got out of the shower and as I grabbed a fresh towel, I smelled a memory. It was Texas. My summers in Texas. My towel had that summer coastal smell for some reason.

Then I remembered something that happened 12 years ago. My Grandpa Texas was ill with Cancer. We had taken a week to visit with him & my Grandma. He wanted to take my girls to some places, give them some special memories of him. We then said our tearful goodbyes. My girls were too young to understand that this would be the last time they saw him. They absolutely loved him!

Then the next week, Annie was standing in the living room inhaling deeply. Again & again. Smiling as she giggled. I asked my 4 year old what on earth she was doing. She said, " He's here Momma! Don't you smell him?". I asked her who as I inhaled the room. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "HoHo! Can you smell HoHo? He is here with us Momma!". HoHo is what my girls called Grandpa Texas. I said, "No, Baby, HoHo is in Texas, I wish he was here though." She smiled and said, "He IS here Momma!". Then she ran off. A couple of hours later, I got the call that HoHo had passed early that day.

Which brings me to today. As I struggle with much anxiety and stress lately, my memory smell getting out of the shower, makes me Loved. Watched over. I think that God sends my angels to bring me peace and make me have more faith.

Christian Catholic

I was raised a Christian. Baptized in the Methodist Church, switched to the Presbyterian Church as a teen. Settling in the Catholic Church when I decided to marry a Catholic Man. I gave poor Father Harry Keneven, a tough time with questions and wanted to know exactly what I was getting into when I became a Catholic. He taught me well, and I appreciate his patience with me. I think I have "done him proud". It is said that those who join the Catholic Church as an adult have a better understanding and a sometimes stronger grasp on our religion. Some say we make better Catholics. i don't buy it. Religion is what you make of it. You should be with your faith because you believe in it and you are it.

I have always been active with my church. sometimes more often than other times but I love my church and it makes me feel more a part when I am actively involved. I taught Continuing Catholic Education one year, that was interesting. My favorite memories are the ones that I was a Confirmation Leader. I had the most awesome kids ever! All three years. And I still love every one of them and pray for each of them too. I wanted each to walk away after our year of discovery and growth in the church and wanted them to make their own decisions. Be a Catholic because it is who they are & what they believe, not because ..they had to. We succeed. And I truly feel that each of them left me with a greater love of the church.

I am currently perplexed with someone I love deeply as she is struggling with her beliefs. She has always been one of the strongest Christians I know, and now she is doubting her belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior. She tells me she believes in God, just not sure anymore about Christianity. I am blown away! I want to shake her! I want to say the right things and help her through this challenging time. I don't want to say the wrong things and push her further. I pray for her even stronger today as I try to find the right words and hope that by example to show her the love of our Lord. I need help in knowing how to guide her.

I shared with her this quote my Emily gave me from C.S. Lewis:
"I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."

Madam President

Today I vote for the Democratic presidential nomination. I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am 45 years old. This is the first time I was able to vote for a presidential primary. Usually, the presidential nominations are decided, and our Presidential vote comes at "the big one" in November. It is also the first time I got to vote for a woman. Clinton being a woman certainly did not sway my vote. I have been a Hillary Clinton fan for a very long time. I admire her and feel she is more than qualified. I was interested in Barack Obama as he started his Senator race in Illinois, but following him, I fear he is a better inspirational speaker or preacher as many say. He does not strike me as a strong leader, yet, anyway. Maybe in a few years, but not with the current crisis our nation is in.
I am more interested in solutions and someone I can truly feel will be a better leader for our nation. Clinton is my candidate!

This is also the first election that my daughters are able to vote in. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes. I know that they are thinking hard about this world, their future and feel blessed to have a voice. As a nation we should be thrilled to see that the young vote has really come out this election. They are better educated, and want to see changes and improvements in their country. How wonderful is that? When I was 18, I was in college, I went to vote by myself. My friends didn't care, and my folks were shocked, (maybe a little ticked) that I was not voting for their party. I just have always felt that I am a Democrat. The candidates speak to me more.

I am giddy with anticipation! Lets Go Madam President!

Didn't See That Coming!

Do you ever feel like you have had just about all you can take and then...POW! Hit by a train. Didn't see that coming! Your plate is full, then someone throws something else on it and it is about to tumble down. You're treading water, tired and about to give up, and instead of a rope, you get thrown a rock.

That is what is happening to me. Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to feel sorry for myself and I am not looking for sympathy. I am just observing this and wondering how much more I can endure.

Is this a test of my faith? It's working.

Is this Murphy's Law (or "Meyers Law" as we called it)? I don't like it.

I am pretty tough. Those who know me understand this to be true. But I am also under an extreme amount of pressure and must hold on and ride this through.

I will not give up. I will not fail.

What tears me down, will strengthen me.

I have a strong love & faith in God that all this is a necessary part of my life and that God will not put more in front of me than I can handle. But, I also believe God is responsible for the genius that came up with the medications that will help me cope just a little better to get through all of this.

With God and my prescriptions, bring it on, I am as ready as I am going to be!

Monday, May 5, 2008

..stealing from Walmart?

This weekend, my daughter & I had to go to Walmart. I don't know about you, but in Indianapolis, Walmart on a Sunday, is not exactly fun. Exciting, maybe? But we try not to make a sport out of Walmart shopping. Emily likes their photo processing, and I needed some grocery items, so we fought our way through the interesting people you find at the Walmart on a weekend.

After an hour of pure, I finally make my way to one of those self-check outs. This was grueling! The poor little gal in front of us had a heck of a time getting her money to go in & it seems she was trying to figure out exactly how to work the scanner. Anyway, finally our turn!

It didn't like us. We were to fast for the bagger stand to catch up. It kept alerting the attendant we needed approval to skip bagging. She would laugh & clear us, laugh & clear us. WE were getting tired of this game. Finally, my total came to $77.80. I popped in a hundred dollar bill. It told me my change was $22.20, spit out the change, we grabbed and out the door. In the car I realized that instead of two dollar bills & a twenty, it gave me two dollar bills and a fifty! Hmmm. Now, if I had gone to a check out person, and she handed me the incorrect change, I absolutely would have given it back, saying, I think we made a mistake.. BUT, this was different. Somebody but a fifty in the twenty slot. I stood there previously watching the little gal before me stick two twenty dollar bills into the machine, so I know it had twenties. And the laughing attendant was too busy laughing and besides I was in the car.

Did I just steal from Walmart by not taking it back in? Or did I just get a bit of a discount for shopping at Walmart?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Snooping Mom

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed to check up on the girls with their Internet sites. Myspace & Facebook.

I have always monitored Myspace as I felt that if you put it out on the Internet, it's fair game & I will be checking in. The girls have had their accounts for years. Rarely have I disapproved of something and had them remove. They most hated that I "snooped" at their friends pages also. But, being a Mom, I wanted to know what their friends are up to since they hang out together. Besides, many of their friends pictures included my girls. As the years have past, Myspace became less popular & Facebook more popular with them. This is different in many ways and harder to snoop! Therefore more popular for them to have.

I proceeded to try and get onto Facebook. Much like Myspace, I had to create a page for myself in order to get in. I just put the basic info that must be added: name, city, birth date. Then I hit enter. Oh My Gosh! Next thing I knew, not only did I become a member, but it automatically added me to several of my email contacts that had Facebook accounts, asking: Can I be your friend? What the heck??? I didn't ask it to do this! It was some kind of teen trick that caught me with my hand in the cookie jar!!! Twelve messages went out. Three or four to Emily's friends, a couple to Annie's, and the rest to random adults I know through business, family & or friends.

How Embarrassing!!! I started to receive responses and was getting added to contacts. I also got messages added to my "wall". I sent an email to all that received begging for my forgiveness and that I was only trying to be a snooping Mom. That I have no idea how to "read my wall comments" and that I promise to stay away from Facebook and not snoop so much. That trusting my girls and asking them to view from time to time would be enough! I had learned my lesson! I am sticking to email.

Pity Party

As graduation is approaching I am reminded of my daughters and that I am between Graduations for my daughters. Emily was the class of 2007. Andrea will be the class of 2009. I know several wonderful kids of the class of 2008, and am sure that we will be attending many Grad Parties.

My advice to the parents, especially the Mom's, is to enjoy this summer with your young adult. Be proud of their accomplishments, and be prepared for their next journey into adulthood.

As fall came round following Emily's graduation, we excitedly sent her off to the dorm life at Ball State University. I wasn't sure how I would handle that. Saying goodbye, and not have her at the house for the next several months. I was surprised at how calm and truly happy I was for her. We prepared her (and myself) well. She is self efficient and very capable. She was so ready to start this new adventure of her life. Also, with the help of today's technology, I happily heard from her almost daily via email, texting or cell phone.

To celebrate, I invited several other Mom's over for "A Pity Party". Margaritas, wine, and snacks. An opportunity to congratulate each other on this important next step our "children" were making. Some chose college, some went straight into jobs. Regardless, they had graduated and were on there way.

We reminisced, we laughed and even cried a few tears. How proud we all are of these young women and men. Our babies had grown up.

So Momma's of the Class of 2008, celebrate! You did your job, and deserve that Margarita!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

She's Home!!!

Last night I picked up my 19 year old baby girl, Emily, from Ball State University. She is home for the summer! Her first year of college is under her belt, she did very well, she succeed and she has grown up so much.

The past 9 months have gone better than I feared. I felt comfortable with her at BSU, I raised her best I could. It was now up to her to do the best with what we gave her.

I could not have been more proud.

She worked very hard with her classes. Double majoring in Elementary Education and Special Education. She loaded herself with classes, and managed to work part time in an office as well.

She made many lifelong friends, joined a Sorority (She's a Chi-O girl!), and enjoyed the very social life of college living.

Being home after 9 months of living with her peers will be an adjustment. I am sure we will manage. Before we know it she will be off again, back to BSU. I plan on enjoying every minute I have with her. She has grown into this very amazing young woman that I could not possible love more.

bump, lump, abnormal cell growth...

I have had my share of medical "almosts". I always get lucky and get the "good news". I have yet been told something devastating. I am pretty good about yearly check ups & if something seems wrong, I have it checked out. I had a lumpectomy when I was 30 and also had a cyst removed that same year.

Common regular things we women go through from time to time. To be good to those we love, we try to make sure that we are healthy so we can take care of our loved ones. I try to stay educated and on top. Having daughters that are now young women, I feel it is important to set a good example and have them learn to take care of themselves.

Last month, I had a suspicious lump in my breast. Joy. I had to go to the hospital & have a more intense mammogram & ultrasound. Everything turned out fine. Just one of those little "build ups" that we will watch. Relieved I returned home with a clean bill of health.

A couple of days later, I received a call from the Doctor. It appears that my Pap came back abnormal as well. Okay, here we go again. They had me come in for a Colposcopy. Not fun, didn't help that I was nervous. He didn't like the way my "abnormal cell growth" looked and decided to do a Biopsy as well. Ouch! That isn't a pinch, that is a slicing of my Cervix! They tried to take the whole growth, just in case. Not too alarming, but it was worthy of removal.

So, now I sit waiting... Don't you love it when they say we should have results in a couple of days, and the days pass with no answer. I call yesterday, with a slight complication, no biggie, just "watch it". That is so comforting. Just tell me the results! Am I good to go? Or am I in for a little fight? I am up for the challenge. With God by my side, I am ready for anything.