Thursday, June 14, 2007

cat lady

I like cats. I always have. I was allergic to them until I was 12 years old. Then one day I got to a cat before my folks headed me off. To my amazement I didn't have any allergy reaction. Praise the Lord I'm Healed! Apparently, I wasn't allergic anymore, or maybe I never was.

I got my first cat shortly after.

Since then, I have had a few. They find their way to me. I have always had at least one, sometimes a couple at a time. I love my cats, but I am not a cat lady. I am not weird about them (I hope).

I met "Cat Lady" yesterday. I call her that because she is an eccentric old woman from California that is obsessed with her cats. She had me stop by her house to talk RE business. I should have ran when I was on the front porch & could "smell" the odor. She saw me though, and I came in. She lead me down a hall through a door. She told me she breeds rare show cats. The smell was getting stronger. I am thinking she must have 50 by the smell. She had 3 adult cats and 3 tiny kittens. She said one of the adults was a show cat that's worth is $50,000.00! OMG, I couldn't pay someone to take one of my cats let alone get paid for one. Who pays that kind of money for a cat? They were pretty, but, Gosh! It was freaky the way she'd talk about them & talk through them. I couldn't breathe in her house. My eyes started watering. Maybe I am allergic to this breed anyway! Or maybe, someone needs to clean the cat smell out! It took forever to shower that smell out of me!

I am re-thinking working with her on a home she wants me to sell for her.


Anonymous said...

You will be a creepy, crawly cat lady. I will have 11 dogs with no manners. We will live next door to each other in harmony.

A human kind of human said...

I also love cats. I cannot really remember a time when I did not have at least one, but I've never had more than two at any one time. I love their independance... and yet they give you their love unconditionally... except for their own conditions, if you know what I mean.