Friday, April 25, 2008

A Pat on the Back

Have you ever noticed that people are quick to complain and let others know of a disappointing experience, but rarely give compliments or let you know of something that was satisfying? I often hear complaints of this or that. I hear of teachers, co-workers, bosses, bad service from business'. We feel it's necessary to warn others, or spread negative information.

I decided long ago that I wanted to change that. Don't get me wrong, I do complain. But, I also try to make a point of complimenting and thanking others more often. Especially with Teachers and care givers. These are the people that are taking care of our loved ones. They will hear a compliant, but too often, when we have good feelings we think it, but it is silent. Sure, at the end of the year we try to say thanks. But I am talking about the little things. Insignificant little things that mean alot and are what makes the difference in that person. What if they were never told appreciation, so they stopped because it didn't seem appreciated?

At my daughter's small town school, there is alot of favoritism, hatred and gossip. Many of the people thrive on exploiting and digging up the dirt. They would rather hear the bad than the good. I hate it. After a horrible year of drama drama drama, I have learned to stay clear of certain people. It's better to walk away than speak your mind to some fools.

So what do I do? I "try" to be more positive and give the pat on the back more often. I try to find the positive and walk away from the negative. It is amazing what a few kind words can do for others. Especially the kids. I know kids that get beat up, put down and never a fair share. Sometimes it is because of a foolish thing they were involved in. Sometimes it's just because of who they are not. If you treat them with respect, talk about the good and don't even bring up the negative, you would be surprised how much taller they will stand. How much harder they will try. How much happier they will become.

As for that elderly lady at the store in her bright lipstick or "hair do" that you know she just had set, give her a compliment! Give her a smile. Give her a reason to continue to try her best and "pay it forward". I challenge you all to try this. Give 3 compliments a day. You will be amazed at the changes you can make and how you can feel. How knows? Maybe you will finally get a few pats on the back too!


Jaclyn Eaton said...

Very true, we need to learn to create loving communities!

sroman said...

You do this every day. You have a lucky husband and lucky daughters. I will try to give 3 compliments a day.